Barack Usain Bolt Obama


Barack Usain Bolt Obama

This is for laugh; imagine Usain Bolt electrifying the campaign stops with soaring speeches in great eloquence inspiring millions to go to the polls all for ” a better tomorrow”. His campaign slogan would be

Yes we can smash world records and celebrate at the same time. Or World records we can believe in.

Barack Obama makes a few hand signals then steps into the blocks at the birds nest. He then powers off eating up the track in world record strides to finishing with celebratory gestures. Obama then takes off his shows then Do the “nuh linga” and “gully creepa”.

Barack Obama bring change to the werrrl !!!!

This is what you would get with undoubtedly two men who have made 2008 a truly historic year, note worthy for their ethnicity.


~ by RB on November 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Barack Usain Bolt Obama”

  1. Interestingly hilarious!!

  2. LOL

  3. Funny picture indeed.

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