My Special Comment in Response to audiokane’s “The Truth about The University of the West Indies: Mona Campus (That they won’t ever tell you about)”

The following post is a special comment on a truly interesting post I read by another blogger titled:

“The Truth about The University of the West Indies: Mona Campus (That they won’t ever tell you about)” by Audiokane

Please click on the link above to read the post before reading my comment about the post for better flow and understanding.

I enjoyed the read immensely. I have to say however that I sense a little humor in your tone so I am not sure if I should take all of it seriously or not, also some problems are somewhat exaggerated or not real problems at all while others are real concerns.

While I am is not presently a student at UWI mona campus in Kingston or Utech for that matter I can certainly relate hands on to many of the experiences chronicled in your post.

Interestingly I was having a similar conversation with a friend recently and our main issue is the disorganization in the way some things are done, unannounced last minute changes, exam or classes clashing, rush to finish the syllabus and so forth.

Many issues are easy fixes or not problems at all in my opinion. It is normal for first year students to have trouble finding places on campus. I don’t think security are university employees and might be switched around and not as familiar with the surroundings as we might think, although I do see how it would be useful for them being able to tell someone where to find x or y as it relate to their jobs. In most of my experiences they have been very helpful.

As you said get a map or ask someone else, easy fix.

I am notorious for being left out of the loop in normal circumstances and UWI amplifies an already short coming for me personally. The simple fact is that you are never going to be told many of the advantages you have unless you are told or READ it in the mountain of literature they provide to you upon applying , getting in and always available online, on notice boards etc.

If you are not willing to dig and read then you will be shitting away most of your tuition on just classes when there are so many other things your money is paying for that you are not using.

I think because we are cultured in high school to more or less have things handed to us with a more personal interaction with teacher/instructor/lecturer it takes a while to transition into a larger less personal environment where you are basically on your own.

The classes clashing and exam clashes are notorious. They need to sort this out because it cost students’ money and time. Last minute changes come suddenly at times. People miss exams quizzes and such because of really poor communication or just the way information is presented.

No body likes second hand smoke. I don’t know for sure but isn’t there a school policy for smoking, especially in areas where the general population gather or just enclosed school spaces? Unless we want people policing the place telling people not to light up. I think this is a serious concern but an easy fix too.

I’m not a social hawk but as you said “know when to attend” as it relates to social events.

True- there should be healthier food choices at a fair distance. KFC and Juci Beef not good all the time.

If you are a medical student without Chemistry , I am guessing they are giving you an opportunity to get the subject while you start your studies. No harm there after all it is not like you can graduate without meeting the requirements and doing the remedial classes where they are required.

Needing to do some English class “chi chi ching”. I think it is a money thing. So are having fewer classes while having to cover numerous topics in a shorter time or exams clashing.

Three hours lab?, after the first hour you need a fifteen minute break if your brain doesn’t start shutting down before that.

By the way I like the short skirts and shorts; –okay maybe some of us are from more religious or conservative backgrounds or even an all girl or boy school. Being dropped into a charged sexual environment may be a little problematic for some. I have never had a problem with what people wear.

I think school is big people thing and muddling through is frustrating with all the stress of grades, coursework deadlines and all the other little pesky issues that comes up.

I said the same thing to a friend recently that the university output is a reflection of the leadership in many spheres in the Jamaican society and as a result a reflection of how the country performs economically, politically etc etc.

Sure theory is important but hands on work is just as if not even more important in studies. As you said we should think out loud and ask ourselves.

Where are the outstanding graduates of this noble institution who have made a positive extraordinary impact on life in the region, seriously?

Is that one of the “right” question?


~ by RB on December 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Special Comment in Response to audiokane’s “The Truth about The University of the West Indies: Mona Campus (That they won’t ever tell you about)””

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes it was mainly for humor purposes. I do agree with almost everything you’ve said here.

    I’m looking forward to reading your future posts.

  2. sure thing, It’s all about sharing ideas even when we disagree on a few points. I like you writing styles .

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