Al Jarzeera: Island of Music and Murder: Police Abuses Caught on Tape and other suspected Extra Judicial Killings Normally Hidden From the Evening News.

How many Jamaicans are killed by the police every year ?

This video is about 25 minutes long- an interesting 25 minutes. It is about extra judicial killings by the police in Jamaica. The first part looks at the murder of Mr. Robert Hill AKA “Kid Kentucky” just last year by the police. Hidden camera in his home depicts abuses he suffered at the hands of the police.

The video was featured on Al Jazeera’s English Network and chronicles the story of Mr. Hill’s unfortunate accident with a police car and follows the well documented story line familiar to most Jamaicans.

Although we are all familiar with the story line told a million times we could repeat it in our sleep, It is good to see  it being told in such an intriguing way, so intimate a carefully documented. Credit not just to Al Jazeera but to Mr Hill who appeared on the evening news the night of the accident, installed cameras in his home after previously being visited by the abusive officers who wanted him to drop his quest for justice and pictures of beatings administerd to the man’s wife who was 8 months pregnant at the time. There is also the now infamous Youtube video he made predicting, warning, pleaing for help because of the gross injustice he faced.

The rest of the video reports the all too familiar police kill man, claims it was a shoot out, nothing of the sort, or maybe-I don’t know. The various actors including members of the peace initiative, yutes and yutes and controversial former police Sup Mr. Rento Adams made appearances.

The lines between who the good guys are and who the bad guys are is so blurry we don’t know what or who to believe- this is what chaos feels like.

I think it is fair to say and hope that the majority of our police men and women are decent people, these few makes not just the Jamaica Constabulary look bad but a whole nation of Jamaicans look bad.

After watching and reading about the numerous murders and shootings this pass week, seeing this video and just entire state of Jamaica economically and, socially one can not help but truly lose all faith because it seem like Jamaica can never win where it matters most.

I am convinced we are already passing the tipping point and have seen the worst because it can not get any worst than this.

Al Jazeera :Island of Music & Murder

“With a population of less than three million people, police kill hundreds of people every year in what they claim are crime-related shootouts, making Jamaica’s police force among the deadliest in the world.”

Jamaica Observer Editorial (April 29, 2010) : Make us believe and Bruce

“The obvious area of greatest urgency is the need to get on top of the crime situation. But everyone knows that. Except the Government, which appears impotent as the dead bodies mount.”


~ by RB on April 29, 2010.

9 Responses to “Al Jarzeera: Island of Music and Murder: Police Abuses Caught on Tape and other suspected Extra Judicial Killings Normally Hidden From the Evening News.”

  1. I just watched the video and I do not know what to say. In Jamaica we have become numb to the violence. And this is just one case of hundreds of people who need justice. Justice from an investigative force that is corrupt and whose men and women can cut you down any day. Thanks for sharing this, it was sad, got some crocodile tears in the beginning but this is shocking. After watching this, I just want to leave this place for good and never return. I’ll just click on the Gleaner’s or Observer’s website to read who was killed.

    I agree, I think the force should be disbanded now. But forming another one could bring the same problems because our country of less than 3 million is so damn corrupt.

    • Corve, We are really numb to it, it has become acceptable, the norm now, talk about licence to kill and this is NOT a movie. I have never haerd a louder clearer cry from a nation like Jamaicans say “WE WANT JUSTICE” why can’t we get justice, is it really that heard to get justice, have we even tried. It is important that people know that there is a bigger just system which will treat them fairly , even the appearance of being treated fairly.

      I can imagine the feeling on the first part of the video, how they treated Mr. Hill and his wife, sad and shameful. Your sentiments echos among many Jamaicans including myself, those of us who can leave this madness just leave. Watch the perpetual train wreck from a distance if you may.

      Maybe it is not a bad thing international media is highlighting our madness, we have cried and begged from within maybe international shame will push us to act.

      Disbanding the force is a very big step-starting over a new, there has been so many talk about “reform” The simple and most basic thing is training, ethics, integrity and all those other basic human qualities that don’t cost this government a penny.

      We had the Washington Times highlighting the 5 murders in the “resort town”

  2. RB, this is really sad. This type of violence goes on in the States as well. So often I listen to Power 106 with Mr. Perkins and I hear Jamaicans say things like this wouldn’t happen in the States or the U.K. And, let me assure you the appearence of justice is not enough. I lived much of my life in San Diego California where the police dept it treacherous. I often tell people that whenever you look at the television show Cops you have NEVER seen San Diego Police Dept on that show. Its because of the violence they bring against its citizens. The police were so horrible that whenever something happened in the Black or Chicano parts of town often the police were not called, because the police would treat the victim of a crime as if they were the criminal. Everything I am seening on this video about the JCF I have seen before in San Diego. Everything the police say after they murder someone in Jamiaca I have already heard in San Diego, CA. Many years ago, a police officer lost control of his car, drove over the median, and smashed into my cousin crushing her car and putting her into the hospital for several weeks. Once she was released from the hospital, the police would come to her house and harass her husband, the nurse that took care of her during her recovery, and any other adult that came to her house. They would call her phone and threaten her. They would follow her in any car she rode in often pullng the driver over and humiliating them. And, just like this case they would “raid” her house and destroy things in the house. Fortunately, they did not kill her but there are cases I could site where they did kill the person they, the police had wronged. I could point you to a lot of murders by the police and in turn I could predict what the police would say and do right there in Jamiaca never having stepped foot into the inner city of Kingston or any garrison.
    Being from San Diego, I KNOW and understand gangs and who the police classify them and anyone else that lives in gang territories, and in San Diego, EVERYWHERE is gang territory, even the police are a gang. But, what I am most saddended about in Jamaica is that it is majority Black people killing Black people. True, Black cops kill black people here in the States, but we know Black police are “showing out for the white cop”. But, Jamaica is a Black country with Black people, with Black police and the same police killings go on with the same story the majority white SDPD give in California. I guess with this I have destroyed some of the belief of callers to Mr. Perkins show and what they believe about the States, and surely this has destroyed the hope of many of us Black Ameericans about living in a Black run, owned and operated land. The world is becoming a police state


    • EnSayn, I am glad that you address many of the myths many Jamaicans have about life in the United States, some of us believe that life is a bed of roses there just because of economic factors or otherwise. I don’t think you have to travel to know these things due to access to numerous networks on cable and boundless info on the internet,the tapes are all over the place.

      I hear them on Mr. Perkins sometimes, I guess you can say that there is a little more opportunity to seek and actually obtain justice if persistent and not intimidated.

      We can relate to instances where the police is not called when crimes are committed here too simply because people feel that they are indifferent to their situation or the number one reason ,TRUST-which is also the main reason people do not cooperate with the police because in the public eyes they are criminals or closely associated with gangs. In Montego Bay there was an situation last year where the police gave criminal gangs uniform and police supplies, these gangs made raids and kill people, there are reports by residents of police doing drive-bys, last year also on Montego bay one police admitted to making up false statement just to get convictions for people they arrested. Even in this very video a youth explained police are the biggest contract killers. that is not new these sentiments are echoed by other Jamaicans too.
      Now you tell me what kind of environment is this, this is worst than anything we can imagine.

      I can understand in multi racial state like California there may be racial prejudices by the police but in Jamaica where more than 90% of the population is black one would suspect that would not be the case. Instead what we have is class prejudices. The poor black inner city people are not regarded as whole human beings by the police or the political class (except for electoral purposes).

      Your sister seem to have had a very similar situation to Mr. Hill. I am thankful to know she is okay, I have witness with my own eyes police breaking stop lights, breaking through traffic, and turning on sirens momentarily to get through traffic. Not to say that where there are real emergencies this is not necessary but in the instances I mention it was clear they were simply asserting their power to do as they please.

      I keep pondering why is it that they do not want the victims to pursue the issue or seek justice if they were not wrong? Is it because if they are wrong the government may faces damages or does the police officer driving will face sanctions?, Is it insurance? what is it?

      In spite of all of this will will say base on experiences and communications with the police the majority are decent people, but even when you put good people in a treacherous, corrupt organization then they are at the risk of becoming like them.

  3. Its not going to improve until more crime is reported citizens BEFORE the cowboy police reach the scene. Too much criminals are allowed to fester in communities. As they said the way police see it; if one man have a gun in the community then EVERYBODY have guns.

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  5. This is a very informative report.

  6. More injustices: See “nursing nightmares” on you tube for a reality check on dangerous, deceptive nurses in California that work with autistic persons. This mom kicks ass. She says the best nurses she’s had are all black, by the way. The crazy hillybilly in the video is a good example of the white nurses who have done her son wrong.

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