Homosexuals Responsible for Crime and Bad Roads in Jamaica. (Video of Jamaican Politician Lashing out)

“I am very concerned that homosexual in Jamaica has become so brazen, they have found themselves into organizations. They are on the street, in fact they are abusive they are violent and something the Minister of National security has to look into, why is it that so many homosexuals are holders of license firearms.”

This clip has confirmed my suspicions that homosexuals are solely responsible for all of the crime happening in Jamaica today. In this clip Member of Parliament Ernest Smith takes aim of homosexuals in all areas of Jamaican society.

He went on to confirm what we all already know, that homosexuals are all very “abusive and violent people” who walk funny. Many of who are holders of license firearms. I agree that there should be a review of all holders of fire arms to detect who is straight and who is gay. I propose a gay detector test and references from two “gyalis” .

The MP went on to state that homosexuals have infiltrated major organizations in Jamaica and singled out the Jamaica Constabulary Force who is said are “over run by homosexuals” based on a report recently done by one of the major newspaper. Basically he is saying they have become brazen in their homosexual lifestyle and need to go back in the closet.

The Minister was addressing Parliament with regards to the Sexual Offenses Registry Act in which all homosexuals should submit their names so that Jamaica may know who they are in order to preempt their homosexualness.

Homosexuals are also responsible for the Jamaican dollar sliding off a cliff, banning “daggering”, motor vehicle accidents, bad roads and the many layoffs in Jamaica due to the “world economic crisis”, Air Jamaica’s soaring debt, JUTC in the red and the recent out break of Malaria.

If only there were no homosexuals in Jamaica then everything would be excellent.


~ by RB on February 12, 2009.

20 Responses to “Homosexuals Responsible for Crime and Bad Roads in Jamaica. (Video of Jamaican Politician Lashing out)”

  1. LOL, are you serious?

  2. He’s so gay!

  3. Surely, it has become abundantly clear that Mr. Ernie Smith is losing it.Undoubtedly, the man has become TOTALLY UNHINGED and should not be in Gordon House, but placed in another house.

  4. This would be really funny except for the fact it is coming from a government official!
    This guy needs testing for syphilis induced brain damage!

  5. This is funny, I’ve never met a violent sissy! I’ve met some annoying fags, but never a “dangerous” sissy!

  6. LOL! I think Ernie Smith had a little too much to drink before he came to Parliament that day.

  7. @ Tami. I am not serious, just using sarcasm. It’s hard to be critical of such craziness.

    @ ESTEBAN- What better comparison than that of a person probably mistakenly in Gordon House rather than the mad house (Asylum-and I don’t mean the night club).

    @ Pobept, Wish this could be a joke but as you said this is coming from our parliament. Even if one is to support Mr Smith general view point this is extreme craziness.

    @ Diggler, – “dangerous sissy” LOL , maybe temperament to be violent is not related to sexual orientation in the general sense.

    @ Stunner, Maybe the drinking should be taking place after parliament, don’t you think?.

  8. Hey Dutty Bwoy, I have watched this video several times, and I really think this guy needs to be committed to the nut(mad) house.By the way,the video is totally hilarious!!Nuff respect!

  9. LMAO, Ah yes, I don’t think any joke I get for the rest of the day will top this, hilarious!

  10. that is the shit!so funneee!! lol

  11. Dutty Bwoy, is this the TALIBANIZATION of the Jamaican Parliament, with the melodramatic,xenophobic and extremely homophobic Ernest Smith as the head Mullah!?

  12. Esteban- All they need now is the turban and the koran for swearing in and the talibanization is completed, as you can see in the video people were in agreement by not rebuking the statement or not saying anything at all.

    In the video you can see the PM having a conversation with another PM. Maybe they didn’t hear what was said, agree with what was said or they just don’t care. No one has said anything denouncing the looney comments. Mr Smith had every right to say what he thinks but in this context it is crazy and embarrassing to Jamaica.

    This is saying let’s pre screen homosexuals and exclude them from society.

  13. How does one respond to this … OK, I think we need a test that all MP’s need to pass before they are sworn in, Part 1 – ethics, Part 2 – The Bill of Rights, Part 3- discretion.

  14. Towne Crier: I would add to that test:

    Part 4: Understanding of basic logic ie. if A = B, and B > C, then is A < C?.

    Part 5: Ability to differentiate between fact and opinion, fiction and nonfiction.

    If the PM siddung deh a talk to somebody else, and does not get up and say anything to counter what this buffoon has uttered, then you know seh dem all jus a tek parliament ting fi joke. And to think that we don’t hear most of what is actually said in Gordon House. For all we know, worse has already been uttered!

  15. I’m glad a video of this has surfaced- I now realize Ernest Smith was dead serious when he made those incendiary claims in Gordon house. Most upsetting, is the shouts of “hear hear” which sounded around him, as he uttered pure filth. My poor country is being led by fools- not a new realization, but a most painful reminder of the truth.

    Anada ting, why are we describing homosexual men as sissies? I thought that was an offensive term used to ridicule effeminate men- at least that is how I remember it being used against me. Gays are not sissies- and no, we are no more, nor less, prone to violent action than our heterosexual counterparts.

  16. Well i guess the brain drain is now obvious

  17. […] Homosexuals Responsible for Crime and Bad Roads in Jamaica. (Video of Jamaican Politician Lashing ou… […]

  18. I used to have a VERY large bank account in Jamaica, I wanted to support that country, but I am a GAY man and pulled all my $$ out of that country, they can rot in HELL for their supidity

  19. I advocate NO support for any country that treats ANY PEOPLE as second class, and Jamaica, (one of the most beautiful countries in the world) shame on you!!!!

  20. I predicted in 2011 that If Portia simpson win that Jamaica will become worse than Haiti 4 years later Jamaica is on the brink of becoming the poorest Caribbean country,PORTIA ANOUNCE THAT HE WILL LEGALIZE HOMOSEXUALITY IN JAMAICA IF GET ELECTED,IN 3 MONTHS CLOSE TO 100 JAMAICA LITTLE BOYS WAS FOUND IN BUSHES WITH THERE POSTERIOR BUSTED UP AND THERE THROAT SLASHED, homosexual will bring distruction to any body house, country,god bun the first ones with fire and brimstone,jamaica have never god that bad until the murderous filth eathing and urine drinking demons manifest themselves in Jamaica, the reason why Jamaica detoriates so fast is bcausee the leaders start to become or homosexuals,when people start do bad things knowing it is wrong they bring down the whole nation because there are the role models homosexuals say homosexuality is right god say it is wrong fire bun them

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