Two Year Blogoversary

Yesterday I was sitting at working thinking, hell today is December 21st tomorrow is my 2 year Blogoversary and I don’t even have anything plan to post. I catch myself thinking of this time marker and my blog as if it was a real person.

What am I going to get my blog, what am I going to do special for this blogoversary?

In some ways it almost is. I love blogging especially when I get passionate about something, inspired by something or someone or just feel like giving some trouble. I mean where else can I express myself so freely to the world on my own time, in my own domain (sort of).

Today December 22nd, KSM turns 2. A baby that’s no longer creeping but walking, almost running but not quite there yet and in my dreams hope it can fly some day, now that would take real commitment.

The questions I ask myself as I celebrate are: Do I still love what I do and have my blog grown. Answering these questions honestly is easy for me.

Although sometimes I feel like blogging is a chore and I have been very busy especially during the past year, I am sometimes overwhelmed with balancing other areas of my life and finding time to blog. I am reminded ever so often however of the joy of having this little space WordPress has afforded me in this digital world where I can lay down my opinions in the most grammatically incorrect ways to share with all who are interested to see it.

So yes, I absolutely love blogging. What I like to do even more than blogging is reading other blogs that are interesting, colorful, emotional and delightfully inspiring, these are the things that keeps me blogging.

The second question is have my blog grown. One might wonder if you love what you are doing why do you care about growth? Not just growth but growth in what way?

Good question

**scratches head**

If I want to feed my insatiable ego I might say, well. I have more readerships this year than last year. I guess I could say that’s growth in the numerical sense in a world obsessed with figures and targets.

I think my blog has grown in the numerical sense but it has grown me. I have adopted different writing styles; I am more abreast to the current events, I have made interesting discoveries researching for my posts and gained wonderful insights into situations I would otherwise scan over. The comments and opinions of readers to my blog have answered questions and prompt me to dig deeper into stories.

Looking forward to 2010 I hope to make some major changes. I aspire to tap into that creative genius we all have and create real value. For balance I will be doing more posts about myself and what I am doing, why?, helps with personal awareness and personal development. I still love talking about the current events of the day and so I will continue with those. I will try to be more focus on specific areas. I feel like I writing my goals for my blog.

So here we go again for clarity, create value, focus, and integrate blog more with life so that both worlds don’t compete for time (balance).

The number one goal however is simply to continue having fun and enjoy what I am doing. Here is to a great year 2009.

Looking up at 2010 with the greatest optimism, a new year, a new decade, a clean slate and brand new book where we are our own writers. What do you want to create?

Next destination December 22nd 2010


~ by RB on December 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Two Year Blogoversary”

  1. Happy I am the first to comment on this post – I hope. I found this blog and I must say you have a lovely blog here. I look forward each time to check in if there is a new post. Congratulations on your second anniversary -I started my blog this year – I feel so young lol

    Keep writing and I will keep reading.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings on issues that matter to the world.


  2. Congratulations on your second anniversary of BLOGGING!! Always look forward to reading your blog. Keep up the good work !! Nuff respect, Star !! Also, Merry XMAS !!

  3. Congratulations on your second anniversary of blogging. Always look forward to reading your blog, because it is quite interesting.Keep up the good work. Also, Merry XMAS,Star. Nuff respect !!

  4. Corve, I truly appreciate the encouragement, Thank you. I know your blog is young- yet easy to read and you have interesting interactions with your reader’s comments, thank you again.

    ESTEBAN-You are one of my faithful reader/commenter. I am really glad you look forward to my posts, I look for to your opinions on the various topics. Thank you.

  5. Congratulations brotha! Keea the the faith and continue to write and I will surely continue to read!

  6. HAPPY BLOGERVERARY!!! may you continue for many more years!

  7. Congrats and keep up the great work !

  8. Stunner bless up my friend thank you

    Heaveylogix thank you I appreciate your comment

  9. Nice blog, check mine out at

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