Bigger Heads Meet-Bruce Golding,Barack Obama & Stephen Harper @ the Summit of the Americas

Bigga eads @ the Summit of the Americas

Bigga eads talk @ the Summit of the Americas

PM Bruce Golding engaged in discussion with US President Barack Obama and Canadian PM Stephen Harper. The Canadian PM will arrive in Jamaica today for a two day visit where he will address the Jamaican parliament.

All members of the CARICOM will  meet with President Barrack Obama in Washington later this year to follow up on bi-lateral discussions. This in my opinion is a good sign. When we follow up on agreements (promises) and dig deeper into the issues we have a greater possibility of solving our challenges and improving the lives of people in the region.

Please forgive my cynical outlook but judging from the headlines and discourse from the leaders and media these summits always seem to be centered around getting more aid, not that there is anything wrong with that, but are there other things we are missing at these summits, what other opportunities are we missing in this once a year sit down we have with world leaders?

Remember last year the violent anti-Bush protests in the streets of Argentina?, well there was none of that in Trinidad. Yes I know we have paramount admiration for President Obama. Also para-phrasing our esteem Prime Minister we have seen more progress in US-Cuba relationship in the last week than in the last 40 years. What a difference a year makes.

Not only that, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez who made his animosity toward the US and Bush a guiding candle in his dark socialistic borderline dictatorship tendencies was photographed with the US president, in fact he was seen in several pictures with the US president. I was skipping through a few of the pictures online and it would appear he was stalking the president. I was embarrass for him.  Some in the US media used the word “pushy” to describe the warming up.


It's not a fist bump, its not a handshake-What is it?

This next one looks more official and it looks sincere. President Bush take note on how to be a President.

President Obama & Chavez exchange pleasantriesPresident Obama & Chavez exchange pleasantries

There is also a video of Chavez giving President Obama a book. I do not know what the book is about but I am guessing its “Dictatorship 101- How to erode democracy by shutting down free press & seizing private enterprises” . I want my copy of the English edition.

Chavez is suggesting the next Summit of the Americas be held in Cuba, who knows-what a difference a year makes.

Two newsworthy stories as it relates to Jamaica, the US president and the visit by the Canadian PM.

Justice system to benefit from CDN$18.5m grantJamaica Gleaner

More aid coming from US for regional security – PM –Jamaica Gleaner


~ by RB on April 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “Bigger Heads Meet-Bruce Golding,Barack Obama & Stephen Harper @ the Summit of the Americas”

  1. DB — Your cynicism is not that at all; its an accurate reading on how the discussions have been framed so far, and on how little our leaders understand about how to cultivate relationships. At no time was there a discussion about what these meetings mean for civil society etc. All you can hear about is the need to impress on the powers that be that we want more aid. Always with the begging bowl, saying that we are entitled to a handout, but then do little with it except skewed development and no planning. What exactly is aid being used to do when there is such little accountability from all fronts? No wonder we have such little moral authority on most matters; our leaders don’t really stand for anything (except in their anti-battyman nonsense), and only seem to be willing to make themselves likeable enough to get more handouts. What can we ever say that we are bringing to the table? What is our longterm vision? How are we trying to get there, whether or not we get aid? Apparently, if we don’t get paid to think, we don’t bother to think. And even when we get paid, no thinking is encouraged or performed. Obama is not going to go for that, so mek Golding tan deh a form fool.

    BTW, That’s a funny picture of Golding with Obama and Harper. Golding looks like a starstruck child!

  2. Longbench-I didn’t really want to say it but thank you for saying it best “Always with the begging bowl” That’s a good question . What are we ever bringing to the table?.

    A big begging bowl-that is why they will never truly respect us.

  3. There is some interesting work among a small group of development economists that argue that aid does not work and is actually counter productive. I am very sympathetic to that point of view and am disheartened to see the begging bowls upturned every time our leaders get audience with developed country leaders.

  4. Mendicants, and professional panhandlers with hat in hand, after almost fifty years of being a nation.FIFTY YEARS OF LIES AND CORRUPTION !!

  5. Yes,Bruce does look starstruck in that photo with Obama and Harper !

  6. LOL

  7. If Golding is in the mix then you can’t call it “bigger heads”. He is a tail.

  8. […] Bigger Heads Meet-Bruce Golding,Barack Obama & Stephen Harper @ the Summit of the Americas […]

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