Jamaican gets the Death Penalty in VA

I read these two reports about the execution of Edward N Bell in Virginia, US. One from the Washington Post which describe Bell as a “killer” and one from the Jamaica Observer which seem to be obviously more sympathetic to a native son, interviewing family in Portland where he was from.

All appeals and request for clemency denied and exhausted. Bell was drugged up and put to death on February 19,2009.

I can not say I know a lot about the case, nor can I say I totally agree with the death penalty but if Mr. Bell really shot a policeman point blank in a dark ally—mmmm. How can I put this nicely?


~ by RB on February 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “Jamaican gets the Death Penalty in VA”

  1. While i have no problem with the death penalty when i beleive the case is proven with no if’s and’s or but’s, this one smells fishy. It sounds like the police needed oneone to take the rap for the death of their friend so bell got the short straw. Why do i think this? 1- I have never heard of anyone being executed who was actually guilty struggling to avoid it. It’s generally the truly innocent ones who protest right until the end. 2- An attorney for Bell, James G. Connell III, said Bell should have been spared because his trial lawyers failed to present positive “mitigating” evidence about his life that could have swayed the jury – sounds like a set up to me. 3- Eddie Bell was executed even though the federal court and the trial prosecutor agreed that his lawyers utterly failed him,” Connell said. “If anyone believes that the system will catch and correct errors in capital cases, Bell’s death should shake their confidence in the fairness and consistency of the death penalty.

    I would need to see what evidence they had against him. if i bother to read the trial case, if i can find it online, i’ll comment again.

  2. townecrier-As i said in the post also. I am not too familiar with the case, but there does seem to be a few questions, when I read the reports their seem to be some unfinished business but they went ahead with the execution anyway. If Mr. Bell is guilty I am not at all sympathetic to his fate.

    It would be interesting to see the trial case if it is available online.

  3. clemency4eddie.com is the web site you need to go to in order to read the trail evidence.

  4. I gave the wrong website clemency4eddie.net sorry

  5. Awww hell no! This is utter shit! The man was framed.


  6. well if he did it, he deserves his punishment but if its questionable whether he did it …..

  7. Just a thought – It’s important to note that OUR media are the ones highlighting that this person is Jamaican. Why? Because, in our ever-vigilant near-hysterical fascination with crime, any time a Jamaican person abroad does something, the newspapers fly a flag. Plus, as I’ve been watching the headlines, the manipulation is so evident. I feel like we are being asked to assume that he must NOT be guilty or deserving of the death penalty, or that we are to think that he is somehow being singled out because he’s Jamaican. And of course, our next best response would have to be: wha mek dem a gyi i’m death penalty? Nobody else nevah shot police inna dem face to’? I don’t agree with the death penalty in general. But, the sentence made complete sense to me since this is, after all, Virginia.

    If there is to be any discussion about his Jamaican-ness, maybe we should talk about the ways in which his violent behaviour has been nurtured on this very soil. And maybe had we not been so busy looking the other way when he was drawing knife and boxing dung an all ki’n a ting, he might not have been able to take his bad habits with him to the U.S., and then got himself in trouble there.

  8. Why don’t I hear Human Rights Organizations all over the world making noise over this death penalty? But, when Jamaica mentions it they are all over us? How come?

  9. Stunner: this case was a cut and dry one, so no international stink is necessary. However, anti-death penalty advocates in the U.S. picket and decry every death penalty case, including this one. So nuh badda wid di “dem nuh like Jamaicans” bit.

  10. from all my observation I think he was guilty. When I look at the Caley Anthony case where the mother meticulously planed and dispose her child who could not be located for months and prosecutors are NOT seeking the death penalty. It is clear to me that justice is not blind, it treats you based on race, sex, celebrity status,money or just who you know. When a black man murdered a child in Florida a couple years ago he was promptly tried and put to death

    • Yet she was found not guilty and Eddie is dead. I’m from winchester. This city is corrupt. What you don’t know now is that the prosecutor who jacked Eddie up…. Is now in federal prison himself. For evidence and witness tampering?!?’. Funny how time changes things yet Eddie is still dead before the fact.

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