Barack Obama:The American people aren’t stupid. They are going to get it

fight back

"The American people aren't stupid. They are going to get it"

I can’t hold it back anymore. I feel like the democrats are throwing this election away, again.

Last night on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann  Barack Obama was asked about the attacks leveled at him, about John McCain trumping the “change” message and the Palin effect on the polls. The distinguished senator from Illinois said this:

“The American people aren’t stupid. They are going to get it”

The truth is they are stupid and they don’t always get it( by the way that’s true right here in Jamaica too). If he is paying attention he should recognize this by now. I am at a point where I want to say it’s Obama who is stupid.

God knows. Not everyone went to Harvard and got an Ivy League education at a prestigious school and even if you did, the genius of politicians, pundits, media and all the option makers and breakers can distort, spin, lie, exaggerate and re-create any fact.

William Jefferson Clinton liked to say “look at the facts” then he would outline them point by point.

Barack Obama is even shy to call McCain-Palin lies, lies L-I-E-S….. He can not bring himself to call them lies.

Jesus Christ man!!!

Not that I am advocating rolling in the mud and become the “angry black man”, but you got to fight back. Politics require both offense and defense. Obama seems to enjoy letting McCain attack him and set the agenda in the news cycle. McCain leads Obama follows.

In the same interview with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC  Obama said he was surprised at the lies the media allows the McCain-Palin camp to get away with. Sounds like he is depending on the media to respond to McCain for him. Reality check Obama, the media with all the talking heads is stupid too. Just like anyone else they get caught up in emotions, senationalization and tricked by strategists who manipulate and spin.

Pollsters like to ask the question.

Which candidate would you like to have a beer with or have dinner with?. In most polls Obama wins that question. The question they should also ask if someone was invading your home who would you like to be there to help you fight off the intruder?. I assure you it’s not Obama. The 76 year old cancer survivor, war veteran would no doubt kick ass better than the 47 year old lanky basketball player. Even Sarah “pitbull” Palin or Hillary “fighter” Clinton would fight better than him.

Barack Obama would probably confront the intruder ask him to sit down to have a discussion. Obama likes to say John McCain doesn’t get it, but it’s Obama that doesn’t get it.

The old man has been able to out strategize Barack Obama and has been having him on defense like it was his only calling. Right after Obama’s soaring speech at the convention McCain didn’t even allow the pundits to dissect it and pundit it to death about how soaring it was. McCain immediately introduce to the world Sarah “pitbull” Palin. That just deflated all the “awe” out of the Obama’s speech and the Democrat’s convention. Today its nothing but a memory and no body are talking about that.

Every single day John McCain releases another ad that filled with lies and distortions. McCain creates media frenzy with his ads gets people talking about it. For example yesterday McCain release an ad out right mudding a vote in the senate Obama did about sex education. The Obama response?, a statement saying how “shameful”: they were that McCain would stoop to a new low.

Why is Barack Obama presidential candidate taking on Sarah “pitbull” Palin, isn’t that a job more fitting for your surrogates? When Obama talks about Palin it gives her more prominence. Palin never refer to Obama by name. He is always “our opponent”. A similar tactic used by Hillary Clinton in the primary and even by George W Bush.

Why did Obama shut down 527 like who can help with offense? Obama just today gave them the go ahead. With little over 2 months before the election these groups maybe be hampered by lack of money and organization. It was a dumb idea to shut them down in the first place

What about this hog wash about “lipstick on a pig”comment by Obama?. I am still laughing at it. The media might have taken a deliberate bait by Obama. Did you see that head scratch and grin as he plant the bait?. The media is now wallowing in shades of red, they are so gullible-I might be wrong,Obama is a very smart guy and I think he knew exactly what he was doing.

I don’t know what’s going to happened and we have been here before. Obama was able to beat Clinton in the primaries and there were times I was upset for his lack of fight when he was being slaughtered. While everyone else loses their head he stays cool and emerge the winner.Maybe he knows something the rest of us supporting him doesn’t know. John McCain is known to rise from the dead when everyone counts him out and snatch victory right from the jaws of defeat.

A little over a month to go before the elections, there are debates and what some people like to call an October surprise in the horizon. We will wait and see.


~ by RB on September 11, 2008.

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