The 2010 JCDC Festival Song Winner is Kharuso-“My Jamaica”(Video)

Kharuso whose real name is Dellisser McFarLane hails from the parish of  St. Ann is the 2010 JCDC (Jamaica Cultural Development Commission) Festival song winner, read his entire bio and lyrics to the song HERE.

Kharuso also capped the prize for best performance after putting on a stellar stage performance. The song could easily be considered one of the overall Top 10 Winners of The JCDC Festival Song Competition.

If you are a regular on this blog you would have known from this post earlier Vote for PAPA WHYTE-Zingy Zingy-JCDC 2010 Festival Song Competition that my preference was other wise. With that said I think it is fair to say all the contestants were very good. I am saying this after actually seeing all 10 unlike in the previous post when I just saw maybe four or five.

Kitty commented on my previous post stating this:

Hi there RB, yes this IS blatantly bias…:)Actually all of the other entries are pretty good…I am sure you have listened to all of them by now.The lyrics of all the other songs are good and send a great message to the people of Jamaica. However, I must say I believe it is time to change the energy and face of the JCDC Festival Song. Papa Whyte’s song is catchy but it falls right into that “Old time” Jamaican vibe as you put it…No offense, but I believe Festival Song now needs a younger face and a more vibrant energy (mind you,nothing can replace the origins of Jamaican music). But it is time for change to encourage our youth and surround them with positivity from a face(s) that they can relate to…In my opinion re the finalists…talking about current I believe Deru’s song fits the bill with a very positive message for Jamaican’s “there’s no place like yaad, might as well we tuff it out right here suh!” Marvulus has a good entry n vibe also and The duo Amique & Nazz an easy tourist board song.These are all fresh tunes for the competition…Question?….will change be accepted

Apart from calling me out on my bias for Papa Whyte which I admit ,I found her take particularly insightful.

We can all agree the entries were all fill with talented individuals, energetic and on message. The call for a change is truly understandable and by that I am guessing the blogger meant a more contemporary sound coming from the finalists in the competition.

The majority of the contestants are younger Jamaicans who did bring that modern sound and feel to the competition and Kitty mentioned a few ,they were very good.

In the previous post I picked Papa Whyte as my personal favorite and will admit it does have as I said in the previous post it has :

“that old time Jamaican mento vibes to it”

Over the years many of the songs have carried that similar theme. As a blogger still in my late 20’s I think I can still appreciate and love the old time mento vibes even if it wasn’t particularly popular in my time. In the end the winner has that same old time mento vibes and mannerisms in the video and stage performance.

Fellow blogger Ensayn shared a favorite  for Deru-“Nuh Weh Nuh Betta” and Papa Whyte-“Zingy Zingy”

In the end all that matters is that we have a great song with a positive message we can all gather around and be proud of.

2010 Winner of the JCDC Festival Song Competition- Kharuso- My Jamaica. Video


~ by RB on July 31, 2010.

8 Responses to “The 2010 JCDC Festival Song Winner is Kharuso-“My Jamaica”(Video)”

  1. I am so upset, I really wanted Deru to win. I also feel promoting how to vote via the television was not done. It maybe obvious to Jamaicans but not others who live here but are not from Jamaica. Please do not mention the news papers has some of us are not out enough to get the papers. Phone numbers or text numbers for singers should have been done each time for individual videos! I also feel that there was too much favourtisim in showing certain videos more so for some and not others!!!

    • Stepp a I can not remember a year that the winner was the one I wanted to win LOL but honestly the field of contenders were all very good so I am not too disappointed.
      Deru had a great song, his song was just as good. I saw a few of the songs on TV and they show the text numbers. Personally I didn’t have a problem with that. I am surprise that there was favoritism, I thought the JCDC had clear rules about equal air time for all songs. They can iron out the kinks next year.

  2. Thanks for posting.

    We’ve been trying to find out who won.

    Thanks again for sharing and for leaving your blog open to search engines. 🙂


  3. Really thought Amique and Nazzleman appealed to the contemporary Jamaicans… the approach they took i think should be the route that the festival songs should be taking… yes it’s still a festival competition and the rhythm of the winning song brings back this sweet relaxing ambiance and the words are just as relaxing but as music evolves and changes so too should the entries in the competition… I’d love to see a song winning that doesn’t remind us of JCDC festival songs of yester-years

    • So true, the music will evolve eventually. I guess the process will take a while. The 2011 line 7up might surprise us

  4. Kharuso we know manny years that you are the best.

    We love you and hope to see you soon.
    Your dutch familie Taco Claudia Mike and the rest

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