Westmoreland Residents Murder Alleged Homosexual-Pedophile-Ex-Convict-Zinc Thief

A man accused of being a paedophile and robber, was mobbed and killed in Westmoreland early Wednesday morning.

RJR News understands that Kemar Russell, 21, an ex-convict of Toro, in Burnt Savannah was being sought by the Frome Police in connection with several sex crimes and burglaries in that division.

But just after 5o’clock, residents took matters into their own hands.

He was reportedly caught breaking into a business place in Toro when he was set upon and beaten to death.

Mr. Russell had been released from prison earlier this year after serving a two year sentence for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy in Toro.

RJR News also understands that DNA samples will be taken from him to ascertain whether he had been involved in the carnal abuse and murder of two Westmoreland girls three years ago in the nearby community of Townhead.

The bodies of 9-year-old Shanika Shakes and 8-year-old Shana-Kaye Ledgister were found in a cane field on June 29, 2004.

Since the death of the little girls, 14 persons have been detained but later released for lack of evidence.

Residents remember the young friends every year in candle light vigils and remain confident that there will be a breakthrough in the case.

Recently a wave of panic swept through sections of Westmoreland due to an increase in reports of abductions and attempted abductions.

Parents have reportedly increased their visits to schools in order to monitor their children.

What is wrong with this story?, well apart from Pedophile-“paedophile” spelled wrong. I know my grammar is not all that great but I took this from the RJR website as is.

It is funny how Jamaica is right in the middle of a debate about hanging and this story here tells us a lot about whats going on. First off much shame to barbaric nature of the people of Toro, Burnt Savannah-Westmoreland. This truly the lowest of society. I wonder if the police is even treating this as a murder.

Yes, yes I read the list of atrocities of the said monster including the board he took off the house down the road and the two sheet of zinc. Then again it is exactly one year to the month of December that residents in Westmoreland Jamaica hacked and murdered seven (7) goat thieves. Aren’t  we suppose to be living in a civilized democracy?.

Or do we, Imagine I remember a couple years ago the horrific story of those two young girls being raped and murdered then dumped in a cane field. The alleged monster was serving time for assaulting a young boy in the last two years.

I am really bad a math but let examine something here. Man SUSPECTED of rape murder in 2004, man in jail serving time in last two years (released this year 2008) and the police are now just sampling DNA to see if he was responsible for the crimes years prior?

We either have the dumbest police/criminal justice system in the world or the reporting on this story is really missing a huge part of this puzzle.

Why wasn’t the DNA taken during or even before his incarceration, was he just a recent suspect even though he was convicted of child rape?.

By all accounts of the jubilant murders on television proclaiming victory, they said the man is well known for his atrocities and is even suspected to be the person who sodomized and murdered an 11 year old boy just weeks ago.

This is where justice has broken down really bad for Jamaica. In a sad way the residents in the community seek to fill a void that is not being filled by the security forces nor the justice system in Jamaica.

The DNA is only now being tested on the dead man to see if he was guilty. Maybe if the DNA tests were done earlier and came back conclusive and he was convicted and in jail then there would be no need for this vigilante justice. Maybe there wouldn’t have been an additional innocent victim.

Don’t these people have cable, don’t they watch CSI or Law and Order: Special Victims Unit?. Okay enough with the jokes this is serious.

It is stories like these that fill the lungs of the “hang dem” choir. It is not hard to see why. Recent polls suggest that Jamaicans strongly support the death penalty.

Trinidad and Tobago resumed hanging in 1999, they hanged 9 convicted murders in that year based on a similar cry of out rage at an alarming crime rate. The crime rate was less than 200 per year at the time. Today in 2008 more than 500 murders have been committed.

So here we are on our own path of failure. There is no empirical evidence in the world that indicates that hanging/beheading/lethal injection or whatever is a deter to criminals. In some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia capital punishment is handed down with a beheading, not with a guillotine like in the French revolution but a man swing a sword. Graphic and messy uh. What if the executioner misses and have to start over.

Crimes such as smuggling drugs, witchcraft, adultery, burglary and murders are offenses that carry the death penalty. You would think that everyone would walk the straight and narrow line but that’s not the case.

This should make us wonder is hanging our own need for revenge, to even the score, satisfaction, a need to dish out a dose a medicine to a minority that we just can not conquer because they scare us and we want to scare them back. Its frustrating and very confusing.

Police have been killing criminals justly and unjustly for years. Some Jamaicans have taken it upon themselves to administer their own brand of vigilante justice but this is no deter to criminals.

So we keep doing the same thing but HOPING for a different result. Not that a heavy hand is not to be used in fighting crime. No one is suggesting we hug up criminality (many Jamaicans do) but how much heavier can the hand get.

With all that I have said it might sound as if I am against capital punishment, however that’s not the case. Based on the urgency and over all horrific impact of crime we need to spend more time on solutions that will have long term and permanent impact on the situation over all.



economic growth

Social programs…………….yeah I know these are not as emotionally charged and glamorous as state murder but they are a bigger part of the puzzle.


~ by RB on December 3, 2008.

15 Responses to “Westmoreland Residents Murder Alleged Homosexual-Pedophile-Ex-Convict-Zinc Thief”

  1. Vigilante justice,extra judicial killings,and summary executions are not the answers to Jamaica’s crime and homicide problems.

  2. ESTEBAN-what is summary executions? Do you simple mean executing many people @ once?

  3. Dutty Bwoy, summary execution is a form or variant of extra-judicial killings, where an individual is executed/shot on spot independent of a trial. In other words, due process of the law is denied the person or individual.This is fairly common in Jamaica with respect to the police when they apprehend various criminals.As opposed to arresting them, they are killed on spot.Interestingly, many militias in Third World societies employ this method of extra judicial killing.Nuff respect!!

  4. There is nothing wrong with the spelling of paedophile. The standard British spelling was used.

  5. thank you for that info. I did not know

  6. I live in Truro (not Toro)and i can atest to the problems we were having with this individual. He was sought by the police yes, but he wasn’t a top priority. He slept during the days and roam @ nights. My community is not filled with saints, but in the same breath we are not going to sit by and watch troublemakers turn where we live into news central. He’s mental state was deteriorating fast, after his realease and prior to his death, he made after a few girls and then went into hiding, so should our lovely ladies walk in fear which wasn’t a problem before…hmm and look what he was caught doing, trying o rob a shop. He had his chance….he didn’t want it.

  7. Krazy Lex III- I can certainly understand the fear,anger that this individual might have brought to the community, however the broader picture is that we can not live in a civilized democracy where any group of people can decided to take up matters in their own hands. This is setting a very dangerous precedent on how we deal with justice in our society.

    You made a point that his mental state was deteriorating as if this can justify a mass killing. If his mental state was bad that is even a worst reason for a mob to hack and kill him. A person who is mentally ill is simply sick. Just like a person who is terminally ill. Are we now going to kill sick people?

    I want to make it clear I am in no way defending this man, however regardless of the atrocities he caused there is a justice system as crappy as it is. Everyone deserve due course, let a jury decided. There is no wisdom in an angry mob.

  8. With all due respect when an individual commits certain crimes (ie. preying on young children) his blood is on his own head.


  10. “paedophile” is spelt correctly young man. that is the way it is spelt in the UK and Jamaica.

  11. thank you

  12. […] Westmoreland Residents Murder Alleged Homosexual-Pedophile-Ex-Convict-Zinc Thief […]

  13. Benevent l’Abbaye in Central France has since 2004 been an unwilling host to a paedophile cult with its roots in the USA.
    To read about this cult, and Chris and Clare Godson:


  14. The Godsons do not, frankly, understand that they have done anything wrong!

    They continuously claim that all the evidence and testimony, amassed from victims, is motivated by malicious envy! They make no effort to admit guilt or seek forgiveness from the families harmed. Nothing comes from this cult but self-justification, blustering, and weeping and wailing for the fact that their past history is now in the public domain.

    Please contact: kelleher.newsdesk@hotmail.co.uk if you need advice about Chris and Clare Godson.

    Although we are pleased that investigations in Thailand, Ireland and the USA are yielding very positive results we remain dismayed that forensic examinations of cult residences are only now taking place years after the leadership has left. It does seem to us that delays of 10 years plus in looking at out buildings and cellars for signs of torture and sexual abuse may be too late! The experts are good these days but ten years of contamination of evidence is bound to be challenged. Victim testimony in Ireland and the USA seems the most credible way forward with prosecution!

    Just GOOGLE, Altavista, Yahoo etc. etc. etc., “The Godsons in Benevent l’Abbaye” and the criminal history of the Godsons is easy to track!

    Of course, it is difficult for us to imagine any far-right grouping with a more perverted or warped outlook on life than the Godsons and their sickly adherents in Benevent l’Abbaye……………………..but they do exist.

    Recent events including the massacre and bombings in Norway, followed this week with the killing of innocent children in Toulouse, racist attacks, the shooting of off-duty French soldiers, shows that we are in the presence of some of the most dangerous extremists to surface from the slime since WWII.

  15. http://lacreusehostsevilcult.wordpress.com

    Please consult our WHISTLEBLOWER Blog for updated information about Chris and Clare Godson.

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