Mexico trash Reggae Boyz @ the Azteca Again-Bolt to return home since Beijing games-Marion Jones gets out of jail

AP Photo

The Reggae Boyz went to Mexico for the ritual beating they are use to. They were humbled-AS USUAL in front of 110,000 screaming Mexican fans 3-0. With just two minutes into the game Mexican stricker Andres Guardad rifled a free kick pass Jamaican goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts cementing early demoralization for the Jamaicans.

Mexico scored again in the 33rd minute and again in the second half in the 63rd minute. There was a lot of sweeping take downs, the paramedics were busy and the yellow cards were flowing like free wine.

Simon Crosskill commentator for TVJ used the word “lethargic” to describe the Jamaican defense. You couldn’t ask for a better description. I saw no defense in this game. There is a saying that

Offense causes the game but defense wins the game.

We all know the stellar record the Mexicans have playing at the Azteca stadium and the skillful football mastery of their players. Much respect to the Mexican team for playing really good football.

By the way I am not upset about the game, just the horrible defense football the Reggae Boyz played. Maybe they were already set to lose and gave in.

If you want to read more about the game two local newspapers summed in up great in the captions.

The Jamaica Gleaner- More Misery in Mexico

The Jamaica Observer – Boyz Battered

In my last post on Friday September 5, 2008 “Mexican journalists kicked out for video taping reggae Boyz training session” I lamented how funny it was to read about Rene Simoes chasing away Mexican Journalists who were taping the Reggae Boyz training session despite being asked not to. Well Apparently Clovis got the humor in this story too. Here is an illustration from the Saturday Jamaica Observer.

Jamaica Observer

Illustration:Jamaica Observer

Bolt and Powell Square off in Golden League- Bolt return Home Tomorrow

I know this is stale news but I hadn’t mentioned anything about it on here. The 100m race between Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell at the Golden League Brussels, Belgium on Friday. Just saw the race yesterday. Jamaica took the top three places. Bolt powered pass Asafa despite a bad start to win in 9.77 seconds, Powell came second in 9.83 seconds and Nesta Carter finished third in 10.07 seconds. A complete sweep Jamaica taking all three top places. Tomorrow Usain Bolt will be returning home since the Beijing games. I can see the crown and jubilation at the Norman Manley International Airport.

On Friday, September 5th Olympic gold medalist Marion Jones got out of Jail after spending 6 months for lying about taking drugs. The President denied hr request for a pardon. I wonder what she thought about the Beijing games. Remember this?

Don't you feel sorry for her?

Marion Jones gets out of jail-Don't you feel sorry fo her?

CBC Photo


~ by RB on September 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Mexico trash Reggae Boyz @ the Azteca Again-Bolt to return home since Beijing games-Marion Jones gets out of jail”

  1. Yes indeed big time trashing!!But, Mr. Renee Simones, the technical director of the Reggae Boyz says that he is to be blamed for this loss,because the Boyz were totally exhausted and tired.How interesting?

  2. Bwoy, six months really go fast for Marion Jones!A wha she a guh do now? No more commercials nuh deh,she is damaged goods.She was a good basketball player at UNC-Chapel Hill, maybe, she can go pro, she is still pretty young,or,just go back home to Belize.

  3. ESTEBAN, mi see the headline in the newspaper today where Simoes takes the blame.As I said in the post there was no defense in this game.The Mexicans walk into the goal area like it was there own.

    Defense defense, defense… There is nothing more demoralizing than blocking your opponent from scoring. Its frustrating and it will break them physically and mentally.

    As for Jones she is 31 years old sure she is young. I think she will do ok. She can do books, interviews, coach?… Didn’t she go to college?. I didn’t know she was from Belize

  4. Dutty Bwoy,she is of Belizean descent, with, supposedly, still ties in Belize.

  5. Dutty – All I want to know is if di Reggae Boyz dem nah eat yellow yam?! Dat shud be a staple in every J’maican athlete! Dem nuh see how di yam wuk fi Bolt?! 🙂

    As for Marion Jones (yes her parents are from Belize) give ar a break don’t kick ar while she’s down. She still worked hard to get where she got. If smady like me tek steroids mi still couldn’t run unless duppy behind mi.

    That’s why it’s very important to work with honorable and trustworthy people. As an athlete (even though she is a big woman and cudah tink fi arself) she trusts her TEAM and her body is pretty much THEIR machine so she did what they advised.
    When push come to shove they all shoved her in the back then stabbed her in the back den use hammer and nail di knife dem DEEP innah ar back.

    She was a pawn in a bigger game. How much athletes of a different persuasion do you see going to jail for steroids or dog fighting. Look at the big picture not the snapshots.


  6. I am not surprised at the outcome in anyway. I’m not even watching the match tonight.

  7. […] not an option. Unlike the past two games against Honduras and Mexico there was a strong defense. Mexico trash Reggae Boyz @ the Azteca. Dem caa tek balla ting fi […]

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