Movado-I’m So Special (BANNED VIDEO ON BET)

What is the controversy surrounding this video?

Black Entertainment Television BET leader and amplifier of negative black stereotype programming, glorifier of bling, bling sex and gangster rap and sole conspirator of corrupting black youth across America yes and Jamaica have found moral soul.

After running promo to premiere the new Movado music video “I’m So Special” they changed their minds citing

“excessive display of alcohol” and “careless use of women as writhing set dressings!”

BET is known for excessive displays of “booty” and “cleavage”. And a careless use of black women image for years on end in a great profiteering venture.

Now I am no fan of Movado although he is special, even more special than special cream crackers, but I smell a load of horse shyt coming from BET.

I think I know why they rejected the video. The opening concept of ONE man waking up around so many drunken women seems dumb to me. Then he went n to find women in his closet, bathroom, kitchen, verandah…. You catch my drift.

The concept of the video is weak and it has been done already, same bling, gal ,cyar.  If BET hadn’t banned this video there would be nothing SPECiAL about it

Now that I think about it there were a lot of women in the video. BET is still being hypocritical though with all the excesses they have broadcast over the years they can not school anyone about excesses.


~ by RB on January 29, 2009.

7 Responses to “Movado-I’m So Special (BANNED VIDEO ON BET)”

  1. dancehall is too edgy for bet. who is that claiming copyright for the video?

  2. they banned it? wow! i just watched it two days ago online and was telling my colleague that the video was weak and looked like it was made specially for BET.
    Please BET has shown alot worse in prime time. nothing excessive about the women or their dress. what a double standard!

    i could have seen an argument that he was promoting violence by citing being strapped with his 45 special but that part is bleeped out anyways and again pure slackness BET let people say on their station so is no big deal.

    man BET sucks almost as much as this un-special video.

  3. @ Owen- Wouldn’t you say both rap music and dancehall are edgy?

    @ Jdid- I thought the same thing when I watched the video. It had made for BET all over it. The video is nothing special but BET has shown way worst.

  4. if its on american television its no longer edgy

  5. I can’t view the video, seems they removed due to copyright. However, I smell a rat where BET canceling the video is concerned. Nothing is more explicit than the rap videos they show, I think they are just being biased.

  6. Owen, Stunner I see they took down the video because of copyright. I didn’t realize that. Copyright by INgrooves. This is a great opportunity to make this video a viral hit. I can not understand he decision to take it down.

  7. […] the way remember this Movado viedo: “im so special” that Black Entertainment Television (BET) ban earlier this year stating […]

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