# 4-You know its Christmas in Jamaica because there is grand market

grand-marketAlthough most merchants complain that this year is not as busy as last year, Grand Market is a Christmas tradition where many Jamaicans go out for a grand shopping, mingling eating and just having a good time.

You know it’s Christmas in Jamaica when you visit Half-Way-Tree or any other small towns across the country and find once busy road ways blocked off from vehicular traffic and occupied by hundreds of vendors selling toys, clothes, shoes, Christmas ornaments among many other items.

There are no fancy display walls at grand market, here you will find gods for sale on tarpaulin spread across the ground, on wooden hand carts, in wooden stalls, in the back of station wagons or even a small bus.

Here the ingenuity of the ordinary Jamaican is on full display. Inquiries are made, sales pitches are done and deals are made. Some places are so crowded one might find it difficult to find somewhere to walk. This is where shoppers and sellers engage each other in last minute Christmas bargains.

The shopping centers/ plazas are of course just as busy with people strolling with bags, looking at items they are interested in buying or just window shopping. The food court is normally buzzing with people out on Christmas Eve just hanging around having grand time.

Grand market is not just about the shopping, it’s the food, the excitement and an overall sense of togetherness. Of course this is a time especially for children who love the atmosphere of Christmas. They look forward to Grand market probably more than anyone else.


~ by RB on December 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “# 4-You know its Christmas in Jamaica because there is grand market”

  1. I love how lively the market gets!

  2. Simon-The liveliness is of the whole event “brings the vibes”.

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