Prime Minister @ the G8 Meeting & Obama Hails Jamaica

Obama:..and after the second half we creamed Slovenia - Bruce: Ha ha ha yes Mr. President you-we deserve that loan, I mean goal.

Bruce: I am cleaning up garrisons- Obama: I am cleaning up the Gulf

Bruce: I am selling everything to foreigners Air Jamaica, the sugar factories everything must go even Dudus >>>>Obama: Even Dudus, really?

Harper: Did you get my extradition request for the guy who hijacked the Canadian flight?>>Golding: Ha ha very funny Mr Prime Minister, Thank you for inviting me

Marks: Rasta Got Soul-FREE BUJU!!!


~ by RB on July 1, 2010.

11 Responses to “Prime Minister @ the G8 Meeting & Obama Hails Jamaica”

  1. Marks and Obama looked good together.

    How did Golding get so close to Obama…thought he would be a threat. lol

  2. LOL!!!! Nice captions with those photos!

    Good question Corve, Bruce just hitch up side a Obaba suh!

  3. Thank you Stunner. I am enjoying those photos on Flickr.

  4. Funny captions….Love the free Buju reference

  5. Some JLP people have ben flogging these photos all over the place as if they by themselves mean something.

    The body language between Marks and Obama is just so much more dignified.

  6. really?, why would they be ding that, it’s just some photos, Obama is just a man, Seems everyone prefer the Marks photo

  7. Jamaica is the 3rd largest English speaking nation in the Americas- sole reason Golding sat next to Obama.

  8. […] Prime Minister @ the G8 Meeting & Obama Hails Jamaica […]

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