Usain Bolt on the Cover of Sports Illustrated-JTB Can Not Buy This Kind of Press

The States premier sports Magazine Sports Illustrated September issue features Jamaica’s Usian Bolt on the cover “Mind boggling speed”. SI  sports Mag has a fairly large readership across north America. The Jamaica Tourist Board can not buy international exposure like this for brand Jamaica, taking into account the outstanding performances of The Jamaica Olympic team in Beijing last year and the World Championship which recently concluded.

September Issue of SI features Usain Bolt

September Issue of SI features Usain Bolt

Bolt has really done it this year again. I know people are reluctant to say it but I think it’s fair to say what he has achieved is legendary, something never done before and extremely unique, something that will always be remembered, something unlikely to be repeated, although one should never say never.

I read an article in the Jamaica Gleaner last week where the columnist was a little uncomfortable with the new Texaco Ad in the newspapers where Bolt is in the starting blocks next to a very fast car with the word “unbeatable”. According to the writer it was almost like all the superlatives are going to jinks Bolt and he is going to “pap dung” or get into trouble.

I think people are afraid to say legendary, great, one of the greatest because they are afraid he is going to do something to get in trouble or get beat at the tracks. I think that’s a reasonable concern for any individual not just Bolt. A 23 year old guy literally with the world on his shoulders with great expectations from him both as an athlete and a role model. Life is a journey imperfect to all, we can only do the best we can.

I recently discovered that Puma has been supporting Bolt since he was 16 years old, Puma also sponsored the Jamaica bobsled team. Nuff love to Puma for being visionaries and believing in Jamaica’s athletic talent.

So what can corporate Jamaica learn from Puma?, Do they have the patience, the confidence, or even the patriotic nation building stamina to follow a similar strategy as Puma? after all what Puma has done is nothing new. I remember watching something on Real Sports where sports companies and other corporate folks line up with dollars and favors to talent as young as 9. Jamaican companies have a wonderful unique opportunity here to invest in Jamaica sports, look at the payoff for Puma who now estimate Bolts media value to be over 300 million Euros, wow-

Can Jamaicans develop the talent and at the same time have the vision to take it all the way. We Jamaicans need to believe in ourselves more, it seems it always takes visionaries from abroad (good business people with good intentions) to see potential opportunities.

I think one of our problems is our inability to spot opportunity, create opportunity and see potential opportunity in our people and country.

Apart from Bolts own personal rewards which he most certainly deserve, how can Jamaica as a country capitalize on this great opportunity? How can we benefit through tourism, through Jamaica branding, through hosting regional and even international sporting events, merchandising?.

Can you think of other ways Jamaica can capitalize on this opportunity?

What are the likely impact of all this greatness bestowed on the country?. Will the government, business people and ordinary Jamaicans put more effort in sports?

Will more parents encourage their sons and daughters to run, play football, cricket among other sports.

Jamaica’s biggest export has never really been sugar, banana or bauxite, it’s the people in sports and music.


~ by RB on August 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “Usain Bolt on the Cover of Sports Illustrated-JTB Can Not Buy This Kind of Press”

  1. This is just huge. To appear on the cover of the magazine means that the athlete is great and well established. I wish him all the best. Jamaica to the world.

  2. I couldn’t agree more Corve

  3. hahaha, I rememeber when Nike was sponsoring some americans and they showing advanced shoes and wind tunnels and all kinds of advance things. Nuff respect to Puma.

  4. What a gwaan Dutty?

    Well, I for one don’t believe that Usain goin’ ‘pap dung’. LMAO!

    The only thing I would like to remind people is that despite his massive talent still will not win everything — he IS human.

    I have a philosophy that athletes — like farm crops — have one good year, then one off year, then one good year and then…you get the picture. I hope his performances continue to peak in the right years.

    As for PUMA — BIG UP!!! They have supported Usain brilliantly and have not skimped on the way they financially support him. I am glad to see that he remains loyal to them.

    As for the Sports Illustrated cover — DAMN! What a great accomplishment!

    This young man has so many options available to him now – even the NFL have their eyes on him!

    Mi just hope seh tief and robbah nuh baddah ‘im inna JA.

  5. Heavy Duty !! Big up, Usain !!

  6. Owen-Wind tunnel?…LOL. -Sports companies seem willing to do anything to get a “shoe” in literally.

    Paulette-I like the crop farm analogy,sometimes a good year, sometimes a bad year. That pretty much sums up what we can expect.

    ESTEBAN-Big up indead

  7. Go Usain go! Congrats to the fastest man in the world.

  8. […] Usain Bolt on the Cover of Sports Illustrated-JTB Can Not Buy This Kind of Press […]

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