Dutty Headlines # 2

Duppy Tape Mi Fraid Fi put Pon mi blog (Video)WARNING!!

Mobay’s Maddening Multiple Murders

A Romp Dem a Romp Wid Di Hanging

Dem kill de school yute ova phone battery or ova gal?

Mi Nah go Mek Unno mash up Di Dolla

A no my fault mek dem lose

A who da bwoy dey a call dog-heart?

How yu fi sey one ting a Vale Royal den come change yu mind a parliament

Beggy Beggy Holeliers Too Dyam Red-eye and Craven

Road block to South Africa fi Reggae Boyz

Police and tief ina shootout all fi a few phone cyad

Wah gunman a do a conference?


~ by RB on November 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dutty Headlines # 2”

  1. Killings,killings,and more killings.Total savagery!!

  2. Welcome to Jamaica, land of gun and blood.

  3. Wonder if we can go one week without a murder

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