Netherlands VS Spain-Who will win?

I was in good spirits during this world cup up until this week when Spain defeated Germany by one lousy goal. I am still in shock; Germany displayed such a strong young team that seemed hungry enough to take on who ever faced them in the Finals. They scored 13 goals in the tournament more than any other team-So far.

I was pleased to see the Netherlands take out Brazil, one less “strong” contender to worry about. Kaka red card although unwarranted-yeaaahh!!. Was Brazil really a good team this World Cup or are they just bubbling with creative strikers like Kaka and Robinho with facade of being good because they can attack with no true defense?-hype and waggonists?, maybe. What ever their ill the best team rose to the top and top performers fell flat.(Ronaldo?)

I think they really don’t know how to recover; they might have lost the game because they lost their fighting spirit.

Look at the mighty Argentina fall, it was humiliating, Thank you Klose  those two goals, and the tap-in, walk-in goal was GREAT!! Such a great promise.

So finally FIFA will be using goal line technology in the next world cup 2014, I have never seen so many bad calls ever.

What ever will be will be. I hope Germany takes third place when they play Uruguay on Saturday and I am pulling for the Netherlands in the finals come Sunday.

Except for the Vuvuzela the annoying buzz which was a million decibels during the games, of course we got use to it and learn to tune it out and just enjoy the game. South Africa was a decent host, so sad they didn’t even make the second round. Ghana the only team on the continent to advance had me on the edge of my seat for those penalty shoot out.

As for Paul the “psychic” octopus who predicted Germany loosing the match against Spain. I hope they eat him after the games end. Let him “predict” the kind of sauce the chef will whip up for him.

I am enjoying a few good readings on the world cup on there blogs

Joachim Low’s Art of War.

World Cup 2010, Who Will Claim Victory?


~ by RB on July 8, 2010.

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