Sprinter Usain Bolt in Car Accident

Usain Bolt was mildly injured in a car accident Wednesday afternoon at around 1 pm after the BMW-M3 Coupe (a gift from Puma) he was driving ran off the road in on the Vineyard toll section of Highway 2000 in St. Catherine Jamaica.

According to eye witness reports Bolt along with two female companions were traveling towards Kingston. He some how lost control of the car and over turned just before veering off into a nearby ditch. The car came to rest upside down off the road.

Sounds pretty serious right?

Apparently good Samaritans who were near by had to help Bolt and his friends from the wreckage. They were taken to the Spanish Town Hospital. Usain Bolt’s manager however said the Olympic champion only suffered minor injuries the most being thorns or what we in Jamaica call “maka” in his feet after exiting the car.


BMW M3 Coupe

Preliminary indications are that the car might have been speeding as there were tyre marks up to 50 meters from where the car resets. The combination of speed and a wet road surface might have contributed to the accident.

Bolt is schedule to compete in the Jamaica invitational at the National stadium this Saturday, this will be the first time we would get to see him on the tracks in Jamaica since Beijing.

Jamaica Observer Photo-Bolt's car being pulled from the ditch

Jamaica Observer Photo-Bolt's car being pulled from the ditch

We are entering that time of year in Jamaica when a shower is almost certain every afternoon. Some of us will be inching along in Kingston’s horrible traffic during rush hours or sailing along the open stretch of asphalt of highway 2000. The fact still remains we all have to be careful on slippery roads.

The combination of water, soot, fuel and debris from cars can lead to all sorts of slipping and sliding on the roads. It’s not as easy to control the vehicle in these conditions. Your tyres have way less grip of the road when compared to a dry road surface.

There is also a condition called aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is when a layer of water forms between your tyres and the actual road surface. This condition makes the car less stable because the tyres are not fully touching the road surface; it is easier to loose control of braking and steering in these conditions. So what’s the point?

Slow down on wet roads.


Usain Bolt last year in Germany test driving the Ferrari. A very fast car and a very expensive one too, yep, you would need payday loans just to TEST drive this baby.


~ by RB on April 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Sprinter Usain Bolt in Car Accident”

  1. Glad nobody was hurt seriously but serve him right. Who he think he is? His immaturity is showing more than ever.

  2. Thank God, he and his friends are okay.Hopefully,there are lessons learned from this accident.This may have been a wake up call,so to speak. Mr.Bolt, please drive the speed limit!!Nuff respect!!

  3. I think this is a great opportunity for the agency responsible for promoting safety on the roads to use Bolt in a TV ad talking about his experience with this accident and the seriousness what happened. He can then say what he will be doing as it relates to his driving from now on to drive safer.

  4. I’m glad things weren’t worse. Hopefully he learns from this experience.

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