The Ferrari F430 and Bolt

What does Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt have in common with the Ferrari F430. Its Obvious they are both very very fast.

Today I was reading the Jamaica Gleaner and saw a story about sprinter Usain Bolt taking the Ferrari F430 for a spin. We all know Ferrari is a world class car known in particular for its speed “supercar”. Surely Bolt and the Ferrari F430 have at least that in common.



Photo: sportsYA

Last time I checked PUMA which is Bolt’s main sponsor at the moment they got him a BMW. I might be wrong but maybe he would have preferred The Ferrari F430. Someone once said that the makers of the Ferrari were selling you an engine and throwing in a free car. Undoubtedly an impressive piece of engineering revving up that 4.3 litre V8 can move you from zero to sixty in sub four seconds.

So do you like this car?, yeah me too but I can dream. To get the Ferrari F430 will set you back a measly $200,000 USD and with a dollar trying hard to break Bolt’s records with its crazy sprint to almost 80 to 1 that’s well over $16 million Jamaican. That price is not set in stone because many of these cars are design based on individual customization which can make this car even more expensive.

I couldn’t buy this car even if I won the lotto jackpot or made a bundle playing poker on some of the best casino online websites.


~ by RB on November 24, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Ferrari F430 and Bolt”

  1. Well the fastest man deserves the fastest car!

  2. couldn’t have said it better Stunner

  3. Jamaica has no roads for him to drive that thing. It would be a show car.

  4. Tami I was going to make a joke about that in my post but didn’t. I guess you are saying the car would be under great stress from pot holes among other things

    Highway 2000. Maybe such a fast car is dangerous.

  5. Puma have got him a BMW M3, which was his birthday present. He was in Germany last week learning to drive it.

    The Ferrari was just for a laugh – a fun hour driving around Monte Carlo. Yes he would love one for real, but the insurance and the import duty into Jamaica would cost more than the car!
    Besides the BMW is more practicable!

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  7. There’s actually a black 2008 Ferrari f430 in Jamaica, in Montego-bay,St James to be exact; along with other super-cars such as a Bentley continental GT, Porsche Panorama , Porsche Carrera GT & 911.

  8. wow Jamaica should get more of these super cars i mean we are one of the most interesting
    place in the world so give us the interesting cars also

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