Michael Jackson in Jamaica with Bob Marley-1975


Michael Jackson in Jamaica with Bob Marley-1975

I have always wonder if Michael Jackson had ever visited Jamaica. While @ work  today I overheard a co-worker talking about a picture of  Michael Jackson taken in Jamaica with Bob Marley.

When I got home I Googled it

While looking at the picture @ first it was hard for me to see Michael Jackson but as you can see his head is circle to the right. He look like a little teenager 17  years old.

It must have been interesting for two truly musical geniuses to meet. I wonder what the interaction was like, what did they talk about, what did they think of each others music. Did Michael do any concerts in Jamaica?, How come he never came back here to perform? They are very different people.

Tomorrow the world will say goodbye to the king of pop. In a perfect Iwould wish there were no custody battles, no fights to control what will undoubtedly be an even bigger estate in MJ death than in life. We could forget about his troubled personal life and remember the entertainer, the humanitarian.

Credit for the photo: Global Grind


~ by RB on July 6, 2009.

51 Responses to “Michael Jackson in Jamaica with Bob Marley-1975”

  1. Interesting photo!!

  2. RB, do you have any idea where in Jamaica this picture was taken?Where is this tree located? Is it still alive?

  3. Cool photo. I’m sure BM offered him a spliff. 🙂

  4. ESTEBAN-I have some of the same questions you have. I was surprise he was here. Base on the little droplets on information (no internet in 1975) The link below explains one schoolers account of watching the Jackson 5 at the National Stadium along with Bob Marley. Edward Sega also gave an account of having them visit his home in St. Andrew. I guess this narrows it down to Kingston and St. Andrew so far. I am sure there is someone out there who knows where this pic was taken, the photographer maybe or even one of the person in the pic.

  5. LOL @ Nicola. I never thought of that.

  6. I forgot to post the link http://www.jamaicans.com/articles/primearticles/in-memory-of-michael-jackson–the-gloved-one-who-v.shtml

  7. My understanding is that it is a tree that was at Bob’s House on 56 Hope Rd.

  8. Dubster-I notice you said “was”. Does that mean the tree is no longer there?

    I was just looking at a few pictures of Bob’s house. I was looking at the trees in the yard but the angles does not give a clear indication of all the trees.

    I guess this tree/spot if still standing can be used as an added attraction of Marley’s house.

  9. Cool photo! It does look like him indeed, The two kings actually met!

  10. This is trully a special photo, I had seen the photo with Bob and Michael’s mother but not this one Thanks for sharing.

  11. Daniel thank you for that update about other photos. I found them and they are ideas for the next post. Thank you.

  12. Wow it’s so funny that you found this! My mother and I were talking just the other day about these two incredible individuals. Could you imagine how much bigger of an impact Marley could have made if he lived to see 50? Or if he was still alive, how much the two of them could have done together?
    And I was wondering is MJ had ever been to JA since he was sooo big down there. And I have a friend that keot asking me, are you sure MJ isn’t jamaican, or have j’can in him? 🙂

    I am really glad you found this. Thanks so much for posting it. Wait til mummy si dis!!

  13. cherie Amoi- I have always wonder if MJ ever visited Jamaica also and this photo was a surprise confirmation. Seems like the great ones are often taken away sooner than normal but we are grateful for the enormous impact they had on the world.

    Gd that yo liked the photos

  14. This picture is the best i have seen this year! what was MJ doing in Jamaica, what did the two discuss? Bob and his team never stopped amazing me…they were very original..i don’t care type. Whose is that guy without a shirt? Bob was never moved by fame. We need more pictures and updates on MJ and Bob, RB give us the data. Remember am in Africa/zambia i can’t autheticate these pictures, i hope it is not computer generated.

    • Hey sup it’s gud 2 meet a fellow zambia on this site, go zambia go chipolopolo oh and this is my facebook user name “benson huey chipili”..

      Via r.i.p mj & bm

  15. Fitzpatrick-The pictures are authentic. The Jackson 5 came here to do a concern in 1975.A former Prime Minister of Jamaica who is still alive gave an account of meeting the Jacksons. Here is a link of someone who attended the concert at the national Stadium in Kingston where the Jackson 5 performed http://www.jamaicans.com/articles/primearticles/in-memory-of-michael-jackson–the-gloved-one-who-v.shtml

    I wish I know more info about the people in the picture I am sure many of them could shed some more light on this. I was born in the eighties and had no idea MJ even came here until I found these pics and did a few research. All I know is that it must have been great for these two musical icons to have met, dam maybe someone will pop up with an old record duo that we don’t know about.

    Ziggy Marley said there might be a Duo with him meaning Ziggy and MJ as they started an unfinished project after 9/11. fascinating stuff.

  16. read this: Ziggy Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley, is claiming he and the late Michael Jackson recorded a duet together.

    Marley tells Spinner.com that the track is part of the stash of new music many say Jackson left behind.

    Marley said Jackson called him shortly after 9/11 and asked him to add guest vocals to a song.

    `Michael called me when I was in the studio,` Marley tells Spinner, `And I spoke to him and he said he really needs me to do this, and he gave me a whole thing about what it was about.`

    Marley admitted he has no idea what happened to the song but he says it could be among the music the King of Pop did not release.

  17. MJ would have been 16 or 17 at the time.

  18. I am so sorry. I was calculating his dob as 1950 instead of 1958. Thank you free slave. He was 17 to be exact as his picture was taken in march.

    August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

  19. RB- Is it possible to find newspaper cuttings of 1975 on the Kings of music. Did the Jackson 5 visit bob at his house? then who might have initiated their meeting? did Mj or Bob ever commented on the other? Kathlene and bob looked good…was bob’s mum there aswell. RB! sorry am a chartered accountant and am behaving like a historian.

  20. Marleys and the Obamas at the White House!
    Check on the marleys’ and obamas’ photo, i guess it looked good. Obama used to highly listen to Bob marley’s music.

  21. Fitzpatrick- I looked barley any newspaper archive for 1975. The Jamaica Gleaner would have it but in the website it only goes back 2005 believe it or not.
    I think a news article would really give us an idea of what the sentiments were at the time.

    Thanks for sharing that photo really very nice.

  22. Big Respect to all Bob Marley & MJ fans.This is pic is simply AMAZING.I realise Bunny Wailer appears in another photo around the same time & place.Being an original & earli=y acquintance & Bredren of Bob, he is the only one to shade more light on this.Over to You Jah B.Ive been listening to the two legends ever since i knew MUZIK.I’m an African of Kenya descent.

  23. I have heard a Rumor that Katherine or Joseph Jackson have Jamaican roots. Can anyone verify this.

    • yes that is true but its an inside thing you wont find that out in media michael jackson is part jamaican and german and these are facts not opinions or what i think a lot of people dont know that and its from josephs side

  24. interesting-I guess I can look into that

  25. This is an interesting picture of “Michael Marley” or is it “Bob Jackson”


  26. I hope this picture is real. Would be very happy if it is real. That Bob and Michael actualy met.

  27. This pic is very authentic – Bob has his usual Lion-in-the-jungle gaze & young mike seems to be moonwalking.The dude with goggles at the front must be Aston familyman Barrett,then theres Bunny Livingstone Wailer with locks on mike’s immediate right.Anyone with ideas who the other crew are? & had Bob acquired Blackwell’s 56 Hope road residence in 1975? Is the young boy in front far left Earl Lindo wire?Anyone out there with answers?

  28. these pixs are pricely

  29. what happened to Michael Jackson?

  30. Yes the first photo of the brothers included Michael ‘The Original’. Thant says something in itself.

  31. michael jackson is actually part jamaican an german its a fact

  32. seriously? where is this information?

  33. that is so fake mj came to jamaica

  34. […] Michael Jackson in Jamaica with Bob Marley-1975 […]

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  44. for a long time i woundered if the two biggest musicians ever met,well thats stnning 2 luk at,it leaves u curious on wat took place,thax.

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