NHT employee who scammed applicants caught hiding with BIG stash of cash

Almost two weeks ago I did this post “NHT employee scam millions from applicants-The bribe to your home” about the National Housing Trust NHT employee who rip off several applicants who wanted to buy a house through that entity. The reports in the media are that the employee who scammed as much as $10 million was only “suspended” after taking the money under the table with a promise to securing a key to an NHT house for them in the competitive bid by thousands of Jamaicans.

It seems as if the NHT or the authorities has now opened their eyes. The woman who has been under ground for weeks was arrested in Fletcher’s Land on Saturday with a buddle of hard cold cash in her possession. I am not making this up; it seems she could not part ways with the tainted loot even after weeks of media reports and investigation by the fraud squad.

Again the police are asking the bribers/applicants who paid money to the scammer/ NHT employee former fugitive to come forward for to reclaim their lost fortune after paying the woman top dollar to get to the top of the list of applicants to be named in getting a house.

All dem people who loss dem money yu feel sorry fi dem

She tek dem mek poppy-show


~ by RB on October 21, 2008.

6 Responses to “NHT employee who scammed applicants caught hiding with BIG stash of cash”

  1. Dem need fi lock her up! Wicked woman, and stupid too, to have all that money on her person. As for NHT, shame on them, they should have called in the police a long time. As for those people I’m not sorry for them, even though it seems the inefficient system at the NHT allows room for such behaviour.

  2. I wonder if i can go claim some,since some people might be too ashamed to come forward.

  3. mi no know how much money dem people want before dem realise that they will be caught by the system. Its hard to move money now a days. rich getting richer

  4. Well said Stunner!!

  5. Mi deh pon a plane tomorrow fi come get some a di money

  6. LOL @ Hugh

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