US Propose Track & Field Face off With Jamaica- Read the Letter here






Copy of the Letter outlining details of the proposal for a US-Jamaica track and field run off- Should Jamaica accept ?

Dear Teddy;

I was among the millions of captivated observers in Beijing who watched as Jamaican short sprinters dominated their events at the Olympic Games. It was obvious to everyone that with the rise of your country’s great sprinters and hurdlers, a compelling rivalry between Jamaica and the United States had developed. This rivalry showed signs of ramping up at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens and began in earnest in 2005 when Asafa Powell broke the men’s 100m world record. Whether it has been Powell-Gatlin, Campbell-Felix or Bolt-Gay, it has been these rivalries that have captivated the imaginations of track fans the world over.

As the IAAF indicated when it announced its new Diamond League, it is rivalries and head-to-head competition that will do the most to increase the popularity of track and field around the world. And of course, our sprinters are not ready to concede Jamaican dominance. Let us not forget that less than two years ago, it was the United States on top of three of the four short sprints and both sprint relays at the 2007 World Championships.

We have all seen how wildly successful and popular USA vs. The World at the Penn Relays has become, thanks to the USA-Jamaica rivalry at this event and the good-natured “competition” between our countries’ fans at Franklin Field. All these factors lead me to believe that feeding the USA-Jamaica rivalry would be a thrilling addition to the Athletics schedule, not just for our athletes and fans, but for global Athletics.

On behalf of USA Track & Field, and with the greatest excitement, I propose a USA-Jamaica Challenge that will pit our countries in two head-to-head, home-and-home team scoring competitions in the spring of 2009. I would ask that you convey this challenge to the esteemed President Aris and General Secretary Gayle of the JAAA. The concept of this challenge is briefly outlined as follows:

Dates: Projected to be in May and June, nations’ schedules permitting.

Sites: One in the east or southeast United States; the other in Jamaica.

Events: Men’s and women’s 100m, 200m, 400m, 110/100mH, 400mH,

long jump and 4x100m, 4x400m & Sprint Medley Relays.

Competitors: 3 or 4 per country in each individual event and 2 teams per country in relays.

Scoring: Cumulative scoring meets.

Financials: To be discussed following preliminary agreement to compete.

Television: Conceivably 2 one-hour live shows, either stand-alone or as part of

USATF Visa Championship Series show(s).

I think you’ll agree that these competitions would offer a means to showcase our phenomenal strengths to the NACAC region and the world, as well as offering each of our nations’ fans the chance to see the very best competition track and field has to offer, on home soil.

I earnestly thank you and your country for entertaining this challenge. We have before us a tremendous opportunity to serve the sport, our athletes and fans. I am hopeful that through good planning and promotions, we will be able to stage these potentially ground-breaking meets. I eagerly await your reply.

Warm personal regards,

Douglas G. Logan

General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer

So what do you think?. The whole world would be interested in these meets, at the same time I know The American track team has been training and gearing up to reclaim their space as the best track and field team in the world. Jamaica can not be afraid of a challenge. If this proposal goes ahead Jamaica has a chance to solidify it’s dominance in world track and field and shows the world that Beijing was not a fluke or their can be surprises, unpleasant surprises for us. If the proposal for the events is this spring I would have wished the challenge to come a little sooner-being mindful of when the track season opens.

According to A Jamaica Gleaner article published March 8, 2009 the response from the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association (JAAA) Howard Arisis favorably. Howard Aris an official at the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association (JAAA) stated:

“We are interested in anything to further the development of track and field in Jamaica. However, we need to be clear of what are the implications.

“I told him (McCook) until the USA Track and Field writes to the JAAA, indicating the events, the time of year, whether it’s in the United States or Jamaica, for how long, and the sponsorship arrangement, we cannot give any official response, other than we have an interest.”

What do you think? do you wish to see a USA vs Jamaica track and field challenge? should Jamaica turn down the offer? or do you need more information to decide?

Read the entire article HERE and HERE.


~ by RB on March 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “US Propose Track & Field Face off With Jamaica- Read the Letter here”

  1. hey my jamacian pepole hope ya keep ya championship .
    keep up thn good work

  2. Den nuh mus! A we rule, yes a we rule

  3. Sounds like an interesting challenge, I’m sure it would be a big and well anticipated event. Though I don’t fully trust the motives of the USATF.

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