Tyson Gay Beat Usain Bolt in 100m-“I can be beaten and it showed today.”(Video)

“I think it showed that I wasn’t in the best of shape,” … “I’m not unbeatable. I can be beaten and it showed today.”

Usain Bolt

On Friday August 6th  2010  at the IAAF Diamond League at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium in Stockholm 100m and 200m world record holder Usain Bolt shocked the world when he lost to American sprinter Tyson Gay.

When I replay the video it looks real -but I would love to believe Usain Bolt loss to Tyson Gay on purpose.

Why you might ask?

..to save the world from total damnation and make track and field interesting-I don’t know.

Knowing past theatrics of Mr. Bolt slowing down or even making  that Trinidadian win in one of the heats at Beijing we can have reasonable suspicion, right?.

Plus wasn’t it Yohan Blake a virtually unknown that came pretty close in a matter of seconds to be exact of wining a race just two weeks ago against Tyson Gay.

In all seriousness a win is a win regardless of the shape any athlete is in , nano seconds which separates the winner from the closest competitor or any other numerous reasons.

Tyson Gay is a humble athlete and a strong competitor. I respect him for coming back after the Olympics and running really well, it will be very interesting to see these two meet on the tracks again.

It would be silly for any true track and field fan to be shaken by this latest development. I expect continued dominance by Bolt being mindful that anything can happen. I take comfort in an excerpt from an interview Bolt did recently.

“I need to get ready for the World Championships in 2011 and Olympic Games in 2012. Those two events are very important and all athletes focus on them. It is crucial that we remain in peak shape for them.” –Usain Bolt

….and now for a little fun

Usain after losing the race: "Kmt a mango time now, ackee & saltfish and nuff,nuff party a Jamaica".

Tyson: “Safa mi seh”>>Usain:”ATI,Sumfest mi seh”

Usain: "Hey little man, you think you can run the race for me tomorrow?">>>> Boy: ... "I don't know I will have to ask my mother first".

Usain: "Hey slow down we have to make it look real!!">> Tyson: "Oh yeah right!".


~ by RB on August 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tyson Gay Beat Usain Bolt in 100m-“I can be beaten and it showed today.”(Video)”

  1. I think Bolt was shocked by this loss, his start was not the best and he couldn’t recover. I guess that is his weakest part of the race.

  2. Dream Weekend turned into a nightmare!

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