Dutty Headlines #1

Bruce Golding to Contractor General- A mi a di Driva

Olympians party @ the Quad- (See pics) to di werrrl

Credit Union throws woman and 5 pickiney outta door

Man a yaad rush to hospital

Craven Jamaican banks shoot self in the foot<!–

Man shot repeatedly for wearing Obama t-shirt (WTF)<!

Wall street redder than red

–> Jamaica drops 12 places in competitive index to rank 86


~ by RB on October 10, 2008.

5 Responses to “Dutty Headlines #1”

  1. Hope Man a YAAD is not seriously ill!!

  2. I second that ESTEBAN

  3. On Craven Banks – A good fi dem. They would have secured their loan moneys and probably make more, instead them fight out the alternate investment schemes. All loan holders should just boycot repaying the loans. I just feel sorry for the bank employees.

  4. Tami I guess some people get blind by greediness and in the end literally chock. Now bad loans are growing because they killed off peoples livelihood. It is having a negative effect on the economy as a whole too.

  5. […] to the Jamaican press. Previously a report by the World Economic Forum was covered first by Kingston State of Mind. And reports by Transparency International, and the World Bank were covered here in My View of […]

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