PUMA’s Usain Bolt Ads running in NYC & LA on buses & billboards


Usain Bolt billboard Ad poking fun of his celebrating antics: "And then he DJ'ed the after party"


Usain Bolt Ad on a double decker bus in NYC: "Bolt 100m in 9.69 seconds-Bus: Not so much"


~ by RB on November 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “PUMA’s Usain Bolt Ads running in NYC & LA on buses & billboards”

  1. Go bolt!

  2. All his billboards are super-sized, it is very noticeable and definitely stand out.

  3. i think people in the areas where they have these ads see them and search online for the terms in the ad. For example:”And then he DJ’ed the after party” based on the term so folks us to find this blog.

    They do stand out although the puma logo is there and (puma.com) its possible some people don’t know immediately what they are selling.

  4. Just trying to make sure that People know they can get stuff associated with Bolt at the PUMA store… that’s all. Hope you like the adverts!

  5. thanks,the adverts stand out.

  6. Bolt showed he world miracles after sometime. I call this a miracle because he exceeded most of the math model drawn for the 100m & 200m WR.
    (“**If his performances are not drug assisted**”)
    He did beat all time marks for the event from the past, be it wind assisted, drug enhanced or with or without showboat (LOL).
    He is a man with wonders and we’ll be counting on him to do more in future and probably it’ll be 2009 season.


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  8. […] PUMA’s Usain Bolt Ads running in NYC & LA on buses & billboards […]

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