Vote for PAPA WHYTE-Zingy Zingy-JCDC 2010 Festival Song Competition

Maybe the caption for this post is too blatantly bias.

I will admit I have not listened to all 10 finalists in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) 2010 Festival Competition but from the moment I heard this song on television it became a personal favorite. It’s catchy, it has that old time Jamaican mento vibes to it.

This is a simple video showcasing simple Jamaican culture. The lyrics are about encouraging Jamaicans to appreciate and embrace our own culture a little more.

To vote for Zingy Zingy by Papa Whyte- Text ‘4’ to 444-3270. The final will be Friday July 30th.

Papa Whyte was born in the parish of Clarendon but lived in Kingston for forty (40) years. An avid lover of music, he has sung on his church choir for sixteen (16) years and in 1997 received a bronze medal in the Gospel Finals.

In the same year, he released an album entitled “Victory” by the Hebrew Brothers with all the tracks written and composed by Papa Whyte………

……..Eric eagerly informs that he is the father of the winner of 2001 – 2002 Popular Song Contestant “Penicilin”, saying that music runs in the family. Papa Whyte also specializes in the art of stone cutting…to read the rest of bio Papa Whyte and lyrics to the song click HERE.


For information on the other 9 finalists visit the JCDC website, you can also see the videos on Youtube.


~ by RB on July 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “Vote for PAPA WHYTE-Zingy Zingy-JCDC 2010 Festival Song Competition”

  1. This is nice. A true Jamaican sound, has that Mento flavor ya know. I gotta repost this…

  2. I hope this win win, a few of the others are good too. I am working on a list of the best festival songs. I will post it later today hopefully

  3. Hi there RB, yes this IS blatantly bias…:)Actually all of the other entries are pretty good…I am sure you have listened to all of them by now.The lyrics of all the other songs are good and send a great message to the people of Jamaica. However, I must say I believe it is time to change the energy and face of the JCDC Festival Song. Papa Whyte’s song is catchy but it falls right into that “Old time” Jamaican vibe as you put it…No offense, but I believe Festival Song now needs a younger face and a more vibrant energy (mind you,nothing can replace the origins of Jamaican music). But it is time for change to encourage our youth and surround them with positivity from a face(s) that they can relate to…In my opinion re the finalists…talking about current I believe Deru’s song fits the bill with a very positive message for Jamaican’s “there’s no place like yaad, might as well we tuff it out right here suh!” Marvulus has a good entry n vibe also and The duo Amique & Nazz an easy tourist board song.These are all fresh tunes for the competition…Question?….will change be accepted

  4. Kitty after seeing all 10 I will admit almost all of the 10 finalists are really good. to the point it might be hard to choose one. I picked Papa Whyte and although he didn’t win I still say it was one of the better ones.
    As for the change you talked about, I sense there is a old time mento vibes to some songs while others have younger singers with a more current sound. The generational gap is not just present in how the songs sound but also in the age of the contestants. A high quality of songs none the less

  5. […] you are a regular on this blog you would have known from this post earlier Vote for PAPA WHYTE-Zingy Zingy-JCDC 2010 Festival Song Competition that my preference was other wise. With that said I think it is fair to say all the contestants […]

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