# 8-You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica if….you see Sorrel


You know its Christmas in Jamaica if you are offered a tall glass of good ole’ Jamaican sorrel. Sorrel is to Jamaica what egg nog is to the United States at Christmas time. Sorrel goes hand in hand with the Jamaican Christmas cake as an unyielding tradition for generations.

There have been many point of view around the methods of preparing sorrel. The red sorrel sepals are dried and sold in the markets and supermarkets. It is washed and boiled for a couple minutes. It is customary to leave the sorrel to soak over night, maybe even days with ginger and pimento before straining and sweetening with brown sugar.

The drink has a unique flavor from the ginger and pimento. Some Jamaicans will leave a peg of ginger and a couple pimento seeds in the finish product until the last drop is consumed. Going a step further it is not unusual for sorrel lovers to insist on seeing a peg of good old Jamaican ginger in a tall glass of sorrel as is.

A tips of red label wine or “whites” (Jamaican rum) for a little kick for personal preference. Santa might need a designated slayer after stopping by Jamaica.

It is relished during the entire festive season at parties or even church gatherings. Sorrel is prepared mostly in preparation for the Christmas dinner with family.

When sipping down your sorrel this Christmas never mind the great traditional tastes that unearth memories of many, many wonderful Christmas gone by. Just absorb the bin oxalate, the rich vitamin C which gives it an acidic flavor from the medicinal, dietetic properties and antioxidants.

Just quench your thirst and don’t be bothered by the fact that sorrel is considered to be a Nutraceuticals– “Nutraceuticals have been associated with the prevention and or treatment of at least four life-threatening diseases” such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Sorrel is beneficial to the kidney and bladder also.

Sorrel was brought to Jamaica in the 1600’s by the French and English but Jamaicans has made it their own. Jamaican sorrel is characteristically distinctive from sorrels grown in other parts of the world. Studies have shown Jamaican sorrel to be richer in vitamin C, it contains a little starch and mucilage. This might be due to the unique cultivation of the perennial herb.

Merry drinking.


~ by RB on December 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “# 8-You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica if….you see Sorrel”

  1. Yes Dutty Bwoy,sorrel a di official drink dfi Xmas.

  2. Aaahhh, sorrel especially with a likkle rum! Niiiccceeee!

  3. You’ve made my day. 🙂

  4. 🙂 @ Jamaican Dawta

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