Reggae Boyz secure 1-0 against Mexico @ the office

Ricardo Fuller moments after securing the victory

Ricardo Fuller moments after securing the victory

Ricardo Fuller blast one from the top of the penalty box pass Mexican goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez in the 14th minute in the first half. Although this was only goal scored during the game the remaining seventy-six minutes was really good football.

Many attempts were made by Jamaica to solidify the victory while Mexico tried to equalize to no avail as a monterous defense kept them at bay for the most part. Post Rene Simoes pre Johnny Barnes. Man a yaad Tappa was in charge at the office and everyone read the memo that losing was not an option. Unlike the past two games against Honduras and Mexico there was a flimsy defense. Mexico trash Reggae Boyz @ the Azteca. Dem cya tek balla ting fi cartoon.

This obviously frustrated the Mexican team who huff and puff but couldn’t blow the solid defense down. They even got feisty and fighty picking up a couple yellow cards. (not so tough without their all white 100,000 fans screaming in the Azteca uh). Several wishful attempts were made by Mexico, however the closest there hopes came to reality was one of the rare occation when Carlos Salcido slip through edge a header which was superbly deflated by Donavan Rickket.

BOO!!!!, BOO!!!,BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Many talented bench warmers (thank you Simoes) got a chance to roll ball and roll they did. When I look back at this Reggae Boyz gets slammed 2-0 by Honduras-Rene Simoes fired after game and this Mexico trash Reggae Boyz @ the Azteca I can not help but ask-What if?

Personally I was hoping for a 6 nil victory especially after I came across the picture of Captain Burrell applying war paint to the faces of the squad.

War chant

War chant

Mi good wid one still. I know the Mexicans are already plotting re-asserting their dominance the next time we meet. I don’t want to go too far ahead of myself but I think Tappa is doing ok with the team. Are we seeking a technical director overseas when we have the talent right here in Jamaica? If there is anything we should learn from the recently concluded Beijing Olympic Games is that we can do it all here 100% Jamaican brand, no concentrate or preservatives.


Hondurus you’re next. 🙂

Photo:The Jamaica Observer


~ by RB on October 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Reggae Boyz secure 1-0 against Mexico @ the office”

  1. KUDOS to JAMDOWN!! A major reversal!! From a 5-0 trashing by Mexico to a 1-0 victory by the BLACK, GREEN & GOLD. over Mexico.Wha a Gwaan?!!

  2. Congrats to the Reggae boyz! I listened to the match on the radio while I was at work. But I can’t help thinking that this victory is just a short lived one win, based on their past performances.

  3. ESTEBAN- wish Mexico got back a similar trashing they gave us at the AZTECA in August, but hey this is a team in the group and from last nights game its clear no matter how BIG a team is real or imagined they can break down under pressure and frustration from a good defense .

    Stunner- that’s sadly true. At least they moved off the bottom of the list and this lessen the chance of elimination form the group for now. All I want is for them to continue playing good defense and at least QUALIFY.

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  5. Big up to the Reggae Boyz, They knew what they had to do and they did it. Bless up dads.

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