#6-You know its Christmas in Jamaica from all the new faces at church.

Jamaicans are said to be a very religious people. At Christmas time in Jamaica all long time church admirers, Christmas time attendee light a candle, sing a sanky and find their way to the Christmas church service for worship.

You know its Christmas in Jamaica if you arrive at church with no place to park. If you are a regular at church you might need the help of an usher to help you find a seat. Take a program and get comfortable, really comfortable with some serious fanning if you are not near a fan.

Christmas service sell off, literally. Everybody paying their dues and getting the Christmas blessing at least once for the year. Every Jamaican wearing his or her best suit, frock and hat. Its all pleasantries and socializing.

Nothing says Christmas in Jamaica like church. The carols, the re-enactment of the birth of Christ ,the  gosepel concerts all embodies the great storytelling that is told every Christmas.


~ by RB on December 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “#6-You know its Christmas in Jamaica from all the new faces at church.”

  1. Yes star,my old church pack during Christmas.As a matter of fact, from the first week in December,you start to see the new faces.

  2. Even though I am not a regular church goer i like to see a full church.

  3. Should be enough churches in Jamaica for everyone, shouldn’t there? It’s got about the highest number of churches per capita in the world. As well as one of the highest murder rates in the world. Something is obviously not right!

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