Jamaica’s Olympic Homecoming Celebrations

Motorcades accolades and dancing parades, Jamaica’s Beijing heroes are celebrated. With cheering and fascination many lined the streets in Reggae colours to show much appreciation to Shelly-ann, Assafa, Usain, Michael, Veronics, Melaine, Shericka and 50 other Olympians.

Friday was the mini ceremony at the airport where the athletes were welcome; they took part in the “prize giving” ceremony. The mayor of Kingston presented the keys to the city which welcome the sprawling motorcade from the airport in to the city which lead to the National Stadium car park. The renowned Strawberry Hills host a star studded fund raising dinner: : “nyamin wid di stars outta door unda de star”.

After the mini ceremony at the airport just a day earlier it was good to see the National Ceremony and Sports award. Governor General pin who fi get pin and sash who fi get sash, when it was all done every one look well decorated and official. The evening show on the stadium grounds were okay I guess, the dancing the fireworks. Also performances by Tarus Riley, Beanie man and others. It was so grand and spectacular it is reported Beijing organizers are fuming with jealousy.

I am not going to talk about the Michael Jacksoness stage appearance by lighting Bolt on stage at the stadium because I think it was silly. The dancing was ok though. I like the street dance atmosphere they had going. I think it was cool when Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell did a little dance off on the mini stage. Before they took pictures with fans pretending to be passing a baton. Again Bolt was the winner no doubt although I think Powell could be a better dancer if he really tried-that’s just my opinion.

I haven’t heard much about the party at the Quad on Sunday.

Yesterday the celebrations were taken to the west where once again Olympians were given the Keys to the city. I hope someone give them a key ring to hold all those keys. In Montego Bay there was the usual motorcade which travel to Trelawny home parish of Bolt. Some Olympians visited schools.

Micheal Frater and Shelly-Ann Frazer visited Wolmers Boys and Girls yesterday to catch up on happenings at their former schools. They were well received. Other schools visited included Charlemont , Ferncourt and Vere Technical in Clarendon which by the way is a little sprint factory in local athletics.

All sorts of plans were unveiled this week as it relates to sports in this here hyper flag waving nationalism. The Herb McKenley stadium is to be completed this year in Clarendon. The PM announce big plans to boost Jamaica’s sports infrastructure and corporate Jamaica is planning more bandwagonist behavior for local sports.

Bruce Golding was just at the United Nations (UN) earlier last week where met with President George Bush in New York. Mr. Bush reportedly was eager to discuss Jamaica’s “powerful performance” at the Olympics. A release from the State Department later claimed that they suspected Jamaica was enriching cornmeal porridge to make nuclear sprinters that could reach London by 2012. The UN has scheduled a meeting in the Security Council to vote on whether to impose sanctions on Jamaica for refusal to open up its yam fields for inspection.

In all our celebration I can not help but mention a few complaints and gossips I heard swirling around the place. It didn’t sit well in some quarters to have our esteemed ambassadors seated on plastic chairs at the ceremony held at the airport on Friday. The dinner planned at the high-end Strawberry Hill fell short and left a bad taste for diners after the $1,500 a plate fund raising dinner was almost ruined after a “Kitchen malfunction”. Of all de time fi de kitchen fi pap dung it choose now”. Well at least they sorted it out and food was served. Strawberry Hill publicly apologized for the delay. Some were also displeased with the scantily attire of the ladies that accompany the male athletes in those bling rides around the National Stadium. Notice you didn’t see Sista P at the Grand Gala?. Well I heard she got her invitation late, say 1:PM when the show is to start just a few hours later. If that’s true I know she must be upset. I know I am upset, I still haven’t received my OFFICIAL invitation in the mail yet either and I am still waiting.

If you were lucky enough to shake a golden hand or even of silver or bronze then consider yourself lucky, better yet an autograph. It was a good break from the daily diet of murders and missing children for a change.

I think we should all start a charity drive to buy the Jamaica Gleaner a good camera because the quality of the pictures they have are really bad. Funny enough the pictures in the real paper look great why can’t they do the same for the internet? so maybe its not the camera after all. Click here to see them. you were warned.


~ by RB on October 7, 2008.

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  1. …good break from the daily diet of murders and missing children….Well said,Dutty Bwoy!!

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