22 year old Denham Town Princess Cameal Davis is first female raising star winner

Cameal Davis

Cameal Davis- Digicel's Raising Star Winner

I know that I am late in posting this, in fact this is news so stale . Well Cameal Davis is the fist female winner of the most popular show on Jamaican television Digicel’s Raising Star. I will admit to not following this competition like the religious fans  but I extend much forward to Cameal Davis. I see big things in the crystal ball for Davis.

You can laugh at my crystal ball reference  but remember I predicted this win almost a year ago in this post 10 Predictions for Jamaica in 2008.

Maybe lucky guess?. There was no controversy in the competetion this year though. Unless you can say changing Denise Hunt to replace with Yendi Phillips is high drama. I think she did ok none the less although she had a shakey start.

Overall a good ending.


~ by RB on October 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “22 year old Denham Town Princess Cameal Davis is first female raising star winner”

  1. Crystal ball? Science! Gimme some lotto numbers den nuh star, but nuh send mi nuh email sey mi win no lotto a Jamaica when mi nuh buy nuh ticket. Still this is the best pic I’ve seen of her so far.

  2. Its real the cards never lie, its voodoo obeah whatever you want to call it.

    LOL –Diatribalist if you get an email saying you win but you must make a payment through western union then you know its a scam.

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