The Best of Kingston State of Mind-40 Great Posts You Might Have Missed

  1. What Else Can Jamaica Sell to Trinidad and Tobago?- A Look at the Trini-Invasion and the Sale of Air Jamaica
  2. The Clarks Phenomenon-”I was paying tribute to my large collection of Clarks, and it just took off.”
  3. 5 Real Reasons Jamaicans are the 3rd Happiest People on the Planet
  4. Tales of the Jamaican sex tapes-take one
  5. 100 Greatest Motivational & Pump-up Songs Ever Made
  6. Michael Jackson in Jamaica with Bob Marley-1975
  7. More Photos of Michael Jackson in Jamaica- Also Katherine Jackson & Bob Marley-1975
  8. Haters take aim at Usain Bolt
  9. Usain Bolt lights up Beijing in world record 9.69 seconds–Powell finish 5th
  10. Shelly-Ann Fraser,Kerron Stewart & Sheron Simpson-sweep women’s 100m final
  11. Usain Bolt wins 200m in world record 19.30 seconds
  12. Jamaica’s solution to crime-lessons from Medellin,Columbia
  13. Carter, Frater, Bolt & Powell wins the men’s 4 by 1 relay in world record 37.10
  14. Vybes Kartel & Spice “Ramping Shop” Banned by broadcasting commission (Uncensored Video)
  15. Bigger Heads Meet-Bruce Golding,Barack Obama & Stephen Harper @ the Summit of the Americas
  16. Homosexuals Responsible for Crime and Bad Roads in Jamaica. (Video of Jamaican Politician Lashing out)
  17. Jamaica Observer Hypocritical Editorial on Wolmers Winning Champs Because They Really wanted KC to Win
  18. Texting-Jamaican Style
  19. Usain Bolt on the Cover of Sports Illustrated-JTB Can Not Buy This Kind of Press
  20. Another Great Performance by the Jamaican Women & Men’s 4×100 M Relay Team-Pure Gold (Video)
  21. Jamaican Government Vote to Retain Hanging-Hoorah for Revenge!!!
  22. Westmoreland Residents Murder Alleged Homosexual-Pedophile-Ex-Convict-Zinc Thief
  23. Barack Obama:Hope vs Fear, Unity vs Division-In 2 days America choose
  24. PUMA’s Usain Bolt Ads running in NYC & LA on buses & billboards
  25. Al Jarzeera: Island of Music and Murder: Police Abuses Caught on Tape and other suspected Extra Judicial Killings Normally Hidden From the Evening News.
  26. Usain Bolt WR (9.58) & Shelly-Ann Fraser-To Di Werrl
  27. Prime Minister @ the G8 Meeting & Obama Hails Jamaica
  28. Usain Bolt & Yelena Isinbayeva Name IAAF 2008 Athlete of the year
  29. “Shottas” to join counterparts in gordon house?
  30. 10 Jamaican websites about investment & money
  31. Diana Ross booed at Jazz and Blues
  32. Jamaican Horace Blackwood found not guilty of rape in Maine,USA:”I can’t afford to get pregnant, get a STD from a black man” she said
  33. Out of many one people, except gays
  34. Luis Alberto Moreno gives Jamaica more solutions to crime
  35. 44th
  36. New Exclusive Video Footage Of The Cabinet Making The Decision To Invade Tivoli
  37. Thank You Dexter Lee
  38. The Ferrari F430 and Bolt
  39. Barack Usain Bolt Obama
  40. Here we go AGAIN
  41. The Marleys and the Obamas Together @ the White House (Photo)   BONUS

~ by RB on July 27, 2010.

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