PM NOT HAPPY ABOUT CRIME- but where is the fierce urgency of now

I saw this headline at the newsstand today and it caught my eye. “PM not Happy”- Bruce Golding dissatisfied with Government’s handling of crime.

This headline is a little humorous to me. “Not happy” you would think. What a surprise. I think this emotion would resonate very well with most Jamaicans. A part from being “Not Happy” we are also NOT FEELING SAFE, NOT CONFIDENT IN THOSE IN CHARGE, VERY FRUSTRATED, FEARFUL, some feeling GRIEF other not here to FEEL ANYTHING

But in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. day which is celebrated in the United States we are still crippled by the manacles of crime and the chains of fear. We are in living in bloody ugliness in a vast ocean of beauty. We Jamaicans are truly exile in our own country at the whims of gangsters.

We do feel that this government is defaulting on its promissory note to restore some normalcy. We should refuse to believe that the bank of ideas is bankrupt.

Martin Luther King Jr. said it himself   “It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment”. And boy do we have urgency in an Island were 70 people are murdered in just 19 days of a brand new year.

King also said: “Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

But in the most well known phrase of Martin Luther King, we too have a dream that one day will have a safer, better Jamaica. Many people saw this new administration through the lens of HOPE for that dream.

On the eve when the world will witness the moment when America will swear in its 44th president Barack Obama all Jamaicans can share in the great moment and at the same time realize that crime is destroying us and we all need to see this as HOPE but hope alone will not do if we do not realize “THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW”

Read Dr. Kings’ speech here.


~ by RB on January 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “PM NOT HAPPY ABOUT CRIME- but where is the fierce urgency of now”

  1. Well said Dutty Bwoy!! Where is the fierce urgency of now? So so talk and the politics of incrementalism. and marginalism couched within words such as PROCESS. Dem nuh serious bout crime.Dem already waving the white flag of surrender.The objective is five percent reduction for homicide in 2009, that is a reduction of about 80 from totals in the vicinity of sixteen hundred or more per year.The GARRISONISTAS and the DONS must see them as BIG JOKERS.

  2. That’s all these politicians do, talk!

  3. ESTEBAN- I have never really heard it put that way”politics of incrementalism”. If the incremental were meaningful with substance it would be so bad. I see a lot of laziness, lack of vision and as you said so so talk.. We need bold moves, doers not talkers.

  4. Stunner-It can’t be that hard to execute a plan if they can conceive it.

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