The Christopher “Dudus” Coke Saga-A New Chapter

A new chapter in the Christopher “Dudus” Coke saga has began with his extradition to the US.

I can not help but wonder  was that big convoy of about 30 vehicles necessary? They sure know how to put on a show. As one of the reporters in the video said to the authorities.

” you invited us here”

Building the case in the media first. I wonder what Mr. Coke is thinking, feeling.

They could have gone further with helicopters and fighter jets, hey you never know.

A few questions to ponder?

2. What tales will be told and how will those tales titter power in Jamaica?

3.What has Jamaica learned from this event?


~ by RB on June 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Christopher “Dudus” Coke Saga-A New Chapter”

  1. I think a third question could easily be will history now repeat itself?

    I am seriously concerned. I think we’ve had it with corruption and two-faced lying. And I KNOW we’ve had it with violence and crime and death and blood.

    But if poverty persists, what will people turn to? And if corrupt politicians still exist, how will poverty ever be eradicated??

    I think this is the start of a blog post I need to do. But food for thought…

    • ruthibelle when we ask yourselves if history will repeat it self then it would mean the answer to the question of what we learned from the whole episode would be nothing, sad isn’t it. I f we have learned nothing then that’s really bad. It’s like getting a degree and never using it.

      There are so many questions we could ask ourselves. I am very optimistic about Jamaica and believe this is a defining moment in our history. We will now wait and see.

      Dudus allegedly told Rev Al Miller if there are no bullets then crime can reduce, a rather trivial partial solution to a big problem plaguing Jamaica for some time now-but he has a point.

  2. Jamaica won’t learn anything from this. We have already forgiven Bruce Golding where are the calls for his resignation….I can’t hear anything. I am sick and tired of these politicians ruining the country and no one holds them accountable. If the JLP is able to finance the next election they will win again. Jamaicans love dem belly.

    I am not surprised about the convoy I was expecting more – this is a high profile case. I was surprised by that reporter who spoke some patois? lol I think the days ahead will be interesting-what will COke say? because he knows more than all of us. I would like him to spill all the beans so we can really learn from this experience.

    • Corve, we won’t learn anything?, nothing at all?. Maybe we hav short term memery and 6 months fromnow we will go back to our regular slumber making dons and garrisons.

      I think the politicians have played this game well so far. They have taken the pressure off the PM and politicians and made the discussions about gangs and dons leaving out the fact that all are connected and depends on each other. True indeed NO accountability. I can admit though Jamaicans stood up FAINTLY strong after the PM admitted to the hiring lobby firm for Dudus.

      I like this phrase “Jamaicans love dem belly” That is funny. I think it is a lack in ability to see the big picture and just love for short term gratification. Politics help pull the wool over peoples eyes.

      In my humble opinion I think the security was a little excessive and there might have been a bigger objective.

  3. only think new I’ve learnt is that hes kinda short. that and the fact that having a state of emergency really only makes the job of the police man easier but forfeiting the rights of the people. Without the state of emergency he would never have been found. so its like 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

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