Sports illustrated allege Jamaican Athletes in “steroid ring”

I thought long and hard on whether or not to even do a post about this story. I was hoping to ignore it and hope it goes away. After the proud performance of our athletes in Beijing last month and with much blog-cheerleading I feel compel to share this little story being reported by on the Sports Illustrated website.

Apparently SI did a little digging for dirt. The usual going through athletes garbage, spying and such. They are reporting that two Jamaican athletes were allegedly in a “steroid ring”. The named athletes are Delloreen London who finished 5th in the women’s 100m hurdles in Beijing and Adrian Findlay of the men’s 400m hurdles team.

Both London and Findlay based in the states allegedly received the performance enhancing drugs after purchasing it online (they wanted the world to know they ere buying steroids). Adrian Findlay is said to have bought Testosterone Aqueous, and Oxandrolone. Delloreen London reportedly purchased two shipments of Somatropin a Human Growth Hormone, HGH and one shipment of Triest (Estrogen).

Both athletes have denied the allegations. Although Delloreen London was not available for comment her husband acknowledges receipt of the shipments. He said that after Ennis-London consulted with a Physician about vaginal hemorrhaging she was experiencing at the time. The second shipment was sent unsolicited.

Adrian Findlay also denied the reports. He said:

“I’ve been running stable all my life,” he said. “Trust me, I don’t use steroids. I guarantee you it wasn’t mine and I didn’t order it. I have a theory how this was sent.”

Findlay told the Jamaica Observer that he is being set up in this news report Mixed reactions to SI’s report linking J’can Olympians to steroid ring.

I think it’s important to note that neither of these two athletes has been tested positive for steroids or any banned substance. The dates being used in this report is not very recent although still important. As one reader puts it “digging up old bones”. I don’t understand how the phrase steroid “ring” applies to this story. Maybe “steroid ring” makes it sound like a bigger more interesting story.

It appears there will be a long campaign to discredit Jamaica because we did too well in the Olympics this year. I expect more “investigative journalism” or dirt digging if I may.

I read this thread on a forum called Muscular Development and found this comment resonating exactly how I feel about this whole thing.

“I guess people really want to dig up old bones. I’m not saying they are or aren’t using but its 2008, not 2006-2007. I guess Im on too because I bought something in 2002. Either way its no surprise that athletes from all countries are using things, I think they are trying to discredit bolt by eventually getting something on him. Lol at steroid ring tho, makes it sound like they are in possession of escobar like shipments

*does research on phelps*

Of course when one news organization report something like this a bunch others quote the same story that from all observation is weak, shallow and out dated. If they find something interesting then share it at that time. If our athletes are cheating then report it.

Maybe Jamaica’s athletic body should form a special team whose job it is to respond to these reports. It appears our athletes will be up against a long smear game. I like sports Illustrated but even their own readers can see that there is nothing in this story based on the comments on their website.

By the way in more uplifting news Jamaica dominated in Lausanne Grand Prix. Delloreen Ennis-London now thrust into a the Sports Illustrated allegations of steroids use won the women’s 100m hurdles meet in Europe today after Beijing gold medalist Dawn Harper struck down her last hurdle. Asafa Powell ran a personal best at 9.77 and of course lightening Bolt easily won the 200m. Read about the details here.


~ by RB on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sports illustrated allege Jamaican Athletes in “steroid ring””

  1. CHO!! Sports Illustrated and the Americans are just sore losers with their stupid story about Steroid Ring.The new locus or power for the Sprints — both men and women —is now Jamaica and they do not want/wish to, or, will not acknowledge this empirical fact. Wake up America, the playing field is becoming more level. Hence, the ascendancy of Jamaican sprinters.Sports Illustrated needs to spend more time looking at American athletes that/who are more predisposed to utilizing performance enhancement drugs and pharmaceuticals.Leave Jamaica alone and look at yourself, and you will conspicuously see the real drugs in sports.Interestingly, the real Steroid Ring!!CHUPSE!!

  2. Jamaicans 1234 in Brussels Belgium!! Excellent!!Undoubtedly,Jamaica is definitely the SPRINT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!

  3. Cho, mek dem chat pure fart – dat’s all dem ‘ave.

    When ‘you’re’ at the top of your game haters are always going to try to bring ‘you’ down.

    Haters should be used as inspiration to become even better.

  4. i would like to know what steroid ring si is talking about. it’s probably a setup to knock down Bolt. many hate that jamaicans dominate the sprints in bob marley says, in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty. they need to go and do research and check out bolts sprinting record. another of his quote goes: we refuse to be what u wanted us to be. we are what we are. that’s the way it’s going to be,,,,,,,,,,,,, trying to belittle our integrity. dem a go tired fi si we face…………can’t get we out of the race. bolt didn’t draw bad card. let the haters keeping hating. watch out world we coming again in 2012

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