USAIN BOLT NEW GIRLFRIEND IS Taneish Lava Simpson-(Video)

What’s all the uproar about  the man finding a little lady friend he is dating. I heard the young ladies at work who are reality TV buffs in a most heated vexation about Usain Bolt dating Lava from VH1 reality series “For the Love of Ray Gay, Ray J”

They said “She a nuh sumady fi he dah wid” or a commenter on youtube “Lava a liad she nuh have nuttin good bout har”.

Like the cow they serve to tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin China for lunch I stepped right in offering a different opinion-they eat my alive.

How presumptuous of me to have an opinion, to say a person can date who ever they want. The fact that they already don’t like Lava from the TV show- worst she is not Jamaican might have stirred the bad mind soup they were all drinking even more.

What a relief they approve of Yendi Phillips and Asaafa Powell.

He better not adopt a endangered species in Africa because that would really piss them off-Oh he already did that.

I never fully understand people being upset over two people dating,loving, or just bumping uglies if that’s what they want to do. Why must love and sex be such vexing issues. Providing of course there are no prior commitments to other individuals or you may have an “open relationship”.

Okay, I admit-I can think of two people who were NOT good for each other-but who am I to determine that. For example when Chris was beating Riri or Bobby getting Whitney high. Then again we all observe these people from a distance without first hand knowledge.

If a person want to run down the path of hell blisteringly inlove or in sex i can try to explain hell is not a nice place to visit from what I heard-in the end it’s up to our own independent actions.

According to Lava the producers edit the show to make her look bad. Should we think less of people who make themselves available to go on a reality shows in search of love?. I can tell you that The Bachelor is one of the most painful shows to watch, so I don’t watch.

I have reach satiation on reality TV. When you see someone loose a big chunk of money on Digicels’ Deal or no Deal it is upsetting, especially upsetting because it is real.


~ by RB on February 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “USAIN BOLT NEW GIRLFRIEND IS Taneish Lava Simpson-(Video)”

  1. lol, i can’t even watch vh1 for more than 5 minutes nowadays, remember pop up video? that was the shiznitz

  2. Both vh1 and mtv are not music channels anymore..pure reality series

  3. I was not happy to hear that Usain started dating this new girl. What happened to the ‘old girl’. Apparently she isn’t good enough now but when u were no one she was. When I heard about the story I thought she was not good. Who goes on that Ray show for true love anyway….she wants to be popular for sure and who knows how Bolt plays in all of this. For crying out loud he is “the Hon.” now, this girl doesn’t suit him one bit. They met at a pijama party, a pijama party.

    I am over that Deal or no deal show…one big crap – I actually rejoice when they lose the money cuz they are foolish. They went on the show with nothing and some of them just crash like a AA flight. Take the money and leave…..stupid folks. I love their expressions at the end though ….they act like everything is fine and good when its not. You could have received 300K but because of greed u have 4K

  4. I was wondering what happen to his math major @ uwi girl, but hey maybe she broke it off with him, we don’t know. Personally I don’t put much value on girls who go on a show like “For the Love of Ray J”, Flava Flave…… to seek love. It is kind of slutty for lack of a better word and make them look fame hungry. i guess some are just looking a buss in the entertainment industry. Most of them are actreses, actors, models,singers you name it.
    LOL a PJ party LOL, says a lot uh, of all the places.
    If you are mathematically inclined (not me) and have a check on recklessness,ego and greed you can dp pretty well I think. It was Christopher Martin who won the most money on that show-I think

  5. You really go fine yourself in a woman argument link that… you lucky you were still alive to write this post lol! I have enough issues that to go meddle in people relationships, especially celebrity relationships!

    @Owen: i used to love Pop Up Video!

  6. gwan tan up ina ants nest uh……LOL

  7. I agree Ray J is garbage , her 15 mins of fame is over . She puts all her business on the Internet . This Lava chick is a broke ass, women needs to be independent . It’s a shame she is attractive no brains or education . So sad .

  8. Bs she is still using Lava to make money . If she had money she would not go on that show . Since the show you haven’t seen her no where hosting events in the US . I like Evelyn she was in basket ball wives she doesn’t give a fuck what people think of her . This lava chick could make lots of money in the US . I know women doing extremely well .Lol

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