What Else Can Jamaica Sell to Trinidad and Tobago?- A Look at the Trini-Invasion and the Sale of Air Jamaica

I don’t think any one can dispute that Air Jamaica is a major drag on Jamaica’s already dire fiscal situation and by all means slaughter this gluttonous money sucking machine that has in its own little way help amass the TRILLION dollar debt bill that Jamaica can only escape through suicide.

The government has been in super secret negations since forever to sell the love bird for 50 pieces of silver and 50 pieces of gold. Air J’ it self also in liabilities all the way up to its eyeballs. It seems they finally found the “perfect match” for this baby. The government is in the final stages of freeing the love bird straight into the hands of Trinidad and Tobago’s Caribbean Airlines.

It is probably best to have Air Jamaica in private hands, but do we have to sell everything to Trinidad and Tobago?

I mean no offense to The People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago with all due respect but this is very overwhelming. Air Jamaica should not be sold to Trinidad and Tobago. I found this comic illustrations in the Jamaica Observer particular telling and it expresses the sentiments that I feel about this whole selling out to Trinidad and Tobago so vividly I have to share it with you.

I can not blame Trinidad’s business astuteness to seek out business opportunity where Jamaican businesses and political leadership have failed miserably and all but given up by handing over the keys to someone else. I know there must be Jamaican business people here able minded and have the capital to buy the so called “troubled assets” if they can see the same opportunities Trinidad is seeing.

Then again, why the hell should they do it when they can put all their money in high interest government paper and make a killing doing nothing. This has bred a laziness and lack of creative energy in our people. I remember that Air Jamaica was sold to Gordon Butch Stewart- that did not turn out so well. Hopefully with the new fiscal initiative by the government that might change

Without any empirical evidence I am going to make a wild guess that the majority of students at University, evening classes are specializing in business  areas. Look at the Universities and colleges so many business degrees and masters and MBAs for what?

Trinidad and Tobago feed Jamaica

Trinidad and Tobago already feed us by sending hordes of snacks and drinks to our supermarkets and shops. The last time I saw statistics about the balance of trade between Jamaica and its CARICOM trade partners, mainly Trinidad and Tobago it was like David VS Goliath. They have now gone as far as buying out food and beverage companies here, manufacture the goods in Trinidad then ship it to their huge distributors here in Jamaica.

There are specific examples I found in the Jamaica Observer about a few of the Jamaican companies snapped up by Trinidad and Tobago.

The year 2009 saw Angostura, a subsidiary of CL Financial, ( run by Trinidadian Lawrence Duprey) acquire the Jamaican conglomerate Lascelles de Mercado (makers of both Appleton and J Wray & Nephew rums) in a deal valued at around US$700 million.

Jamaica Beverages Limited is poised to take an even greater share of the Jamaican-flavoured beverage market. It distributes Chubby, Fruta, Busta and Viva beverages for its parent manufacturing company, SM Jaleel Limited, based in Trinidad.

Arthur Lok Jack’s Associated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL) made its presence felt in the Jamaican market by establishing Confectionery and Snacks. He purchased a 50,000 square foot building on a four-acre parcel of land in Portmore for that very purpose. This building serves as ABIL’s main distribution centre in Jamaica with another distribution depot established in Montego Bay.

Trinidad and Tobago also has major foot hold in Jamaica’s banking, insurance, construction and pharmaceuticals.

In 1999 Guardian Holdings Limited acquired the insurance trio of Dyoll Life, Crown Eagle and Jamaica Mutual who were all Finsaced. They were merged and now go under the banner Guardian Life.

The year 2000 saw RBTT acquiring FINSAC’s 99.9 per cent shareholding in Union Bank of Jamaica. The bank changed its name to RBTT Bank (Jamaica). Union Bank was the result of a merger of the business of four FINSAC-controlled commercial banks and their three allied merchant banks, all seven of which sought Government intervention when faced with insolvency: Citizens Bank; Eagle Commercial Bank; Island Victoria Bank; Workers Savings & Loan Bank; Citizens Merchant Bank; Corporate Merchant Bank; and Island Life Merchant Bank.

Trinidad-based Guardian Holdings Ltd moved in 2001 to buy the Boscobel Beach Hotel on Jamaica’s north coast in a US$14 million deal.

Also in 2001, executives of HD Hopwood & Co Ltd and Neal & Massy Holdings Ltd announced the completion of negotiations whereby Neal & Massy acquired 100 per cent of the shares in HD Hopwood, a 70-year-old Jamaican-based manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

As our political and business leaders hurt up old wounds about who did what during FINSAC, Trinidad and Tobago have taken full advantage of the financial crises of the nineties and are now major players in once failed banks and insurance companies in Jamaica.

I am afraid that one day I am going to turn on the television and see Usian Bolt waving the Trinidad and Tobago flag after shattering another world record. I am so paranoid I think the business and political class of Jamaica are secretly in collusion with Trinidad to have a passive invasion under the disguise of business deals and the most obvious invasion right before our eyes in Carnival, soca, bacchanal or what ever cousin-sister uncle of the sort right out of the Trni culture.

Isn’t it peculiar that when Mrs. Simpson-Miller became Prime Minister that first trip she took was to Port-of-Spain through the invitation of Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Patrick Manning. When Golding administration took over they seem a little more tougher on the CARICOM deal and saw it’s imperfections and also how it might be hurting Jamaica. They even beat up on poor little old Guyana about a bag of rice.

All that fight has dissipated to the point where they are now selling Air Jamaica to Trinidad. Those Trinidadians must either be slicker that slick rick or dem obeah wi fi true.

Watch those idiot Jamaicans dancing and gyrating to the steel band of Trinidad economic control.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating and on the fringe of insanity with conspiracy theories, I might even be a little xenophobic. I am truly concern that we are going to literally loose our economic, cultural and national identity to foreigners so passively right before our eyes most Jamaicans won’t even notice it.

I don’t think we should surrender all ourselves to other countries, it is time to remove the “FOR SALE” sign from our foreheads.

What does Trinidad and Tobago see in Jamaican businesses and economy that our own business people and politicians can not see in ourselves.  Someone should take a trip to Trinidad and ask them, maybe see Jamaica though the lens of Trinidadian business people. They are obviously smarter than us. Their dollar is stronger, their economy is more diverse, GDP is stronger.

I can here all the excuses about they have oil, we in Jamaica have this problem and that problem. We are so keen on finding and analyzing problems that we never spend anytime on solutions or find ways to turn things around. Trinidad and Tobago have managed to find opportunity that we ignore.

So what else can Jamaica sell to Trinidad and Tobago? Maybe we can sell one of the parishes, we don’t need 14 anyway, all we have to do is find the one that is most productive with the least crime. We can sell the roads, airports, garrisons, beaches, media, the humming bird, Jamaica House and the national dish.

Made in Jamaica by Trinidad & Tobago

In all fairness, even though this post is about Trinidad and Tobago much of Jamaica’s major national assets are owned by foreign companies. The airports (not both -at least not yet) and the Jamaica Public Service among others.

A few interesting articles to read:

Keep Air Jamaica in local hands, union boss pleads

Trinidad & Tobago plants its flag in corporate Jamaica

I want to express my appreciation to all Trinidadians.This post is not intended to criticize my friends from Trinidad but only to express my own personal observations and concern in my country.I hope you can  understand this concern. I am open to a discussion in a friendly and candid manner surrounding this topic.


~ by RB on January 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi RB – Do you believe in genuine Caribbean integration? Wouldn’t one Caribbean airline be the most sensible approach for all involved?

    A thoughtful blog entry but as a (part)Trini based in London, the xenophobic overtones are upsetting – would you be this concerned if Air Jamaica was being sold to Sprint? In the space of a week I’ve gone from thinking that Caribbean Airlines taking on Air Jamaica was a fantastic step in the right direction for true Caribbean unity to concluding that this entire affair is a political/financial fiasco that Trinidad would do well to keep far away from.

    The comments on here are so troubling:


    Good luck with trying to save a bankrupt airline on your own.

    • It is clear to me that you obviously lack education, because my so called small country has been the lender to all Islands. Jamaican Airlines alone could not afford to pay Trinidadian back. Furthermore why are their so many Jamaicans living in Trinidad for…..Why cause Jamaica is owned by the White Man and Trinidadians own Trinidad.

  2. Interesting perspective – but not to worry, everyone in Trinidad thinks buying Air Jamaica is a bad move too. Caribbean Airlines is also bankrupt and kept afloat by government bail outs. I suppose they think one airline controlling the area will do better than two half-dead ones both sinking. Give up the paranoia and think positive man. Peace

  3. Trini UK, I am sorry you find the xenophobic overtones upsetting, sometimes fear is our greatest motivator and in this case maybe it is not such a bad thing. On the more substantive issue I did state specifically that even though I am talking about T&T I think it is a little concerning that many of our major national assets are being carved out to foreigners.

    Jamaicans generally and not just be debate-argue continuously about their disgust of the fact that they are being sold. These sales are not just to Trinidad but to other countries. Our biggest bank is Canadian owned, they own the airports, the Light and power company, banks, insurance and the list goes on and on.

    The reason I am noting these is because you seem to think we would be comfortable with Air Jamaica being sold to Spirit which is far from true. My personal opposition to this sale would be just as vigorous regardless who the buyer is. In fact if had the opportunity to peek into Jamaican media during the negotiations with Spirit you would have seen this.

    Caribbean unity is a wonderful thing, we need to be stronger together but we need a level playing field in this unity. We do not need concentrated economic power.We still need to reserve out individual identities during this integration.

    Although this post is about Trinidad please do not think that we are picking you out for special attention, fact is T&T has been more visible and aggressive in snapping up Jamaican assets.

    I want to be clear that I think a free economy and the great wonders of capitalism. Jamaica courts foreign investment but we need balance. My over arching concern is that we seem to lack the talent to run these assets effectively.

  4. Jamaican-Trini, Air Jamaica has almost 1 billion US dollars in liabilities. Unless there is some special arrangement regarding that amunt I do not know why anyone would buy Air Jamaica.I believe and love this little piece of Jamaica though and really hope there is a way to turn it around and make it stay in Jamaican hands and be profitable all at the same time.

    Airlines globally are experiencing issues especially in the economic climate. I was surprised to find out that Caribbean Airlines are themselves in bad a financial state.If the Jamaican government sells Air J to an airline in a similar boat it might just be couples suicide because I am sure they would not be extending any monetary help if the future if the merger goes through and they face tough times.

  5. I know T & T own a lot of companies here but, until I read your post, I didn’t realise the magnitude of it. They really are buying us out. Local investors need to shape up.

  6. Betty SB-First off I think you have a very informative blog. Love the posts about Haiti and even though I am not a great cook love the recipes.

    Sometimes its amazing what is happening right before our eyes, it is time we stand up and talk notice. If not one day we are going to wake up and ask what the hell happen. I think the main concern is not just that they are selling so much to one buyer, but the business talent is inadequate to run these businesses effectively by Jamaicans.

  7. I understand and hear your concerns but on a different note from myself a Trini in Trinidad I am somewhat amazed because I always have grief with my young trinis that are adopting Jamaican styles, they are more into Jamaican music and show more love for that than their own soca and calypso, our music is now seasonal whereas Kartel n Busy an all d others I not familar with is year round. They have taken up the Jamaican dress code, dances and heaven forbid but it does gripe mih to hear them talk with a jamaican accent too, yes sire, they sing spitting Jamaican, lawd and when they get an interview on the radio, they speak as though they are Jamaicans.
    Not that anything wrong with being Jamaican, I too indulge and enjoy Jamaican things but when it comes to the nation’s youths losing their national identity you really have to wonder

  8. Jan-I think it is fair to say without sounding too arrogant that Jamaican culture is very rich, influential and controversial even right here in the homeland. In fact its probably one of the few things we have going for us right now and we still have not taken full advantage of it, instead we fight about it in class warfare.
    Jamaica also have qualms with the dancehall culture. Rest assured though that Trni culture although seasonal our adaptation of Carnival and the huge street parades is televised and celebrated every year, it is probably the biggest gathering in one place by Jamaicans in costumes and regular people.

    Forgive me for saying this but my theory of the Trini invasion is further proven by the fact that Carnival a major adaptation of Trni culture have way more corporate sponsorship than any dancehall event. This further supports my theory that Jamaican business people are well on board to sell out and that many who control economic power are themselves Trni,-crazy?….

    These same people turn away from dancehall for being too lewd. What great hypocrisy. Carnival have more sex than anything.

    It has always been normal for other nations to adopt characteristics of other cultures especially with migration and a smaller world through technology. Our very own Jamaican dancehall culture is sometimes held in less regard than our music from north America and yes our youths take particular interest in rap, alternative, r&b and even heavy metal.
    This might be argued as a class thing because dancehall comes from the so called garrisons.

    I understand your concern about Trni youth liking Jamaican music more than their own calypso music. It is interesting because Trni youth fascination with dancehall culture can probably explain a lot about Trmi interest in Jamaican business or do Trni buy businesses across the who Caribbean?

    It just shows that all things are intertwined in some way or the other with interesting ironies and coincidences. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Interesting post.
    I must say that Jamaicans have caused this problem on ourselves and it will take this move to fix it. I am saddened by this Air Jamaica mess. I am upset because no Jamaican group could have come together in anyway to help. Instead T & T to the rescue. You raised an important issue and that is we are selling our companies and industries to companies from T & T. The sad thing is – You are correct.

    We are in this mess because as Jamaicans we have no emphasis on education, accountability and standards. We place much emphasis on network and who knows who and who is connected to who. That is wrecking the country even now. We are the same country ranked high on the list in terms of corruption. Even recent graduates are having problems finding jobs because if you are not connected to someone you will be left behind. I am not bashing people who are connected and who network but when you have to know someone to get a job you were trained to do it is a cause for concern. This grieves me because other countries are placing emphasis on education, accountability, and performance.

    In Jamaica a manager will continue to lead even if year after year the company isn’t profitable.

    I think Jamaicans should wake up and understand the dilemma we are in and seek ways to remedy it. I want to see a Jamaica where we can manage our businesses and do so at the highest levels. Instead of finding great ideas and then selling the companies to T & T owned companies who will be shipping off the profits in the twinkling of an eye. We are in a crises.

    The sad thing about this is that T & T (its people – well not all) look down upon Jamaica. I do not know the extent to it now but they do. Everything in the Jamaican supermarkets are manufactured by T & T companies. I just spoke with a friend who expressed that he deliberately does not purchase products made in Trinidad.

    We have it in us to be great and to do extra ordinary things but our own selfish ways cause us not to.

    Shame on Jamaica.

  10. Corve-If it takes this sale to wake us up then we are in real trouble.
    Our society should be based on merit, because we are humans no system is purely working on the most qualified, so networking is in the equation. It is sad and disheartening to a person who is playing by the rules, education, work hard gets over looked or not given an opportunity because Tim and Jane are friends.

    It might be a cultural thing with us why we hang on to incompetence even when its clear a person can not manage, they will not step aside for the sake of something bigger than themself such as their company or country. As you said SELFISHNESS, corruption and maintaining the status quo is more important.

    About your friend not buying T&T products, LOL-I tried doing that too, but soooo many things come from there it is almost a hassle carrying on this one person boycott.

    T&T themselves are not too welcoming to Jamaicans from what I have heard.

    • What?? LOL.
      The word here is that JAMAICANS do not like Trini people, the culture or the music at all! One of my very good friends recently transferred to the St. Augustine campus of UWI after one year at Mona Campus. She said a number of people in her class who she never even had the opportunity to talk to became hostile to her and another friend when they heard them speaking in their Trini accent. They asked her if she thought she was better than them, saying nothing from Trinidad could be as recognized in the world as things that come from Jamaica, pouring out examples of Bob Marley and Reggae music and how noone in the world cares about Trini Soca.

      The irony of it all is that without statistis, the majority of our young Trini population hold the Jamaican lifestyle in high esteem and emulate all the dances, the slang, the clothes… you name it, they do it.

      I can’t help but feel offended at your active attempt at boycotting Trini products. I understand the need to be patriotic to your own and I also try to buy local but it really solidifies all the Anti-Trini reports I get about Jamaican people.

      Excellent blog though.. I wish you all the best 🙂

      • Jessie, as I sit here studying for my exams I was trying to avoid all blogs and other distractions to focus on the task at hand but after reading your comments I feel compelled respond to a few of your misunderstandings or overall incorrect assumptions.

        Your friend a who was a UWI student in Jamaica might have had a bad experience, as student of UWI myself i can absolutely say it is very unlikely it might have had anything to do with her being from Trinidad. I have witness and experienced many wonderful relationships with individuals from many other countries including Trinidad, there are clubs with Trini , Trinis run for elected positions and a whole host of other things.

        Your friend might have had a bad experience based on many other things just as any Jamaican have bad experiences with other Jamaicans, and if they know something unique about you then they will use it against you, a girl from country might be called “country gal” and so forth.

        There are strong anti-Jamaican sentiments in the world today including many of our neighboring islands. It is good to know you appreciate our culture although personally I think there are some positive improvements that can be made.

        The relationships as far as I know in the business world, academic and over all is very good, it is only fair to expect a few exceptions.

        Where on this blog did I suggest boycotting Trinidadian companies?. Please read the post again, as you can see I named Jamaican companies that are now owned by Trinidad, why would I suggest boycotting almost one third of the Jamaican economy?.

  11. Excellent post,RB !! The TRINIDADIZATION of the Jamaican economy has been fully underway for some time now, as a consequence of the gross mismanagement and sheer incompetence of the Jamaican political and business elites who have totally destroyed the Jamaican economy and have transformed Jamaica and Jamaicans into a nation of paupers and mendicants. Nuff respect,Star !!

    • So Colonization did not play a part in the Current Jamaican Economic situation?I grew up in JA under British Rule and although we were the Worlds largest producer of Bauxite,Rum, and Bananas we were poor as hell then too. I now reside in the Imperial US the economy there is in a shambles. Which incompetent Harvard trained economists and political business elites is responsible for that? Obama? The same situation exists in Trinidad they just have a little oil right now thats all. With the movement away from fossill fuels rapidly growing Oil producing economies futures are bleak. They better diversify rapidly or else. This
      idea of Trinidad being a leader in the Caribean etc. is just blowing smoke. They are scrambling like hell to save themselves from the eminent collapse of an oil only economy.

      • i know you would love to see Trinidad fail TED typical Jamaican… also i hear you speaking about the US economy being in shambles which is so true but you have to know where to direct your blame or do your research..the GOP,the Greed of Wall St,the usage of tax payers $$$ to bail out Banks and Real estate companies which Bush started and ohhhh lets not forget the two wars we are fighting one of which made no sense(IRAQ)and the $700 billion 2008 budget deficit the Bush administration left us before Obama took office and may i say that Clinton left office with a $230 billion surplus,soooo yes Mr TED i’m all American so leave my President alone(OBAMA)!!! but back 2 the collapse of Trinidad,every country has its ups and downs,it has happened to Trinidad before back in the 80’s and early 90’s where they had some serious economic problems but they bounced back and are now holdind the position of 2nd richest Caribbean nation after the Bahamas and also plays a very important role in the region,for god sake you might as well call it the CAPITAL of the Caribbean!!!!but what you have to think about TED,is that Jamaica is failing as a country also its economy is on the verge of an EMINENT COLLAPSE..lol so you better pray that they could bounce back like Trinidad did… remember Trinidad does not need any IMF funding…lol

  12. ESTEBAN I can not help but laugh at new words you form “TRINIDADIZATION”. I don’t think most people could win a game of scrabble playing against you.
    The TRINIDADIZATIONof Jamaica is sad to watch. They now own some major brands that are distinctively Jamaican. I have to wonder if our business people have visions of going regional and international when they build a business. I just want it to stop.

    • So China owns much of the US economy, does that mean that China is taking over the U.S.? So let me take a look if I am making an investment I want to make sure that the Investment will payoff. So when I buy Apple I know what its background is and that I will get a great return on my Investment. its just an investment that works well for both sides. This Trini Jamaica takeover crap is Bogus!!! get real and get off the nationalistic garbage.

  13. RB, it is interesting that you mention the game of scrabbles.Years back, I was a pretty decent scrabbles player, but most of my skills have become atrophied, because I have not played the game in a long time. One of these days, I might return to the game. Nuff respect, Star. Again, an excellent post!

  14. don’t worry yardies every thing is going to be alright..in the future we trinis might jus sell back some of the companies we have aquired from you guys,but at the same time you guys dont look at the positive side,if our companies haven’t steped in,your companies would have failed and that would have led to massive unemployment…hmmmm,and who do you guys prefer buy up your failed assets the foreign countries or someone in the reigon?What some of you guys need to do is save your money and send some of your kids to school in trinidad cause its visible that UWI in trinidad is doing something different to UWI in jamaica…lol.As for the merge or buying over of air jamaica,again think possitive,trinidad has a vision of one unified caribbean and that means one carrier to the caribbean which makes perfect sense..hey dont blame us blame yourselves.. so let T&T do its thing and lead the caribbean into a brighter future.The international community only looks at the caribbean as a god-dam tourist destination,its time we be more diversified and i mean that for the whole caribbean and caricom countries,and that’s what trinidad is trying to do just stop for a min and take a look you would see..god bless

    • Trini needs to spend some of its Oil Dollars on its own Infrastructure. I know what it looks like bad roads bad plumbing bad housing. a few Mcmantions in the well to do Areas does not an infrastructure make. When you have a few dollas and u act like you all that you come tumbling down. Remember the Higher the Monkey Climb the more Him exposed.

      • TED is so on point with his reply on my post but may i say TED have you seen the roads in New York city??1 example Atlantic Ave stretching from Queens all the way to Brooklyn and thats just one of the hundereds of streets that are in very,very poor condition,and lets not talk about some of the 2 & 3 family houses that are owned by the Jews which they rent out as rooms and complete strangers share the bathroom and kitchen or the Public housing that is run by the city wich is in such bad condition that i woldn’t even let my dog live so if trinidad’s infrastructure is in a bad condition well Jamaica and the other islands are 4 times worse and if the monkey which i assume you are talking about Trinidad comes tumbling down well lets just say you better get on your knees and pray it never happens cause if Trinidad fails God help you all…dont get me started TED!!!

  15. Trinipower, what are you trying to say ? Are you trying to say that Trinidad wants to be a SUB-IMPERIAL state within the region ?

  16. That’s on damn good question ESTEBAN-Are you trying to say that Trinidad wants to be a SUB-IMPERIAL state within the region ?

    Trinipower-A lot of what you said is very interesting and has me thinking, regional integration, development, especially the educational and cultural differences of our two islands. I should tell you I am a student of UWI and what you said has me thinking. If you have the time please send me a full rebuttal outlining your thoughts on these issues from a Trini perspective.
    I am ready to publish your response unedited along with other comments of this post from Trini .I think ESTEBAN made some excellent point with those questions that you could address. Here is my email kingstonstateofmind@gmail.com

    • lets not get ahead of ourselves guys,trinidad is not trying to be some imperial state or the supreme power within the region,but as the economic giant and most industrialised country in the region they are trying to lead our neighbors into a new erra but we cannot accomplish this by our selves..i think jamaica and barbados are two key countries that will play a major role in this transformation along side T&T but our very very large egos and cultural differences gets in the way.Another thing is that alot of our neighbors have this idea of a trinidad invasion or trini economic take over,i will share a little secret with you guys..trinidad has adopted alot of business practices of the americans and europeans which has allowed us to master some of the following industries such as- banking,insurance,manufacturing,investing overseas..hmmmmm ETC but we had an advantage over the rest of the region(OIL)..lol but dont think Trinidad is perfect,they still have alot of problems and struggles that needs to be adressed if the government wants to achieve its VISION 2020 or first world status..by the way guys im American..lol but my mom is from Trinidad and pop’s from Venezuela but i grew up alot on the trini side and also lived there for a couple yrs and i love caribbean history,current affairs,and culture

  17. It certainly appears that Trinidad is trying to step up and be an economical force in the region.

    • on the topic of trinidad stepping up to be an economical force,may i ask is that a good or a bad thing in your eyes..melany?

  18. On a side note, I would still be very surprised to see Air Jamaica sell to private owners in Trinidad. But clearly there are fiscal problems that need to be addressed.

  19. Please keep my country “Guyana” out of your beef. I do not see the need why you have to make condescending remarks such as ” poor little old guyana” that is not necessary. It’s actually out of context and very offensive.

    • Well Erica my most sincere apology, as Trinipower said Guyana is poor so I am sorry about the “little” part. Please remember that this post as much as it is serious about how this blogger feels about certain things, it is meant to be funny also. No disrespect was intended and so again, I am sorry about calling your country “little”

  20. but guyana is poor..its a fact except for the part of it being little

  21. If you write a post in response to this post I will put it up on this blog. I think you said some very interesting things and you can expand on that–If you have the time. Write it and email it to me. kingstonstateofmind@gmail.com

  22. Usian Bolt is not A Trinidadian? I thought he was

  23. I believe the travel route will enable a single air line in the Caribbean the opportunity to be successful. At the same time I understand Jamaicans sentiments towards Caribbean Airlines (CA), being Trinidad and Tobago own a pride issue. This move might be even more beneficial to Jamaica economy by attracting more tourists from other Caribbean islands. As a Trinidadian I am somewhat skeptical about the vague level of service level that CA must meet in order to maintain exclusive right of the nation carrier of Jamaica.
    This service level can be manipulated easily by a hostile Government/ workers. I hope that CA put a clause that if the Jamaica government decide that CA did not meet service level in the future that CA will be paid at least full value price of being Jamaica exclusive carrier and to fee to sell it only to Jamaica Government.

  24. It pains me to see Air Jamaica go, but in the long run, I think it will be good for Jamaica. Let’s face it, AJ has been losing money for way too long. And it was just too much for Jamaica to continue bearing, especially when we have so many other issues to attend to. On another blog, I proposed that CAL make Mobay their primary hub (many Trini lambasted my idea, saying this doesn’t make sense).

    Well, I think, Jamaica makes a better hub than POS. That is so because Jamaica is centrally located to more islands/countries in the region and because the air travel market in Jamaica is almost 5 million compared to 1.7 million passengers in Trinidad. For this deal to work, it is best for operations to be rationalized. That means that there should be an aim to fill flights as much as possible. So funneling flights and passengers into Mobay and then connecting them to their regional destinations makes more sense than doing this in POS. Imagine a flight from New York or anywhere north for that matter, going first to Trinidad at the top of South America to connect to Cayman Islands or even to Barbados? The passengers would be flying past Cayman or Barbados, then going back up from Trinidad to arrive at their destinations. From Jamaica, they would only be going in one direction.

    Also, to be a true Caribbean airline, CAL must sell shares to other governments. I know Trinidad was the one who initially fund their airline and it would be hard to relinquish control, but I think this is the best course. Of course they would be compensated for the shares. Also, Caribbean people from all over should be hired to run the airline. The hope is to bring the carrier to sustained profitability at which time it can be sold to the public on regional stock exchanges.


  25. What does a main hub in Jamaica have to do with connecting passengers? Business is about making money. I am sure CAL will be looking at the number of passengers on average and the price of fuel to determine the most economical routes. The truth is only Cal in a position to save Jamaica’s economy. I think any rational reasoning individual could look at a map and also taking into consideration Cal currents destinations to arrive at that conclusion.
    I prefer to sallow pride and eat. It Jamaica is looking for more free bees from Trinidad and Tobago I do have some suggestion in obtaining it. Since most Trinidadians and Tobagonians already concluded that the current PM (Manning) is an Idiot, who like to be on the world stage at T&T taxpayer’s expense. He can be easily manipulated into handing out golden gifts. Just succor him into believing he will be King of the Caribbean. I have more to say on this but this is the wrong venue.

  26. Trinity, I see you know nothing about business. You asked: “What does a main hub in Jamaica have to do with connecting passengers?

    My friend, that is what a hub is supposed to be about: CONNECTING PASSENGERS!!!

    And I won’t even dignify your idiotic statement “The truth is only Cal in a position to save Jamaica’s economy.” with a response.

  27. A Main hub and hub are two different things. Also Jamaica economy relies heavily on tourist to survive. I don’t know the percentage of passengers that enter Jamaica via Air Jamaica but I am sure it is a major percentage. I really think that the Prime minister of Jamaica has more sense than Trinidad and Tobago’s PM Manning. At least he found a succor to offload a dying horse in spite of the pressure from his own(JALPA). This shows he has some backbone. With Manning just make him think he is THE Executive Prime minister of the Caribbean and he will give away T&T wealth.

    To T&T haters: With regard to Jamaica’s pride, when did Trinidad borrow money from Jamaica and not pay it back? When did Trinidad ever try to buy any of Jamaica’s products below market price? I will check back with for a valid answer. Don’t be angry at Trinidadians when God has blessed us to give handouts. Maybe if Jamaicans will read the good book and pray JA would not have to sell itself.

  28. Trinity, CAL moving into Jamaica is good business; they get to increase their revenues big time. The Jamaican PM had no need to invite them in. Jamaica presented them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move into a big market. Now their only obstacle is if Jamaicans will accept them. Many Jamaicans feel that you Trinis don’t like them and some have refused to set foot on CAL. They would rather give their business to Jetblue, Airtran and the other US carriers who are taking over AJ’s business.

    All I am saying is you need to stop saying that CAL is coming to JA’s rescues because that is simply not the case. It is a good opportunity for CAL. Remember AJ owes over 1 billion US dollars, if CAL were really “rescuing” Jamaica they would be taking on the debt too. They are not! So stop saying that they are coming to our rescue; they are going to more than double the number of passengers that they have now, so it is a very good deal for them. They will spend only to get their business ramped up in Jamaica. Good luck to CAL!

  29. […] last post on the selling of Air Jamaica “What Else Can Jamaica Sell to Trinidad and Tobago?- A Look at the Trini-Invasion and the Sale of Air…” have elicit some very interesting responses. In this post I am going to highlight some of […]

  30. Jamaica is not serious about managing its natural resources in a business manner, if you look at the history of Jamaica the records will reflect my opnion on this matter, Jamaica thinking is out of sync with the new world orders,the leaders are not governing in the interest of nationhood but rather partyhood if there is such a word,the leaders are not to be blame but those who choose the leaders are more to be blamed in the disposal the the nation assets for little or no benefit in real terms to the Jamaican people. I as a Jamaican do not blame Trinidadians for capitalizing or investing in Jamaica, nothing is wrong with this idea,however what Jamaica should be doing is to galvanize support for nation building and participation of every jamaican in this process and not leave this to the political leaders who should be servants of the people, this is idealism but in essence the leaders are the masters, there is a blatant contempt for the masses of the Jamaican people, when they will see this and turn around only God he knows,Jamaica lives in a false world, this country has one of the highest murder rate, unemployment rate is very high, poverty is increasing dramatically, now tell me what is the difference between Haiti and Jamaica.
    There needs to be a new dawn in this country called Jamaiaca the Political system in its present condition is obselete yet politicians will defend against any amendment foundamentally that will make this country a first world country.
    There is no real difference with the political party because they defend the same system, so what if Trinidad whats to make a change in Jamaica, be it good or bad i prefer the former so let it be.

  31. The Challenges Jamaica Faces.

    Just like most Countries Jamaica has been challenged through time with finacial hardships, all that is happening now with Trinidad owning most of our Pride Companies like Air Jamaica and J Wray and Nephew, it would only be a matter of time, Our mind set as a people was always how fast we can get rich, Our roots have been decaying from a long time now. We should have learned our lessons from when we were ruled by the British that the price to our Independence and Success would mean great struggles and making sure we never fail our selves. Jamaica today is in a bad spot, it would be great if all the money Reggae music made that at least 99% got back to Jamaica to help it’s people. Unfortunately the folks who buy our music live in the US, Canada and Europe. Well all we can do as Jamaicans is to remember we must never sell who we are, our pride as a people. If we get to that state then we would be in bigger trouble. I did not feel good about the Air Jam sale either, however it must just be what Jamaica need at this time to free herself of this Big Giant, things are rough in the World and at least we can be Thankful we still have our Land of Wood and Water, God Bless Jamaica. Next I think we need to Look at reintroducing our Rail System to boost the economy and tourism, Mr. Prime Minister we need to get Trinidad to just invest in that, it would just be great for our little struggling Island.

    Atlanta Georgia.

  32. nuff respect Brian.thanks for the comment

  33. why would trinidad invest in your Rail System when they’re trying to put in place a Rail System of its own and having problems with financing to build it,T&T only invest in your profitable assets that you guys fail to manage properly,assets that have already established a name for it self..what u guys need to do or should i say the buisness owners,Presidents and CEO’s of Jamaica should come to trinidad and associate them selves with T&T’s top CEO’s and buisness owners not to steal ideas but to look trough the eyes of their counterparts and see what the trinis see so profitable in your failing Pride Companies

  34. The next time Manning visits Jamacia greets him with flowers and praises- Sure way to get Trinidad and Tobago to finance a rail system in Jamacia.

    • lol..good one trinity,but no!!!that will never happen and honestly i think Trinidad should just stop helping Jamaica or any other island as far as im concern.I live in Brooklyn N.Y. and the things i hear some people say about Trinidad especially Jamaicans,Guyanese,Bajans it’s just rediculous but in black america we call you guys HATERS…and the funny thing is when i hear Trinis talk they have nothing to say about these STUPID people,Trinis are just happy people who know how to party and have a good time…Dont you guys get it,Trinidad is like little America to the Caribbean,do you guys know what industrialised nation means???lol..they dont have to depend on tourist like the rest of these other Caribbean islands that cant diversify their economy,some might say that trinidad’s economy is based on energy,or petrochemicals only but what about manufacturing,insurance,banking and oh yea tourism!! lets not forget Tobago ppl!!! but dont worry the people of Trinidad is going to vote Manning out next elections so i say to all you other islands,enjoy the hand outs while it last cause as soon as the new government steps in you’re CUT OFFFFFFFFFF..hahaha

  35. […] What Else Can Jamaica Sell to Trinidad and Tobago?- A Look at the Trini-Invasion and the Sale of Air… […]

  36. Stop this petty whining, be thankful Trinidad stepped in to save Air Jamaica, would you have rather some American company took it over instead? or would you rather see the airline completly shut down and bankrupt, then this blog would be about those reminicent good old days of Air Jamaica. Just be happy Air Jamaica was kept in the family, the caribbean family that is.

    • I totally agree .we should stop the constant hating on sweet sweet T&T and be thankful that there is a fellow Caribbean country that has the money to help and sustain others that are in need …………it sure right would not have been a problem if uncle sam (USA) bought it out ..

  37. Just to correct you the writer of this article ……..its Trinidad and Tobago not Trinidad its one country

  38. Well the author of this post certainly seems to have identified Trinidad and Tobago as one of the countries that has profited from Jamaica’s misfortunes. You have even educated me (ah trini in the U.S. ) by revealing some of the many buyouts made by T&T corporations. I however, feel that Jamaica’s current problems started long before foreign deals were made; long before the current worldwide economy went into a tailspin and long before your current PM Miller ever came into office. Let’s be transparent about this issue. Remeber the old adage the rule of thumb for business large and small which states: “don’t spend what you cannot afford.” Or how about the other one which states: ” you have to save something for a rainy day.” Or even this one which states that: ” peter pays for paul and paul pays for all.” All three of the afforementioned seem to point the finger of blame on a culture of doing business that is irresponsible, reckless, void of controls. Now if you have not already figured it out I am placing the finger of blame on business men and women who have failed in their decision making, on your politicians of the past who have turned a blind eye on these practices for countless years by not implementing or enforcing stringent economic policies and control (doing the people’s work in being more fiscally responsible) and finally, this dependence on borrowed money with the false perception of benefiting from future anticipated economic gains. So what that said what has happened now it that all the triffling B.S. and lies and the business withcraft that these JA leaders have done in the past and swept under the rug has come back to bite them. An now what we are seeing is a desperate attempt to keep a sinking ship afloat by the current PM Simson (God bless that great woman for exemplifing such bravery). Without which things would be far worst. Hey people I visited Jamaica in december of 2013 and really enjoyed it but I could not help but notice the warmth of its people. But what I also notice was the huge numbers of young people just hanging around in the small towns we visited. I think jamaicans must continue to believe in themselves, their country and their citizens. Leader have the dauntng task of balancing the fianancial books. They must also place the great emphasis on both investing in their strongest assets (tourism, education) using these assets reduce the countries national debt, and invest in your greatest resource ( your people). You would have to take one step at a time. It would be painful but it is the price you would have to pay or the sacrifice you would have to make if you would like to see brighter days in the future.

  39. Jamaica was once the pearl of the Caribbean. They had bauxite, reggae music, tourism but now the tables have turned and Trinidad has taken over as the leader of the Caribbean. Whose fault is this?. The government and business leaders who did not have a vision. Trinidad on the other has oil, natural gas and has diversity in its economy and they also have very educated individuals who study overseas but come back home and build up their country. Ja maica should take note.

  40. I was born in the US but my parents were born in the Caribbean. My mother is jamaican and my father is trinidadian. I have visited both countries and what I have found out is that Trinidad has surpassed Jamaica as the leader in the Caribbean. They are the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas to the US. They have oil, sugar,cocoa, petrochemicals, ammonia, methanol and a variety of industries. i was amazed when visited both countries this past summer. It’s like night and say as far as the economies are concerned. What I found out is that in Trinidad all students who past the Secondary Entrance examinations are given free computers and a lot of emphasis is placed on getting a good education. Also Trinidad has great diversity in their culture-blacks, indians, chinese, spanish, european, lebanese and they have carnival and soca and divali and parang. Their food also has diversity-pelau, crab and callalou, chinese, roti- There is so much variety. Jamaica has culture too but what I noticed is that Jamaicans (some) do not placed a lot of emphasis on education. It’s all about reggage and dancehall music and their olympic athletes and tourism. But that does not build an economy by itself. They need to invest in thir own products and manufacture more. That’s why Trinidad is way ahead of them. Trinidad does not just depend on oil. They have a diversified economy so if something fails they have other props to keep their economy going. I love jamaica but the gov’t and business leaders need to copy Trinida’s mantra and follow it to be successful. Right now $1US dollar is $105 Jamaica whereas $1US is $6TT. That’s a big difefrence

    • I agree with you allot. My mom is Jamaican and Father is Trinidadian as well. I think the problem with Jamaica is the competition. Jamaica is very big on tourism but is competing with other countries in the region like The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico(Cancun), The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and The Cayman Island. This is hurting Jamaica a lot. So much people are running to the Dominican Republic and its disgust me. The racism over there is so unbelievable but enough about them

      Another issue that I like to address is problems with Jamaicans and Trinidadians not getting along. The problems is both countries have too much big ass nasty egos. Now there is nothing wrong with patriotism and nationalism but come on can we all get along. We both got our independence in the same month and same year AUGUST 1962. Both cultures are big and strong. Both have elected female Prime Ministers Portia Simpson Miller (2nd term) and Kamla Persuad Bissessar

      I think Jamaica needs to learn how to manage their business properly. They have good businesses like DIGICEL but they can do better. They to busy building houses and hotels for the Tourist. They need to redistribute that wealth into other sectors like Education and Health system.

      Lets all be fair here. Trinidad is not located in the Hurricane belt. So they have to really keep repairing damages.

      Jamaica have to repair damages from the Hurricane season and find compensation for the people if they do. Jamaica is borrowing to much money and not producing money. Recently they just borrowed money from china to build a toll highway.

      Yes Trinidad and Tobago is oiled struck rich country but they have there problems as well. There is a lot of violence and yes I know there is violence every where on the country. But I can’t sit up and say Trinidad is an angel or saint. All that money they using to build highways they tearing down people communities. Yes they relocated the communities to other areas and build “Housing Complex” but not all of them. I think people fail to realize is that the reason Trinidad is doing so well is that they are also robbing their people blind. They like to put on a show just like how they show out on the Carnival to cover up whats really go on. You got to understand yes we see Trinidad and Tobago succeeding and achieving but we don’t see who they knocking off to get to their achievement. Their is corruption within the government we just don’t see it.

      Now selling Air Jamaica I can’t really say to much about that cause it has its pros and cons. Jamaica has now a new air line called Fly-Jamaica which needs a lot of growing.
      I don’t care if Air Jamaica is owned by Caribbean airlines or whoever it doesn’t make a difference. They still not leaving on time always late.

      Jamaica needs to go under serious development and use there low currency to an advantage like china. They need to look at other countries and see how they are managing the economies and sectors

  41. I seriously feel your pain. As a Trinidadian living in Jamaica and loving it, I too sat back over the decades and watched the politicians sell off the island’s assets as well as open the floodgates to imports. Whenever I tried explaining this to my friends and colleagues, they cursed me out. At the end of the day, we have more in common with each other than not but I don’t have an answer to this problem. My home is in JA, and so is my heart, but I think the politicians are to be blamed. It doesn’t help that most of the island’s youths and working age citizens want to leave the island. Foreign influences plays another big part again because politicians don’t make the people feel secure in their own island.

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