# 9-You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica if….you see Christmas cake


You know its Christmas in Jamaica when you see the Jamaican Christmas cake (fruit cake) everywhere.

For many Jamaicans there is no Christmas without the Christmas cake. The distinctive dark brown cake is prepared with mixed fruits soaked in red wine, preferably red label wine. Some cakes contain the traditional Jamaican white rum. The smell, the beauty is enough to make the most diligent weight watcher lose faith.

Jamaicans love their Christmas fruit cake. It is a bake of national pride. Although to a certain degree most cakes follow a similar recipe it is customary for relatives and friends to share/exchange slices wrapped in aluminum foil paper. It is rumored that we exchange more slices of cakes than we exchange gifts. They then critic each others cake.

Often the commentary surrounds the density, diameter of ones cake, moisture or over all texture is also important. The fruit and especially the wine can be a source of great debate and laughter surrounding stories of those who have succumb to the wine in the cake.

If you are not blessed in art of baking have no fear. You can order your cake by the pound. These days you can buy your cake in the supermarket or even on the internet.

You know its Christmas in Jamaica if after a wonderful Christmas dinner you can indulge in a slice of authentic delicious Jamaican Christmas cake.


~ by RB on December 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “# 9-You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica if….you see Christmas cake”

  1. Dutty Bwoy, the one inna the picture de look good.Mi woulda rub piece a dat right now.Anyhow, mi oder one from a friends mother.Yuh kno something, mi kinda addicted to Chrismas cake from mi a youth. A serious thing man!! Nuff respect!!

  2. ESTEBAN who could resist it. I remember a child growing up I would look at that fridge top and that round bake pan wanting a slice. Finally having a piece was a moment to savor for me. There is no Christmas without a Christmas cake for me

  3. Don’t forget the SORREL! 🙂

    Like this series you’ve started to feature aspects of a Jamdown Chrismus.

  4. Yes JD, di sorrel critical.Mi like my sorrel drink wid a likkle whites inna it.Nuff respect!!

  5. […] Jamaica what egg nog is to the United States at Christmas time. Sorrel goes hand in hand with the Jamaican Christmas cake as an unyielding tradition for […]

  6. This sounds just fantastic…I would love to try it

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