President Obama needs to turn this thing around

What I am about to say may cost me a few friends but I wouldn’t be true to myself to not be honest. I know we are all proud of the first Black US President here in Jamaica, but what happens when the real work starts, this is where the real history is written.

I am so very, very disappointed of President Obama tenure thus far. The presidency is turning out to be a failure. I hope that I am wrong. I have written him off before. I pray I  am wrong again.

A president that has no balls, no guts and no practical sense-harsh I know. I can not believe I am about to say this but President Bush often mess up the pronunciation of words and many might argue the whole world but he was a practical hands on guy who had PRINCIPLE and balls, he stood his ground and he didn’t give a fuck what the world thinks, If Obama can even measure half of that he would be Okay.

Anyone who has read this blog over a long time knows I am a stench supporter of President Obama long before it was “popular” or “looked possible” . But I am beginning to wonder if I was wrong. A man better at making great inspiring speeches but lack realness.

Should America had elected Hillary Clinton.?, she has two balls, Obama has none, he is weak. She is tough; the hard nose fight for the democrat nominee is a clear example of the wiring of this woman.

No one can deny that the president inherited a very bad economic situation, but then you had the democrats passing TARP which bailed out the big banks which was absolutely necessary, but the packing of pork spending in a recession was shameful and disgraceful. President closed his eyes and signed the pork bill pleasing his democrat friends in congress.

These same Democrats who are themselves weak turn their backs on serious health reforms that the president is pushing. They will pass the pork in a hurry but lack the fight for healthcare which is a serious problem in America ( I am talking from intimate knowledge and experiences). I like to look at this from perspective. What If Hillary Clinton was elected president?, she would fight. Instead America has a president who negotiates from a weak position to an even weaker position-healthcare reform.

Taking what you can get I guess. Water down policy, caving in to the Republicans who will never support Obama. Yet still you have President Obama spouting “bi-party support” Where is the fight and the all inspiring passion we saw last year in the primaries.

Unemployment in America is almost 10% , the worst in 26 years. You would think the president would spend every working hour talking about and planning on pushing the economy. Why not make the economy the main issue now. I think he is doing too much all at once.

There is a saying that if you chase two rabbits you will lose them both. Yes a president has to deal with multiple issue plus surprises but he can make one major pressing issue this so called mantle. The massive healthcare bill which is being watered down to nothing is an example of doing too much at once. Just after a big pork bill people get uncomfortable about a growing giant deficit. Then you have this additional spending on another massive healthcare bill.

Why not break the bill in smaller pieces, making it easier for people to swallow and digest? Not every one can take such massive changes regardless of how dire it is needed. One former civil rights activist said that civil rights for blacks in America was not gained in one single go. They had to fight making progress over time.

It’s frustrating to watch the President doing things such as getting into personal small sideshows like an altercation between a professor and a police or the embarrassing failed Olympic bid for his home state of Chicago. He is being seen as a soft president that’s why a fellow congress man would shout to him “you lie” , radio and television talk show hosts will attack him in such deep personal ways. I think President Obama is being distracted by small issues.

When you have Tom Daschle and another Obama staffers being attacked by the right wing haters to resign this is expected, but when Obama or the people he chooses quickly bow out because of pressure they look so weak.

It was laughable and daunting seeing the president accepting Tom Daschle withdrawal from the nominee of some top important job where he had personal expert knowledge because of a little controversy the President came out and apologized and took the blame. Refreshing to see a president big enough to accept a mistake even though in my opinon it was not necessary, especially after the Bush era.

But this is not just a one off thing, if there is just the slightest controversy around an Obama staffer they fueled by the right wing of course  the Obama admin will quickly offer that person to the demands of  the savages, but we know sacrifices does not satisfy the gods, but only make them grow anger and hungrier.

If had to grade the President tenure so far, other than pulling the economy back from the brink of disaster which he does not remind people enough about he would fail miserably. An to think he is failing when the democrats hold both the White House and congress. Makes me wonder what would happened if they republicans held congress. They can not agree and make progress when they have all the cards. The democrats are weak and I hope the republicans win congress in the mid-terms election because the democrats does not know what to do, can’t agree to do or just too scared.

Just think back to when President Bush and the congress controlled all branches of power in the United States. They wages wars, created two imperfect democracies, pass controversial bills, pardon friends, lie and deny regardless of who was offended or opposed it. They controlled the debate and lead the way and even today their actions are leading issues and shaped the world forever.

Not that I agree with all those things but they believed and were not afraid. Democrats can not agree and all they see is fear. After they took the majority in congress under Bush. they didn’t impeach and investigate the Bush administration for serious issues. America can not trust democrats with national security is something often said. It might be true.

I hope everything I said is untrue and I will wake up to a new reality.  I hope this is just a rocky first year and it gets better from here.


~ by RB on October 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “President Obama needs to turn this thing around”

  1. Your best post yet lol joking.

    I agree with everything you said. You won’t lose your friends because of this stance on Obama.

    Obama’s first year is a failure. All of what he promised he has failed to deliver. Saturday Night Live who usually supports the President came out against him with a piece proving he has accomplished nothing. I have said it on my blog Obama has no balls. This is a presidency with majority in all houses and they cannot do what they said they want to.

    The unemployment status there is ridiculous and it shows that the stimulus package didn’t work. Obama promised unemployment rate would be 8% at this time – it is 10%. He said Guantanamo Bay would be closed -still open. Climate Change – nothing on that.

    Obama cares more about his image and everyone agreeing with him. He is taking forever to address the war in Afghanistan – more troops.

    They cannot blame Bush anymore – this is Obama’s economy, Obama’s problem, his ratings. No one else.

    Somehow I wish I was this energized and excited about local politics.

  2. Corve-President Obama is narcissistic,this obsession about who likes him. He seems to be more interested about going on late night shows, the status that comes with the job. The ego is just a distraction. Honestly ego is not a bad thing until it becomes a distraction or a handicap. He worries too much about being popular.

    I am honestly worried about this President. I am not a voting American and my ideals are more inline with democrat ideals but they are just disappointing and this current example is a prime example

  3. If it was 2 years into his presidency, I could see where you are coming from. But 7 months?? Many of his appointments have not even been confirmed, because the repiglicants are blocking him left right and centre!! He’s definitely not the cowboy-egomaniac-wanna be-fascist type of leader that we have become so used to seeing among the men who get elected. And he could have taken more decisive steps in resolving some issues.

    But, I don’t think we in Ja have any clue about what is really going on in the U.S. especially if our main news sources are CNN, NBC and FOX. Nor can we really know what he has done since he has been in office unless we ask, given the kind of tepid support he has among folks who were never totally convinced that any non-white person could be a “real” man-president. Someone forwarded me a helluva list about two weeks ago, and its clear that much has been going on. I’ll go find it and post when I do. Much of the Bush disasters happened in the same way, out of the limelight, and we found out only when it was too late.

  4. Long Bench. I think 7 months is a long enough time frame to get an idea of what the presidency is about. We have seen what the president is about.

    The confirmation of his appointments are very important but the impact on what has happened so far is miniature. Passing a TARP bill filled with pork was horrible, further rising the debt on already ballooning deficit, the US dollar is almost at parity with the Canadian and the euro all the other currencies are getting stronger soon America will be owned by China will all the money they owe. The TARP which was suppose to stimulate the economy has not have any real impact on the economy yet in the short term.

    You might ask so what does this has to do with a 7 month presidency for an problem in advance stage?

    Well the weak democrats cram all the pork they could find for all those years when they couldn’t do it under republican Bush years. Things that does not stimulate the economy, worst in a recession. President Obama does not have the balls to tell his democrat reps that this is wrong, in fact Obama was one of the highest pork haulers in the entire US senate while he was there.

    Obama liked to vote “present” on key issues when he was in the Chicago senate, well now as president when the commanders in Afghanistan are asking for more troops to win the war against extremist Obama is waffling, he is grossly indecisive and it is costing lives. even in the debates Obama refused to admit that the surge worked in Iraq, I am not surprise he won’t employ a similar strategy here. Even the commander in Afgan had to make public utterances to get the president attention. This prompt the president to have a brief 20 min meeting with the commander on airforce one on his way to promote Chicago for the Olympics (another egotistic failed episode.

    Now you have unemployment at 10% Iran and N Korea making nukes , health care mess and you have the president sending out his staff to attack FOXNEWS. Unbelievable, all because he does not like the things they are saying about him. The president is narcissistic, a big ego and can not take decent from any side. Why would a present lower himself to fight a right wing media network, not just that but it sets a dangerous precedent when the government is going to go after the media.

    We all know FOXNEWS is bias, so is MSNBC, CNN and all the other, FOX in many ways will broadcast things the other networks will not show because they are left leaning and have a clear bias. The other networks lean center left , fox leans right. Nothing wrong with that, they are opinionated and bold which is why they double the rates of all the others.

    Again I ask, is it a distraction?, is it for sport, why would the president attack a news organization.? Are they idiots?

    FOX viewership will only grow, imagine their right there on par with the president and the white house.

    I agree with closing Guantanamo but would you want murderous terrorists in your back yard?

    I could go on and on and on. the democrats are weak. The president spent the last couple days fund raising for the democrats because now the republicans are out raising them in money. The president went to wall street begging the people money while at the same time scolding them and planning on limiting executive pay. Any government that is going to regulate how much a person can earn. Yes there is greed on wall street but I don’t know about limiting exc pay.

    I could go on and on The republicans are going to take the house from the democrats 2010 guaranteed. If the president can not work with his own party it will be interesting to see what happens next year The approval ratings for the president is not so swell after just 7 months, people can make a fair assessment on what has happened so far.

    You might think from what I am saying that I 5totally is against this president, all my prior posts will prove that’s not the case it just bugs me to see all the shit on on right now.

  5. RB, You are absolutely correct. Obama, is doing nothing but serving his masters on Wall Street, giving a false pretense of language by saying they will limit the salaries paid. This is bogus crap. Fortunately, I could see throught this charade. 7 months is long enough. And all though you are not in the voting public here in the States, we must remember what happens in the States will certainly affect the Caribbean. Like the song says it sticky ova foreign it sticky back a Yaad.

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