New User Name-Surrendering to Twitter & Still Rebuffing Technology.

I have an all new user name fresh out of the wrapper-” RB”. Yep I am retiring DuttyBwoy (what was I thinking). I have been thinking about the change for some time. I am also considering a blog name change from “Kingston State of Mind” to “Jamaica State of Mind” due to my current location and the scope of discussion on this blog.

I am now twittering, yes I know I am late and I am totally fine with that,in fact it’s a deliberate part of my attempt to resist the calling of the herd- but eventually  I give in (you should see my 1G cell phone and by G I don’t mean gigs ). I wear this resistance as a proud badge of honor. I have been watching the wow drooling, love fest over technology’s new social network darling Tweeter without feeling the enthusiasm.

Twitter is just for now the flavor of the month just like Youtube, Digg, My Space, Facebook and all the others. I am not saying that these social network sites are still not very popular, they just don’t excit me. The media is just pimping them out before they move on to the next big thing.

What would spark my interest is a big time machine which can travel into the future, see what the next flavor will be, I can then build it and sell it to one of those big Silicon Valley company for a couple billion dollars 🙂 .

How many ways can we communicate anyway. A smart search engine that can read my mind or even know how I feel.


~ by RB on June 10, 2009.

14 Responses to “New User Name-Surrendering to Twitter & Still Rebuffing Technology.”

  1. RB, I happen to like the name Kingston State of Mind, has a nice ring to it. But its your blog so you can do what you think is best.

  2. Rolin I hear you. Lets see how it goes.

  3. RB, I will miss Dutty Bwoy, but a change is always good. By the way, I like both Kingston State of Mind and also Jamaica State of Mind. Nuff respect RB!!

  4. Appreciate it ESTEBAN. Thank you

  5. Hmm, a name change for you and the blog, I too will miss the name DuttyBwoy. I still have not caught the Twitter fever at all.

  6. RB is wicked!

  7. I was wondering what inspired the duttybwoy in the first place… I mean, why ever did you call yourself that? Were you unclean at the time you started this blog? ok enuf of that… lol

    RB is kool, and personally, I like Kingston State of Mind… it just sounds nice, but I guess that could be the work of familiarity. Wats ur twitter ID, so I can add u?

  8. ruthibelle can’t say I know where the inspiration comes from either when I came up with that name. My Twitter name is RBRNB80190610.I should warn you though that sometimes I tweet a lot about absolutely nothing.

  9. ur twitter name is wat? wth? i’ll ad u. i’m ruthibelle

  10. Hey RB, what does RB means or stand for? I think it means REPAIRER of the BREACH!! Are you the REPAIRER OF THE BREACH? Nuff respect my boss!!

  11. ESTEBAN-REPAIRER of the BREACH, lol no .initials to my name.

  12. I would like to know why people always try to interfair in other person account it must stop

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