President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize-“Now That He Has Won It-He Has To Earn It”

As I watched the news today about President Obama  Collecting his Nobel Peace Prize  I ask the question again, for what?

What has he done in his few months as president?

Here we have a very young presidency. Guantanamo  Bay is still open, the war in Iraq was winding down even before Obama took office and he just accelerated a surge strategy in Afghanistan.

What peace has he brought to the world?.

This has been a genuine question in my mind for months now since it was announced he was the winner this year of the Nobel Peace Prize. I had discussions with colleagues at work, online and listened to the so called “expert” analyst- talking heads and there seem to be a void of no true reason.

No real explanation, even the president who made a comment after the announcement a couple months seem to be at awe.

The speech today showed another example of the mystery, the void, the unanswered questions. The president compared himself to other winners and in not so many words he said he was a dwarf standing among giants such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, almost saying “I really don’t deserve this”.

As I watched the television report of highlights of the president’s acceptance speech I was all about to forget about the lingering why?, then near the end of the report they interviewed the Norwegians who gathered in the streets to celebrate, protest or just get a glimpse of the first black president. There was this one blonde hair beautiful woman who sported a nice red sweater and sun glasses, she said and I paraphrase it.

“Now that he has won it he has to earn it”

As she said this, the lingering question of why found the answer. In my mind I have long given up on the why. This comment mad sense.

“Now that he has won it he has to earn it”—This is like saying treat a man the way you would want him to act. It is almost like a trap in the sense that he is expected to be the “peace” president. A Nobel peace prize winner can not or should not play cow boy and Indians.

I guess one could also say that from all indications he would be the opposite of the last president,

Obama is a smart guy and I think he picked up on this long ago. The most used word in his speech was “war” and for the first time I heard him use the word “evil in the world” several times. He almost sounded like Bush. I think this was his push back to the “Now that he has won it he has to earn it”. He is trying to untie his hands from peace.

I am sure this could be interpreted in many different ways however this is the explanation that makes the most sense to me, the answer to my WHY.

After seeing this I started thinking what if most other things in the world worked that way.

Our intentions and manifestations are remarkable things. If you treat me like a champion I will act like a champion. If you treat me like your most valid employee I will act like your most valid employee.

Want more crazy ideas, working backwards. Here is your exam results, you gain full marks.

Buy yourself those new jeans you will fit in after you loose the 40 pounds. This will be my welcome mat for the new house I intend to buy –Yes go ahead and count your eggs even if you don’t have a chicken.

In many ways dreams, goals and plans are all in theory until we do something practical to help make it one step closer to reality.

This is no different from setting your goals and making them real by writing them down and telling them to other people. It keeps you focus, committed and motivate.

Was it laden who said in the song

“Mi just a practice fi rich cause di money so come”


~ by RB on December 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize-“Now That He Has Won It-He Has To Earn It””

  1. RB, I am with you regarding president Obama’s Nobel Peace prize!!

  2. Please, this was all political. Obama has done nothing to receive an esteemed award like the Nobel Peace Prize. Come on Peace the guy is defending a war.

    Lets move on.

  3. @ ESTEBAN thank you, I think Obama would be a “peace” president any way and they could have waited until he did what he planned

    @ Corve-LOL, I know you have no love for the wold pop star president. I agree with you though. Then again Arafat was also given a peace prize.

  4. What I can’t get is the outrage. Many of these commentators have been around a while and have no problem with the likes of Kissinger getting one. But Barrack? Oh hell no! Give me a break.

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