“Shottas” to join counterparts in gordon house?

Clovis strikes

Here Clovis pokes fun at Jamaican politicians discourse to invite "shottas" to the parliament.

Well if you can’t beat them, invite them to Gordon House. There has been much chatter about the idea of having inner-city “dons” to Gordon House to discuss crime. Already dons are making their proposals and oppositions clear as to where they stand on pressing issues facing Jamaica.

One Don who wish to remain anonymous has propose the dismantling of the witness protection program. He said the program is shady and highly suspicious.

“Infoma fi come back home an live wid dem family”

He also proposes cutting spending on national security. A 30 day amnesty for extortion evaders and free Digicel call credit to inner-city residents.

The shottas staunchly opposes the new anti-crime bill currently before parliament. They are calling for the joint select committee appointees to be dissolved by the Prime Minister. They said a 60 days detention with out bail is unconstitutional. They will be pushing their official mount piece Jamaicans for Justice, newspaper columnists and radio talk show hosts to make more noise about this issue.

Other issues the dons oppose include the resumption of hanging, upgrading police stations and training facilities and the enforcement of the noise abatement act.

The dons also took issue at being called dons or even shottas in the media. With the new status they are getting and increase legitimacy they now prefer to be called “ area leaders” at least in the media.


~ by RB on September 26, 2008.

9 Responses to ““Shottas” to join counterparts in gordon house?”

  1. what the bloodclaat is going on in my Ja? I am unashamed to call this FUCKERIES! any shred of compassion jumps out the window at those demands. area leaders my arse, a leader would ask for things that benefit his people and not just himself. I firmly detest the 60 day without bail – that i find to be unconsitution and unjustifiable under the rule in DeFrietas v Permanent Sec. However, are we supposed to make ourselves even more of sitting ducks by not upgrading the police, and wassup with that request for amnesty for extortion?

    Before they ask for a wider coverage of free education and health, or some computers and free internet, or free food monthly, or a welfare plan, or a guaranteed work quota …

    no. apparently they dont care about bettering themself or their community, just maintaining their way of life.

    back when England suffered from massive slums they built up new housing developments, and then forcibly cleared out the slums and people went into either the new housing dev, or to the country. Why cant we do that? Sure some peopel might not “want” to leave, but isn’t the good of the nation and the wider public and they themself more important?

    Too much pussyfooting aroung going on. The dons are too intertwined with politicians. Very sad.

    England! Come take us as a colony once more! I know you dont want us now that we have so much to fix up but we can be a jewel again!

  2. I oppose hanging as well. I prefer the guillotine. Put a 5 story one in the park behind the bus stand next to the clocktower in half way tree. Let everyone see justice in action. And read out his/her crimes for all to hear.

    I dont know why people oppose the death penalty. You only get it for murder, (not manslaughter, not accidental killings, not illegal abortion or any other kind of death incident) and usually only for person who commit multiple murders, or a particularly viscious murder. And here in the Caribbean i cannot think of one case i have read of a person being executed or on death row who did not admit to the murder.

    This tells me that dons are murder

  3. why else would they oppose it?

    Ahh this is too funny! You know there is something to be said about a country who takes such an approach … for all out talk about Jamaican’s this and that and bad and brave … pussyhole move.

  4. townecrier- Slow down a bit I understand you anger. This is a satire much of it is exaggeration. It is meant to be funny. So you oppose hanging uh but support the use of the guillotine…. ha :))

    I can understand the anger though. They are planning on inviting Dons to the parliament.

  5. Off topic (sorry!)

    Dutty, did you see Usain on Letterman last night and on Regis & Kelly this am?

    Usain on Letterman – Thurs., Sept. 25

    Usain on Regis & Kelly – Fri., Sept. 26

  6. Dutty, the umm… “Area Leaders” have balls and are focused. They know what they want and they are ‘standing up’ for what they believe in. The ‘Area Leaders’ are showing leadership – at the detriment of all other citizens – but they are coming together on THEIR issues.

    MPs could learn some political strategy from the ‘Area Leaders’. United we stand, divided we fall.

  7. Birds of a feather do flock together!!

  8. As usual, had our foot-in-mouth politicians worked with researchers and NGO folks more closely rather than made this a public issue so they can get attention, we would not have to deal with “area leaders” organizing themselves as a political constituency. And our head-up-the-ass politicians are so damn stupid that they will probably [honestly] think that since said “area leaders” are citizens, then they are entitled to being recognized as a political bloc by the state. They simply are unable to make fine distinctions between “legitimate” and “illegitimate” forms of power. Well, that’s a problem across our entire society, isn’t it?

    My evil side fantasizes about staking out any such hearings and assassinating every last one of them vampire gangsters who dare to come out in sunlight. But that would be purely for personal satisfaction with a rather high personal cost as well. Since duttybwoy does not want his blog to be used to promote vigilantism so I will stop right deh so. Ahright. me done.

  9. […] “Shottas” to join counterparts in gordon house? […]

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