Govament ina Govament-Lies up pon lies- Bigman ina bad tings-Driva unda Pressura

Bwoy fi tell uno de trut mi no really have much time fi blog dese days but mi just haffi say sumting bout whey a gwan.

Well it seems as if Uncle Sam is out to get us or “dem”. People a feel pressure left right and centa. As one commenter on another website said some people a fargin might get send home fi go roast breadfruit LMAO.

What’s with this canceling of visa. As far as I am concern my visa is very important to me, so deport, extradite and exterminate anybody uno want all mi granny.

Alright that wasn’t funny.

But seriously. I have been reading all the reports in the media and  I can not come to a fair conclusion. It seems there are grey areas in the law and the law must be followed. Let the courts decide since I am a fool  of better interpretation, that’s what I say.

At the same time i am disturbed as a Jamaican at any type of connection my esteemed PM might have to questionable characters as some are suggesting. At di same time, Merica cya expect to not respect Jamaican laws, if wire tapping and sneaky spying a gwann all ova de place without following the proper protocols and procedures which are in place.

Be careful who yu linking,dem wah si we sinking-Not nice

Den dis yah govament don’t know how to wage the propaganda war Merica a put pon dem. The worst thing is dat Merica might have damaging audio, video and other paper trail that might prove damaging to some prominent Jamaicans.

Lawd have mercy, fi de sake of stability and sanity Uncle Sam doh mi a beg yu no let di puss outa de bag, we cya tek it.

The use of Reports from the State Department to “grade” the Caribbean countries  is like looking down on the likkle poor black people in the Caribbean as some sort of no bodies. Why dem no keep dem report to dem self. No body did ask dem nutten (dem must cancel mi visa afta dis).

Mi tired a dem a and dem dyam report man. Then you have the likkle ediot dem ina di media a give it leading story status, it cya grive me fi dem .

Mi glad how the Bahamian PM tell dem fi go way and keep out dem business.

Why don’t CARICOM do a yearly report on all the guns and deportees America, Canada and the UK send to and dump in our countries like some likkle garbage. Dem a the main reason fi wi high crime rate. Socialize gangsta and guns and send dem back here.

Seriously some institution must take up this and do a yearly statistical report of all the CARICOM nations and how we are negatively affected by all these big countries who walk pon wi. The State Department exhumes authority and know all with their report lets excert ourselves too.

Then we go barrow dem money…wat a ting

Cho uno no grieve mi yuh. As much as mi know how di system sink wid corruption in jamaica mi no want see dem a drag mi black green and gold ina all sorta nastiness.

In a way is a good ting dis a happen because a nuff big people in a do dem likkle bad tings and a skate by. Since those that be won’t police dem mek somebody else do it.

Bwoy mi a tell uno sey dis yah driva unda pressure. A what dis di man go get himself and Jamaica ina. Mi always seh it betta when the leada dem no represent no garrison. Now a who hire law firm ina Merica  fi lobby US  and all these tings. Iimagine mi a see a rahtid  lawyering fee deh mi a wonda if a fi mi money dem a use.

Yu know wat mi no rate bount Merica. how dem love apply pressure to all dem people who no involve ina dem argument. I mean why dem a fi go start cancel visa fi people who no have nuttin fi do wid di whole affair. Sometime mi wonda if the who hysteria bout visa cancellation is manufactured by the media.

In so many cases yu can see what is really important to these people in the upper class, dem almighty American visa.

Dem mi a hair sey dis big shot businessman wid di gas station in all manner of evil like him is Satan right hand man. Mi just cya undastan how some people who become so wealthy just cya satisfy and walk to straight and narrow road. Mi mean even if yu start off unda questionable circumstances yu now have enough time fi get yu docks in oda.

Any way mi neva plan fi write anything and dis post is all ova di place. One love.

Please read the editorial from the Sunday Observer GETTING TO THE POINT OF UGLY


~ by RB on March 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “Govament ina Govament-Lies up pon lies- Bigman ina bad tings-Driva unda Pressura”

  1. I think this issue has made me so aware that these politicians will wreck the country because of their own agenda. I am disappointed with Golding and his handling on this said issue. I cannot believe that we would reach a state where we shelter criminals if it had some influence on our power. I hope good sense will prevail – if not Will an embassy give me a visa please!

  2. Total open my eyes too. We will see how it all plays out

  3. RB, it is good to hear from you.Yes, the government is all about prevarications, obfuscations, and manipulations.Things a come to a bump. Time longer than rope. Nuff respect, Star !!

  4. I wonder if we can take whats coming, thats the question

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