Which Jamaican Made The Most Impact in The Past Decade Both Negative & Positive? (2000-2009)

Which Jamaican Made The Most Impact in The Past Decade Both Negative & Positive? (2000-2009)

Here we are at the end of another month, end of another year, the end of a decade. Despite our hardships, real or imagine, pessimism and hope we are blessed with interesting characters who are entertaining, humors charismatic and, athletic inclined with talent.
Times are interesting indeed.

From political leadership relied in scandals, victory, defeat even a little crying. Many admired or detested which maybe based on which side some Jamaicans sit on the political spectrum. A decade of elections carried out way more civilized than before, changes in the political guards not just the superficial green for orange but generational and even briefly gender wise with Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister. Hurricanes, riots, flooding like there was no tomorrow, highways and causeways.

Then there are the every controversial dancehall filled with feuds, clashes, festivals, fashion and the dance craze all colliding with moral warriors and other laws. Few grew to emerge on the international stage, others in a tough fight from international gay rights activist making this avenue for growth in dancehall was greatly stifled in the past decade.

And how has the business economic environment changed post FINSAC bailout of the 90’. Certainty a stronger meaner financial sector, mergers and acquisitions happened with many of Jamaica’s national assets being sold to foreigner even faint rivals. The robust growth of a telecommunications industry that has carriers at each others heels trying to run over each other.

Who can forget the closing out of a decade in high spirits thanks to our athletes in Beijing and Berlin.

So here I beckon the question- in leadership, business, music and sports

Which Jamaican Made The Most Impact in The Past Decade Both Negative & Positive? (2000-2009)

Please feel free to tell me which Jamaican should be on this list that I might have forgotten or just comment why you selected a particular individual.

Happy New Year to Everyone-may all your dreams be realized


~ by RB on December 29, 2009.

11 Responses to “Which Jamaican Made The Most Impact in The Past Decade Both Negative & Positive? (2000-2009)”

  1. Usain Bolt !!Second choice, Mutty Perkins.All the politicians listed are complete failures. Nuff respect !!

  2. I like this post – Happy New Year!

    In answering your question the answer for me would have to be Usain Bolt. Although I do not agree with his antics some times I must confess. He is undoubtedly the person in this society who has created that excitement, inspiration and hope for many young people.

    Seems like he is generating votes on your list already.

    Regarding entertainment Vybz Kartel and Movado did create some impact. I do not thing we understand how much respect they have among their supporters and they did have an impact on society – the politicians met with them to solve the Gully Gaza Issues.

    The greatest impact – Lightening Bolt.

    Mutty Perkins – according to Esteban no. He is too controversial. I saw him recently – he doesn’t seem well – old age.

  3. Esteban and Corve selecting Bolt is an easy choice for most. I think in the last two years of the decade he and all the other athletes have truly made a significant impact on the country.
    Although i agree with your selection and take note that most of the politians have been failures in the past decade, I do think their failures had a bigger, more tangiable impact on Jamaica be it economically or socially. The question I am asking is, would political polarization, corruption and miss management of the economy have a more long term tangible impact on the daily lives of jamaicans.

    The impact can be both negative or positive. Recently someone asked what percentage of GDP will sports contribute to jamaica? Maybe Berlin and Bejing social impact is a short wonderful patriotic feeling that have since subsided. I can certainly see the historic significance or even immeasurable positive news worldwide impact on an island that depends on tourim or other yet to be seen inspired athletes to emerge because of Bolt.

    Esteban, mutty is interesting to listen to. Truly he is a living witness to many of Jamaica’s problems.

    Corve, i agree that Vybes Kartel and Movado would not have much respect from the public although they may have more respect from different segments of the population than others. Maybe their impact generational with all the impressionable minds they are influencing. Personally i do not see the purpose of inviting both gentlemen to Jamaica house due to the Gaza Gully war. I think this gives them more stature and increases the “respect” you talk about.

  4. It’s a very tough question. You picked some very interesting candidates for the possibly dubious honour. Due to his longevity at the top of the local charts I’d opt for Beenie Man. He’s impacted our culture both with his songs and his lifestyle for over ten years. The cultural values spill over into our international perception, tourism, economics, politics, and of course influences musicians like Vybz and Mavado.

    • Beenie definately has been a big influence on jamaican culture in the past decade. I would go as far and say the most influencial in the past decade musically on the local up until recently.

  5. We really need to stop including bolt in these lists because his popularity overwhelms everything else.

    omg don’t tell me that wordpress stole my comment reply feature! bastards!

  6. Personally i think tht usain Bolt is the best..he will only get faster. yah thts right faster

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