It’s Charley-Rich Dis Year

The video was surprisingly good especially because I have seen quite a few fool fool videos for some good songs. The story was told well.

So the Parish of  Trelawny gives us yam, Usain Bolt and Charley Black.

“if mi no rich dis year,next year nah pass cause mi barn as a husla”


By the way remember this Movado viedo: “im so special” that Black Entertainment Television (BET) ban earlier this year stating that:

“excessive display of alcohol” and “careless use of women as writhing set dressings!”

Well I saw it on VH1 Soul  and it didn’t appear heavily edited from the original I posted on this site a couple months ago.

I also critisized this Serani “No Games” video ealier this year. At the time I understand they were working on a new one for “international audience”. Well I saw the finish product and well, let just say its Okay.


~ by RB on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s Charley-Rich Dis Year”

  1. Jamaican music videos have certainly coma long way.

  2. YES!!

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