Calabar high starts 1st round of school violence-Parents storm school to avenge stabbing

It’s been less than four full weeks since the 2008/2009 academic year started and already the schools are facing the problem of violence. Calabar high school this week kicked off the first round stabbings after a boy was stab there over cow manure and chicken shit. Apparently a long cutlass, Cuban (dwarf machete), a knife or ice pick are all required items on booklist nowadays and students can not function with out them.

The parents/family who must be related to ( The Sopranos) of the boy who was stabbed were not going to let the stabbing of their child go unanswered. According the Jamaica Gleaner men related the boy drove on to the school compound Thursday. They then approached a class where the teacher was missing in action. They then stormed the classroom and open a solid can of whip ass on two boys who allegedly attacked their beloved family member.

Dem bold no true?

In the ensuing duss out sent other boys went scampering for cover, creating chaos at the school. Other parents and guardians of the students rushed over to the school after getting wind of the incident. Fear is a hellavah thing isn’t it?. Imagine you send your child to school and fretting if they are safe. The Constant Spring Police took the bold avengers into custody.

I am pondering a few things about this story. I maybe wrong in my assumptions but I blame the media for lack of substance in their reporting.

Why are the boy(s) who did the stabbing Tuesday still in class Thursday?. I am sorry my mistake. In order to be disciplined at school you have to actually kill someone and that’s where school administration draws the line.

You kill someone and you are out, that’s it !!. Sadly we had a few of those in the last academic year. President of the National Parent/Teacher Association said the motto this year is “Parents and teachers working towards a harmonious and prosperous society”. I feel cozy and reassured already.

Look at the picture of the Atlas security guard closing the gates to prevent the Jamaica Gleaner photographer/news reporters from entering the school. Isn’t it ironic that the security is so vigilant about locking out the media but let the Gambino crime family roam the school compound beating up people pickeny.


No media,school invaders with weapons only!

If the Gleaner wanted to get in all they had to say was that they were there to deliver a thrashing to some students. If you want to read the Gleaner story click here. Let me warn you though it lacks depth and substance.


~ by RB on September 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Calabar high starts 1st round of school violence-Parents storm school to avenge stabbing”

  1. How did the family members accessed or get to the class room? I was of the opinion or understanding,that vistors,including parents,had to stay at the administration office when visiting schools.Class rooms were/are definitely not accessible by visitors to the campus,when classes and school are in session. Again,that was the policy at my alma mater.Policies may have certainly changed since my days in school.Apparently,the security was definitely breached/compromised at Calabar.Dutty Bwoy,the persistent savagery and butchery extant in our society has indeed taken over and consumed all our institutions,from the police,educational institutions,families, etc.Hopefully,the incidence of violence in the schools will not be as significant as the last academic year.The security of campuses from deranged,and sociopathic parents,families and friends that/who are predisposed to visit school campuses and utilise or employ violence to resolve problems and issues between students is a categorical imperative.Also,why are violent students still roaming the halls and corridors of our schools endangering the security of other students,teachers and staff? Violent students must be removed,and I reiterate,must be categorically removed from our schools.There should and must not be no ifs and buts regarding this policy.As you rightly contend,we have to wait until a student,teacher or staff is murdered, before such a student is removed from our educational environments.Undoubtably,and unquestionably,from administrators have empirical evidence ,that a given student or students are predisposed to real and substantial violence, clinically,psychologically or otherwise determined or ascertained.The legal and administrative steps to remove such a student and place him or her ,in a facility that/which can transform,correct,modify,and resolve such tendencies or predisposition towards the utilization of violence to resolve sundry types of conflictsis a categorical must.What are we waiting for? Especially,the educational community,i.e.,the Ministry of Education,et al.Are we sitting on our hands waiting for a situation or circumstance akin to COLUMBINE or VIRGINIA TECH in the United States, with respect to mass killings on a Jamaican high school campus before we act.Indeed,if we do not remove violent students from the educational environments and prevent violent parents from cavalierly and capriciously accessing our schools to mete out their type of brand and street justice,a COLUMBINE or VIRGINIA TECH is, unfortunately, definitely inevitable.And at that time we will espouse the ifs and buts.Jamaica and Jamaicans wake up for crying out loud!!!ACT NOW!!

  2. ESTEBAN- I think that even though we had multiple killings in school last year, there doesn’t seem to be a general sense of securing students and if hiring Atlas to do the job is the answer then they failed. I am not advocating throwing indiscipline students under the bus because god knows they need help. I don’t think they should be mingling with other children when they clearly are dangerous

  3. Dutty, if di two bwoy dem dat stab di one bwoy was still able to attend class after such a violent act on a fellow student – then dat was wrong. If they stabbed di bwoy they should have been expelled, period. Not even suspension would have been sufficient.

    The ‘family members’ being able to drive onto campus and get into a class room and serve up a portion of whoop ass is a serious situation. That means that any average person with bad intention can dive onto C-Bar campus and create havoc. Scary!

    What it also says is that C-Bar (and maybe other schools) has a Mickey Mouse security system that needs to be upgraded urgently. Look at the security guard who was closing the gate on the Gleaner reporters — if a real criminal was trying to get on campus what could she do??? She doesn’t even look like she can run 1/8 of a mile, nor does it look like she has any real training.

    The only person she could stop is the Gleaner reporters because they weren’t being forceful.

    Sounds like some re-evaluating of security measures have to take place straight away, without delay, immediately!

    This situation can quickly escalate into a really uncontrollable situation. If students start feeling that they can come to school to seek vengeance and if other feel that they have to bring weapons to protect themselves soon it will be like a jungle.

    Very, very frightening and sad.

  4. P.S. I agree with every intelligent word written by Esteban.

    Our education department is being VERY lax on this situation.

    School is no place for war.

  5. Paulette-They certainly should be discipline. but the boldness of the family to go look for the offenders and hand out their own brand of justice.

    “we want justice” is probably the biggest cry from Jamaicans. They didn’t feel that the institutions put in place would give them justice so they seek it out themselves.This is all a bigger problem Paulette institution fails and people will seek to find their own justice.

    LOL @ mickey mouse security system.

  6. Thank you for this post as we all know the gleaner is much like fox news, it only publishes what ‘die Furher’ approves of …

    HOWEVER! and i say this STRONGLY! DO NOT OVERREACT AND IMPOSE EXTREME REACTIONARY MEASURES MY FELLOW JAMAICANS! it nuh work. The USA is an example. Recently i’ve been hearing about bullshit ‘zero tolerance’ policies in schools in Ja. Stupidity. While we need to try to safeguard our children, the only way to rectify the situation is to rehabilitate the offenders and change their perceptions, and let them be examples to others. THIS has been the ONLY THING proven by studies to be even somewhat effective (also applies to drug useres as well)

    Likewise we should also set up boxing rings and let them fight it out in a controlled environment like back in good old colonial days. The Reds had the right idea.

    But a zero tolerance policy only pushes out violent and hurt persons who feel that they will never reach anywhere. This is reality of it.

    So punish the boys. I wont say who deserves what. But dont just jump to expulsion, zero tolerance, or relying on security.

    ESPECIALLY dont rely on security. it gives the illusion of safety when none can truly be achieved. Even if you put in metal detectors and more security guards with random searches as they have done in US schools, it wont stop anything. It didn’t in the US and im damn sure it wouldnt stop it out here.

    Fix the underlying problem, dont try to cover it up and pretend it’s under control.

  7. a bayyyyyyyy crufff guh cbar

  8. Townecrier,interesting insights and perspectives regarding punishment,behaviour modification,and rehabilitation regarding students at Calabar High School in particular, and students across the island in general — including girls,although not addressed by you.One is not averse to your position regarding rehabilitation, as a matter of fact, one is extremely supportive of rehabilitation as a policy objective. Notwithstanding,what about the question of vindictive, deranged and sociopathic parents,family members and friends accessing schools and employing or inflicting their own type of street,ghetto and vigilante justice to students,as the Calabar experience suggested? And of course,such parents not adhering or conforming to the policies of the schools and administered via the Ministry of Education.Surely ,you cannot be that opposed to the security issues regarding such individuals accessing class rooms while school is in session.Certainly,violence of this nature is inevitable, since you are so adamantly opposed to security.Undoubtedly,some modicum,aspecct,or form of security must exist to deter such parents,et al,despite the supposed virtues of rehabilitation.Hopefully,one is wrong with respect to interpreting and comprehending your perspective vis-a-vis parents.Undoubtedly,your position with respect to behaviour modification and rehabilitation of students is totally comprehended,but one is at a loss vis-a-vis violent parents.Nuff respect!!

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