NHT employee scam millions from applicants-The bribe to your home

We all know how in Jamaica a man like fi give a man a smalls fi do a ting fi him. Well at the National Housing Trust (NHT) apparently several Jamaicans who give a smalls to one employee to put them at the top of the list to get a house from the state owned agency are now very angry and miserable.

The woman who has reportedly taken up to $10 million from National Housing Trust (NHT) applicants in promise to open doors for them but has not delivered on her end of the deal. The fleece home buyers were told by the NHT employee that the houses were selling like hot bread and she knew the baker. She encouraged them to pay her to help them. Applicants became worried after the employee failed to deliver. The applicants who were obviously trying to game the system started complaining after not getting the under the table premium they had paid for. One gentleman has reportedly paid $2 million to the employee.

The employee has since been “suspended” by the trust and by all means nuh linga as she has gone into hiding with cash in hand.

The police were called in and are now investigating the matter; they are even taking statements from the “victims”. I don’t know if they are victims more like bribers and dawg a nyam dem suppa. Just as we buy drivers license or pay a teacher to place a toddler not of school age in school- yes that happens too.

And what about that man who paid $2 million to get to the top of the list. He must have a big screw pon him face. Maybe I don’t know much about big money but couldn’t that be a major down payment on a house. Isn’t $2 million almost half the price of an average two bedroom house for a middle class family?

Lets hope the National housing Trust use this negative as an opportunity to put their house in order.

I bet there are many others who paid the premium under the table and got through, but if you are playing by the rules you are getting screwed some. I am not judging anyone but a popular politician once said

“the man who plays by the rules is the man who gets shafted”

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~ by RB on October 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “NHT employee scam millions from applicants-The bribe to your home”

  1. Apparently,this may be a case of what is good for the goose is also good for the gander!! Is it such a case? Corruption,corruption,and more corruption!!!

  2. Den hold on. He’s going to bribe the employee 2 million to get a house? Sounds like there’s more to this story man. Sounds like maybe they would get the house and then not have to pay back the loan or some such arrangement. Because 2 million as a bribe, as you said, doesn’t make sense at all.

  3. @ ESTEBAN -corruption fi true. I guess in this guess when corruption meet corruption its even more painful to the corrupter. In this case the corrupters became the victim of their own actions

    @ Ann , I seriously think there is much more to the 2 million story with this guy too. This bribe is just too big for a house. I just can not see how and I am wondering too.The employee is has now disappeared and I can’t help but wonder if he is lying to the authorities. People sometimes lie about how much they was stolen from them. As you said too he might have some other arrangement not to pay back the loan or something.

  4. […] two weeks ago I did this post “NHT employee scam millions from applicants-The bribe to your home” about the National Housing Trust NHT employee who rip off several applicants who wanted to […]

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