RJR: Opposition plays political musical chairs in Gordon House-Government ministers play heckler

After Saturdays presidential elections in Jamaica’s oldest political party many members of the Dr. Peter Phillips “Arise and Renew” team can now be dubbed “arise and resign” as many who supported the failed attempt to wrestle power from Mrs. Simpson Miller are now feeling the backlash. Chained gates, constituencies protests and what RJR is dubbing musical chairs today as players of the opposition fumble in confusion to find chairs much to the amusement of heckling government ministers.

Scores of prominent opposition members who supported Dr Phillips resigned parliamentary appointed seats today. Tuesday’s sitting of parliament saw Dr Phillips resigning as spokesman on national security and leader of opposition government business. There was no one to cover for the new vacant post but when the music stopped Phillip Paulwell got that chair at least for much to the delightful jeering by government ministers. Mr. Paulwell announced to the house that he will only be taking the seat temporally because it was too big and not to his liking, besides he wanted something more scandal prone. Dr. Phillips caution that he will be keeping his constituency chair because it’s a comfortable seat where he can rest and pretend to govern from.

Sharon Hay Webster of the Arise and Renew campaign relinquished her chair as deputy leader of Opposition business in the House of representative and recede to the hard wooden church like back bench. While this was going on Minister of Local government on the government side Bobby Montague jumped up and down in his three-quarter pants and jeeringly waved a paper telling Mrs. Hay Webster that the application to join the JLP was still open, his other schoolmates parliamentarians comrades laughed and clap. Yesterday protesters suspiciously emerged angry and miserable that the MP has a “poor performance” in her South Central St. Catherine constituency. They called for her to arise and exit.

Fitz Jackson campaign manager of the “Arise and resign” team relinquished his chair today as deputy spokesman on finance and joined Mrs. Hay Webster at the back. They both complained that the wooden bench was too tough and asked for cushions. House speaker Delroy Chuck told them it wasn’t in the budget. Yesterday someone chained Fitz Jackson’s constituency office closed because crocodiles from the canals in Portmore were frequenting his office, it’s rumored that the mature supports of Mrs. Simpson-Miller locked him out for supporting Dr. Phillips.

Member of Parliament Deacon Ronnie Thwates who arrived late to the game was surprised to see one of his colleague who lost his chair at the front comfortably resting in his chair at the back.

More angry and miserable protesters emerged on the office of Dr. Patrick Harris MP of Northern Trelawny demanding his resignation because he was responsible for the yam fields not yielding as bountiful as other years. They are calling for him to “Arise and Exit” from his chair as MP.

Dean Peart opposition spokesman on local government and the environment left his chair empty after supporting Dr Phillips failed bid for the presidency of the party.

Maxine Henry Wilson opposition spokeswoman on education has applied for a leave of absent in attempt to hide from the confusion. She resigned her spokesperson post also. It is said she have personal dislikes with the party president and even had a throw down at a cabinet meeting about re-scheduling the elections after hurricane Evan last year.

Mrs. Simpson-Miller released a statement today stating that new team will be announced in time for the next parliament date next week to fill the empty chairs. It is expected to “reflect the progressive agenda”.

Developing the progressive agenda……………………………

The music at this house sitting was provided by Stone Love and Black Disco.


~ by RB on September 24, 2008.

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  1. Musical cheers, indeed!

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