# 10-You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica if….Western Union Full


You know its Christmas in Jamaica if you see a very large crowd of people congregated at the door of a Western Union outlet early before it open and after it open you might have to join the line from outside.

It is definitely Christmas if you can not find place to stand in a Western Union after it is open. Like swans a swimming you will be inching slowly but surely to the see the wise men and women at the counter.

If you arrive before the open you can witness the stand off between the crowd and the security, its legendary. As the clock count down to opening time everyone glances at their watches and phones, they take up position with pens drawn and information in tact then charge.

Jamaica’s own version of a “door buster” Christmas bargain, the difference is that these shoppers are not trying to get a 70% discount off an ipod or HD flat screen TV. They are going for tidings of cash in various currencies and yes if St.Nicholas stands in the way he might get crush too.

The make up of people come from a wide cross section of the Jamaican populace. From Aunts taking care of Nephews or mothers raising children while father work abroad. With a large Diaspora in every corner of the globe everybody in Jamaica have smaddy a fargin from Canada, the UK, the United States and Bethlehem.

Sure there are other remittance services in Jamaican besides Western Union but Western Union is synonymous with remittances to Jamaicans.

If the money is not there after going though all that, one might take out a cell phone to call the sender for a public trashing despite the big“no cell phone” sign on the wall.

They just might need .

The chances of this happening gets slimmer every year as Jamaicans become more sophisticated. A part from simply calling in to see if the if the money has arrive you can now get text message alert. You can have the money deposited to your account and withdraw at your leisure anytime at any ATM machine.

Jamaica has one of the highest rates of remittances per capita in the world. It is the biggest inflow of foreign exchange topping every other major industry such as tourism and bauxite. At no time are remittances heavier in Jamaica than at Christmas time.


~ by RB on December 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “# 10-You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica if….Western Union Full”

  1. Dutty Bwoy, a remittance a dweet fi the Jamaican economy.But a lot of the people from metropolitan societies that/who normally remit resources are now unemployed and those that are employed are having severe economic difficulties and hardship, because of the global economic crisis.So,where is all this remittance money coming from.Surely,a lot of this money must be coming from various typies of illicit activities such as drugs etc.Think about it!!

  2. I thought about that as I wrote this post. With a lot of scams that is definitely happening. Speaking over all though just looking at Jamaican culture as it relates to Christmas this is something that prevalent ti Jamaica. Obviously with the global slowdown remittances will slow also. There was a report in the news to this effect.

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