Jamaica beat Honduras by 1-0-The dream lives on(updated)

The goal

Luton Shelton scored the crucial goal that kept the dream alive in the 16th minute. Jamaica had the Honduras team hard at work defending the fort as their goal area was assaulted several times keeping Honduras goalkeeper Valladares very busy.Click here to read the details.

The Crime Scen
The goal scene

We play Canada November 19th.


~ by RB on October 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Jamaica beat Honduras by 1-0-The dream lives on(updated)”

  1. Congrats to the Boyz, they kept the ball rolling this time. Seems they are serious now. Hope the keep it up.

  2. Hey Dutty Bwoy, wha a gwaan! Di Boyz dem a play good man!!! Honduras 1-0!! Looking good Star!!

  3. unu no wish wi did a play so from mawning? Wi can still drop off base pon points. We will all see I guess.

  4. […] Shelton delivered for the home team as he did in the previous games netting the first one in the 26th minute, followed by Marlon King who scored with the penalty kick […]

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